Dog Food Additives Cause Dog Urine to Burn Grass

If there is one thing that can wreak havoc on a yard or house, it’s dog urine. Frustrated dog owners routinely seek out products and home remedies that will do away with the garish yellow spots on their lawn and the smells in their carpet. Dog Food Additives in Pet Food One does not have […]

Dog Food Vitamins – A Waste of Time, Money and Dog Health

Well meaning pet owners spend millions on dog food vitamins each year. In all reality, they may as well be flushing their hard earned dollars down the toilet. Whether it’s under instructions from a vet or just wanting to do whatever it takes to keep their pet healthy, vitamin manufacturers routinely take advantage of dedicated […]

Dog Food Recalls – Deadly Secrets They Don’t Tell You

The deadly secrets behind the dog food recalls, just how bad does it actually get? When profit trumps the need for quality nutrition-Your dog loses, not just from inadequate quality food but from carefully crafted deceit that will seek the cheapest unregulated ingredients that defy the term ‘real food’, dress this waste with a cocktail […]

The Truth About Dog Food Ingredients

The pet food industry often lets consumers think that the dog food ingredients in their canine companion’s food are the epitome of wholesome and natural. Unfortunately, there are a good number of individuals that actually believe this lie. They are the ones who continue to feed their pet a daily diet of commercial dog food […]

The Best Puppy Dog Food in the World is?

Convincing consumers they offer the best puppy dog food around costs commercial dog food companies millions in advertising annually. Television ads commonly spout claims of balanced nutrition all while featuring happy, heartwarming scenes of cute and playful pups. In addition, the product itself often comes in a sleek package with the words ‘wholesome’ or ‘natural’ […]

The Best Dog Food for Hip Dysplasia Symptoms

The developmental orthopedic disease of hip dysplasia is a condition that crosses the boundaries of age and breed in the canine world. Though many assume dog hip dysplasia is the same thing as arthritis, it is actually a malformation of the hip bone. The malformation results in such a laxity in the joint that the […]

Best Weight Loss Dog Food-Couch Potato to Canine Athlete in Weeks

One Man’s Story About His Fat Dog Named Ripley Don’t ever mention it to Ripley, but I used to be ashamed of my fat dog. It’s not that I’m shallow; it’s just that when I got him as a puppy, I envisioned a healthy trim dog and endless romps in the park. What I ended […]

The Best Dog Food in The World

The tests are in and after a late arrival from the commercial pet food industry, we can now finally examine the competition after 15 million years of dog food availability. And the winner is…?

Dog Food Reviews – One Big Mistake to Avoid

A conscientious dog owner is one who looks into dog food reviews with health and nutrition in mind. There are those who insist on feeding their dog a certain diet just because of price or a popular name. They may take on a certain dog food diet because their vet recommended it or because their […]

What You Ought to Know About Organic Dog Food

The market for organic dog food products is raging thanks to the recent trend to live healthier, more productive lives. What first started out with humans looking to do away with chemicals and preservatives in their food has now extended all the way to their beloved canine companions. This is no surprise as dog owners […]