What Makes This Natural Dog Food the Clear Choice?

In the search for a quality nutrition source, the term natural dog food often comes up but many dog owners do not know exactly what this means. There are quite a few commercial dog food products that refer to themselves as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ because they claim to use only top choice ingredients in their […]

The Best Dog Food Guarantees a Long Healthy Life

When looking at canine nutrition, will the best dog food be the one that is based on indigestible nutrients or one that offers fulfilling nutrients? Is it one that breaks down the immune system or builds it? It is well known a physical body can only adequately grow and repair itself using what nourishment it […]

How Your Dog Food Diet is Killing Your Dog

It is now known that 90% of all dog related health problems are directly linked to their dog food diet. Modern commercial food in cans and packets has led to widespread disease in dogs to the point that 1 in 2 dogs will die of cancer over the age of 10 and that the average […]

Dog Food Comparisons Reveal One Clear Winner

As a responsible dog owner, it is only natural to perform dog food comparisons when looking for a quality nutrition source. After all, you want a diet that is well balanced and supportive of your dog’s needs. Feeding your dog a certain diet just because it is cheap or just because it is expensive are […]

21 Reasons to Choose the Best Holistic Dog Food

There are twenty one reasons why canines fed the best holistic dog food diet will live happier, healthier and longer than their commercially fed counterparts. What is the Best Holistic Dog Food? The best holistic dog food is the one that’s as close to it’s raw state as possible with the least amount of processing. […]

How to Choose One Dog Food for Permanent Health

The adage ‘you are what you eat’ matters when speaking of dog food as much as any other type of food. A physical body can only grow and repair itself using the sustenance that is put into it. The Right Dog Food is Critical to Long Term Dog Health If that food source is incomplete […]

18 Benefits of the Best Quality Dog Food for Puppies

In part one I discussed what is the best dog food for puppies, now we turn our attention to the benefits of the best quality dog food for puppies. What is The Best Quality Dog Food For the Money The best high quality dog food for puppies will always be the one that comes most […]

Best Dog Food for Puppies Makes Them Healthy For Life

What warms the heart more than fuzzy rough and tumble puppies? No matter what the breed, it is more than easy to become attached and form a bond with your new friend. Their sheer energy inspires you to want to do anything and everything to keep your canine friend good and safe. You even dogproof […]

The 10 Benefits of TRUE Hypoallergenic Dog Food

A number of commercial products are referred to as hypoallergenic dog food; however what exactly does hypoallergenic truly mean? After all, today’s consumer must be wary of companies that use such labels as a marketing scheme to sell more of their product. They openly refer to their products as ‘all natural’ or ‘hypoallergenic’ when they […]

The Diabetic Dog Food That Heals Permanently and Extends Life

Diabetes in dogs requires a special diet of diabetic dog food; however, what most people don’t know is that if their dog had a proper diet to begin with, it is unlikely they would be diabetic. According to Dr. R. Geoffrey Broderick, DVM: “Every time a pet trustingly eats another bowl of high sugar pet […]