The Best Dog Food for Hip Dysplasia Symptoms

The developmental orthopedic disease of hip dysplasia is a condition that crosses the boundaries of age and breed in the canine world. Though many assume dog hip dysplasia is the same thing as arthritis, it is actually a malformation of the hip bone. The malformation results in such a laxity in the joint that the […]

The Best Dog Food in The World

The tests are in and after a late arrival from the commercial pet food industry, we can now finally examine the competition after 15 million years of dog food availability. And the winner is…?

Best Dog Food for Puppies Makes Them Healthy For Life

What warms the heart more than fuzzy rough and tumble puppies? No matter what the breed, it is more than easy to become attached and form a bond with your new friend. Their sheer energy inspires you to want to do anything and everything to keep your canine friend good and safe. You even dogproof […]