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The Pain That Leads to Change

20 years back when I did not know much about dog health like so many other dog parents, I fed the ‘scientific’ kibble diet the vet instructed.

And I gave the drugs the vet ‘thought’ might work for the symptoms showing up with my dog when I visited the veterinary office.

But my dog had all sorts of health problems, that I, the vet, and everyone else had no idea how to fix.

It became a miserable experience in the end and I lost my best friend too young and too painfully.

This sad episode to what should have been a long happy and healthy relationship with my best friend changed me.

At first I felt the wrenching pain of loss with a broken heart and then I just became angry at the world for not helping me with a solution to my dogs suffering.

As weeks passed I just couldn’t hold on to that frustrating anger anymore, something had to give and finally..

..that’s when I came to a life changing decision!

I decided to focus on something more positive, do something about how I felt so I could move on with my life.

So I set to work finding out about the underlying cause of why my dog and so many other dogs were living un-healthy lives, silently suffering all sorts of day to day health problems.

It made no sense that dogs had to endure ever increasing ill health their owners felt powerless to resolve and that vets clearly demonstrated, they had no clue either.

There had to be a better way to keep our dogs in good health than relying on their own innate hardiness slowly being weakened on low quality fast food, vaccines, toxic worm and flea drugs and vets that had NO clue about canine nutrition… none, zero, nada!

Nutrition wasn’t a vets specialism, they never trained in nutrition, never studied nutrition (vet school offered an ‘optional’ nutrition class – no exams) held by a pet food company rep.

The veterinary associations ignored nutition study in vet school because the pet food giants kept it under their control.

Vets simply sold what the pet food manufacturers (who sponsor the whole vet teaching system in the US, UK, Australia, Canada) tell them to sell!

After all this research, I figured that all I had to do was find the answers and do something positive about it, not just for my next dog but for all dogs.

That was over 15 years ago!

Dedicated to Helping Pet Parents Resolve Their Dogs Health Problems

Sick puppy at vetAll those dedicated years of research and practice have led to some incredible discoveries about dog health and why dogs experience the health problems they face.

I learned that the dark side of the pet food industry is real, and tied in with it, the reliance on veterinarian drugs to fix resultant ailments while the underlying chronic health problems a dog suffers continued unchecked.

I could see how pet parents became part of a closed loop system with no escape – until – they chose to take matters into their own hands and pursued a more holistic approach to their dogs health and wellbeing.

It became clear to me that the daily food a dog lives on, is by far the biggest contributer to a dogs long term health and wellbeing. Feed a healthier kibble diet for example and most day to day health problems clear up while veterinary drug needs are massively reduced.

With reduced drug intake or better still, using effective natural alternatives, especially for repeat needs with worms, fleas, digestive health, pain, skin issues, infections etc means your dogs immune system gets stronger – a good thing.

So now your dog enjoys improved nutrition, a much less toxic system, vet needs are cut in half and the dog can enjoy being happier, healthier and longer lived.

The Long Road That Leads to Wisdom

Dan Scott with his dog RoccoAfter a long and sometimes challenging road to discovery and implementation, I’m now an experienced dog nutrition and natural home remedy specialist, helping dog owners around the world discover effective, natural and swift solutions to having a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.

I’m a passionate advocate of a more natural approach to health care for our dogs. I love to educate and inspire pet parents to be knowledgeable, self reliant and confidant with the diet and health care of their dogs.

This means I can teach dog owners around the world to be more independent of the establishment mass market approach to pets that’s based on economics and not true holistic health care.

Working effectively to achieve consistent and lasting health for dogs underlying dietary needs, means for me, using a foundation based on natural remedies and nutrition.

Nature clearly has the answers we want in every department of life, it just took a lot of focus, research and practice to achieve consistent results in a world clouded with profit over people and their pets.

Using a more holistic based approach, meant more consistent and long term positive changes for dogs and relieved, happier… not to mention financially better off dog parents.

Checking Myself Along Lifes Way

Early on in my career when I began to understand more fully what worked for dogs, I tried to force the situation onto pet parents not really understanding their position, how they felt and why they continued to follow a flawed system..

That was until I understood my purpose.

My purpose at Healthy Dog For Life became to help dog parents around the world to take small steps in the direction of healthier food and home remedy choices, weaning them off the reliance on veterinary nutritional ignorance and synthetic drugs.

And my new approach begins with how to Feed Your Dog Better.

Taking Back Your Power, Enjoying Freedom and Feeling Good

Labrador and Springer SpanielWhen you understand the underlying cause of your dogs day to day health problems, now you come from a position of power. Now you can effectively do the best for your dog and feel good witnessing healthy improvements..

Now you are in control.

Side Note: Vets are mostly lovely people with a good heart and I would not be without their diagnostics and A&E. But for canine nutrition and natural remedies which are absolutely key to robust underlying dog health you’re on your own.

When dog parents are doing things this way, one step at a time, they begin to understand their dogs nutritional needs and accept change.

Pet parents can now move away from the industry mass market ‘one size fits all’ approach that focuses on underperforming diet, predictable ill-health and drugs for the symptoms (not the underlying cause).

Now pet parents have the opportunity to make visible and improved differences to their dog’s health, vitality and long term well being.

What Dreams are Made Of

Chocolate lab on the beachOver the last decade I’ve personally met with and spoken to thousands of dog parents. We are a fun bunch and I like that. We have our dog speak, our dog passion and on the whole, it seems, that we prefer dogs to people!

Slowly the game is changing, dog owners now have access to better information and independent expert help, and I am so thrilled at being able to offer dog parents the natural healthier options that mean real world health and a longer life for their dogs.

It’s been an enjoyable ride, complete with a few twists and turns along the way. But I feel it’s just warming up and there’s still lots to do.

My dog health dream is, when the dust settles and I’ve hung up my hat, that I’ve changed the lives of a million dogs and their owners for the better. Then I feel my work will have moved forward with purpose and even motivated the pet food and veterinary industry to up its game and be more health centric.

For now, the reward of a pet parents joy at witnessing their dogs healthier outcome from my help is priceless.

Bless these beautiful animals we call dogs, I love them.

Dan Scott


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“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.

You are his life, his love, his leader.

He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.

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