9 Amazing Ways CBD Oil Benefits Your Dog

You may not have treated your dog with CBD oil yet, but it’s gained a lot of attention from researchers around the world, with some pretty amazing results.

I’ve been using and recommending CBD oil for about 17 years to help people and their dogs, and only recently has it taken off for good reason.

I’ll share with you:

  • 9 amazing ways CBD oil, natures arthritis, anxiety, pain management and cancer treatment benefits your dog.
  • How to use it
  • What to look for in a high quality product
  • and where to get it

1 CBD is Not Psychoactive

CBD is short for cannabidiol and its a major compound of hemp or cannabis alongside THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD is not psychoactive, the psychoactive effect of the drug cannabis comes from THC only.

Basically, CBD won’t get you or your dog high, simply relaxed with zero psychoactive effects.

2 CBD Reduces Anxiety

If your dog suffers any phobias or anxiety, CBD has been well researched and found to be highly effective at lowering stress levels and works to negate anxiety disorders, panic and any form of irrational fear your dog may have.

So it’s excellent for trips to the vet, car rides, separation anxiety, fireworks, noisy children, being around other dogs or dog aggression.

3 CBD Can Treat Serious Brain Disorders like Epilepsy and Seizures

CBD is used extensively for the treatment of epilepsy in humans and since dogs experience this disorder too, it can be used for them and has even proven more effective than the conventional phenobarbitol drugs used to combat seizures.

In fact, studies suggest that 5% of dogs have frequent seizures and the conventional drugs administered usually have damaging side effects to internal organs such as the liver.

CBD has improved the health of dogs with seizures by greatly reducing the incidence of seizure even in cases when these seizures are termed drug resistant.

4 CBD Relieves Pain

The major reason for the popularity of CBD is because of it analgesic property. CBD works so well for pain that it’s gained acceptance as a new class of drug for chronic pain.

This includes all nerve related pain and neuropathy, pain from inflammation generally and of organs like acute pancreatitis and intestinal inflammation such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

CBD oil works just as well for dogs as it does for humans when it comes to relieving pain.

5 CBD Helps Fight Cancer

Research clearly indicates CBD oil will slow the progression of cancer and has been shown to inhibit the formation of tumors including tumor cell death know as apoptosis.

It’s also been shown to aid cancer patients through conventional cancer treatment.

If your dog is suffering from cancer, I greatly recommend that treatment involves CBD for the following reasons;

  • It helps the immune system to fight cancer cells
  • CBD works on its own to damage cancer cells by cutting off their energy generation
  • It helps to stop tumors forming and slows general cancer growth.
  • CBD is an excellent cancer pain reliever
  • CBD increases appetite
  • CBD helps with nausea, vomiting and the effects of chemotherapy

6 CBD Will Help Your Dog’s Heart

CBD reduces blood pressure and can be really helpful for dogs with unnecessarily high blood pressure to reduce cardiovascular issues.

7 CBD Relieves IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)

Studies with animals have shown that CBD prevents colitis and restores normal gut activity in inflammatory bowel disease. It does this by boosting your dogs compromised immune system to destroy harmful bacterial and viral invaders to restore balance.

8 CBD Protects the Nervous System and Slows Neurodegenerative Disease This means CBD is great for your senior dog, protecting them from cell death brought about by free radicals, toxins and inadequate commercial diet.

9 CBD Has an Amazing Effect on Canine Arthritis.

From my own research and practice over many years with CBD oil, I’ve found it to be highly effective in the treatment of advanced arthritis.

Usually within a week dogs that were previously stiff and in pain have been able to once more go for pain free walks, hop into the car or on the sofa unaided and generally feel years younger in attitude and behavior.

CBD has been proven to be safe at any dose, and because a dogs metabolism is so much faster than humans, CBD gets to work solving health issues much faster without the side effects common with veterinary drugs.

I’ve been working with CBD oil for 17 years, long before it became popular and not all CBD oils are the same, you’ll want a high quality choice, so look for the following:

Make sure it’s organic because hemp is known as a hyper-accumulator meaning it absorbs contaminants from the ground it grows in and will pick up heavy metal toxicity unless it’s organically grown.

Get it in tincture form as you’ll know it’s purity and it’s easier to administer the correct dose.

Always make sure it’s been extracted using clean methods such as full plant extraction by CO2 so it contains full plant terpinoids, flavinoids, essential oils, vitamins, trace minerals, phytochemicals and Omega 3 and 6 oils.

And here’s a link to excellent options: CBD Oil   (Choose by the size of your dog)

Just so you know..

If your dog has the health isuues discussed in this post, try CBD oil, it’s been a godsend for so many pet parents over the years and could be just what’s needed for your dogs situation.

About Dan

Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


  1. My dog recently diagnosed with diabetes and they wanted to put him on insulin. I held off to find out more about what we are dealing with. We have changed him to the Keto dry food and I supplement with various healthy things like ground chicken, sardines, goat milk and other things you have advised. I give carrot slices for snacks until I can make some healthy ones. Do you think CBD oil would help him. He lost a lot of weight seemed like overnight, was throwing up, etc., thus the vet visit. He is maintaining but isn’t gaining any weight back. It’s been about three weeks and I don’t want to put him on insulin if I can find a way around it. Thank for you for helping so many people. The pet food industry and the drug industry have fouled up pet items as much as they have people products. Hoping for better times. God bless.

  2. Hi Kay, please watch the following two videos: How to make your diabetic dog healthy and natural medicine for diabetes in dogs.
    Have a good look at those videos and come back to me with your questions – danscott(at)healthydogforlife.com

  3. Liz Berta says

    Can you please advise dosing and type of cbd oil for my 13 lb, 11 yr old Chi mix? (or further reading)
    Thank you so much,
    Liz and Lacey

  4. Hi Liz, i’d give a CBD according to your Lacey’s size at this link: https://healthydogforlife.com/CBD. Just follow the dog guide size at that link, it’s an excellent CBD oil. Dosing will be on the bottle. Give once or twice daily as needed. Great for anxiousness, relief, pain, boosts immune system and other great benefits.

  5. shirley ann jenes says

    i have a jack russell and doberman pincher and it can have a bath, combed with a flea comb and after you get thru i see fleas coming out of its coat. what can i do

  6. Use Neem oil: Neem oil: https://amzn.to/3iV0Igq Mix it with a carrier oil like olive/coconut/grape seed/almond oil at 4 parts neem to 1 part carrier oil and rub over the affected areas and leave on for 1 hour, then wash off with soft shampoo: Oatmeal Pet Wash: https://amzn.to/3CYUBjw NO more fleas. Works 100% and safe/natural. Dab on some oil mix mix in usual places to keep fleas/mozzies/ticks away when out.

  7. Deborah Smith says

    My 14 yo pit/pug mix has ALP 20 times higher than normal. My holistic vet has put him on stem cell treatment. He has arthritis can he use CBD oil?

  8. Hi Deborah, yes, he can use CBD oil. It’s good for arthritis. The focus on diet is important here from what i’m reading. Here’s my One to One Dog Health Email Consultation and Support Service:
    I can help with artritis, diet and bringing that ALP number down.

  9. Sonia Harley says

    Hi Dan
    I’ve been following your advice for around 11 months now . Our 3 year old lab developed a skin irritation around July 2022 . She has always been fed raw .
    She is extremely high drive and gets regular exercise. She is lean and healthy in every way . However she can’t stop itching and biting her paws and underside .
    After reading up on your advice I’ve been making her a shake every morning consisting of probiotics, yogurt , veg , fruit , rosemary , raw cider vinegar and coconut Oli . Along side this using neem and oat milk rub . Although her condition hasn’t been healed it hasn’t got any worse . As she can be quite anxious and highly strung at times I feed her turkey as I’ve heard it can help to calm .
    I don’t believe any drugs a vet can give will help , I’m not keen to go down the vet route .
    I’ve seen on lots of forums this is a common problem in dogs especially high drive dogs , terriers , not so much in labs . Mist dogs are healed when fed raw , so I’m stuck here !
    I’m at my wits end I want the best for her .
    At first I thought she may have had mange so got rid of all bedding and treated the house , even though we have another lab and she seemed fine .
    Can you help me ? Thank you we need more people like you .

  10. Hi Sonia, a few points to help: I’m assuming no vaccines, because, vaccines can cause these auto immune issues, zro vaxx recommended. Stress is a driver of this condition too, so less stress the better. And when I mean stress, I’m talking about the stress the humans in the household put on themselves which in turn, affects the dog. So a recent job change, the issues around us all right now having an effect, etc. Our dogs are barometers for our mental health.
    I would try some oregano oil (natures antibiotic), 1 drop per tsp of coconut oil, mix well and treat the affected areas for 7 days then stop.
    And obviously wear the dog out daily from run offs and fetch.
    I used to have a very active Lab that I took out rabbiting as a kid.. he slept well.
    Keep any carbohydrates to a minimum, 10% or less.
    Let me know how you get on via email danscott (at) healthydogforlife.com

  11. Hello Dan. Question about how to use CBD for post surgery joint pain in an 85 lb. dog. She had to have back to back knee surgeries a month apart. She is still limping badly 2 months post surgery. I hate to keep her on Tramodol and Meloxicam but she acts more normal when I giver her a dose in the morning. I’d like to take her off of it but can’t bear to see her in pain and depressed acting.
    Please help!
    Thank you!
    PS I give her CBD every night. The bottle says 12 mg/ml and she gets 1 ml.

  12. Hi Dan, my Manchester terrier has a spots on 2 of her paws that have lost there black colour and are pink. I did take her to the vets 2 years ago about this and was given a spray that you think was mace with the irritation to my eyes and nose,so I stopped using it. Any idea or suggestions to correct this ?
    Thank you

  13. Hi Jan, sorry for late reply. I’d get a really good CBD oil, the 600 and use that at full strength, 3x daily AM, midday and evening.
    Also keep her lean in weight and add fresh foods to the diet for better recovery, think meat options, eggs, canned sardines, veg and 10% organs in the diet. Start slow with new foods and add this soil based probiotic, again, small and slow to begin with first week or so.

  14. Difficult to know without history here and can’t think of a treatment for it either. I would improve diet with swapping out more with fresh food in the mix. Think eggs, canned sardines, meat options, some organs at 10% of meal volume and some blended veg. This will improve diet, therefore, health and immunity strength and more importantly in your dogs case, much improved skin health which may make a difference here to those feet areas you discuss.

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