Dog Arthritis – You’ve Been Conned Folks

Dog arthritisDog arthritis is the empty pot at the end of the rainbow left there by cruel hoax – let me explain.

Nature has a way of looking after its children, just as a mother carefully considers her children’s needs as they grow. Part of those needs is based around the dinner table and what to feed growing kids so they become healthy adults.

But With Your Dog – Nature Gets Left Out!

Somehow and behind boardroom closed doors, responsibility for your dogs wellbing has been taken away from you and mapped out by big business and it didn’t involve maximizing your dogs health so vets could sit around their surgery aimlessly twiddling their thumbs wondering when the next customer will roll in.

More on this below but first lets check for symptoms of dog arthritis you may be noticing.

What Dog Arthritis Symptoms to look For?

Dogs with canine arthritis may:

  • Walk stiffly
  • Limp or favor certain limbs
  • Show stiffness or discomfort when getting up from a lying-down position
  • Display lameness in certain limbs
  • Appear to have stiff, swollen or sore joints
  • Seem to experience pain when touched in certain areas
  • Seem to find certain positions uncomfortable or painful
  • Suffer loss of flexibility in their joints
  • Be hesitant to jump, run or climb stairs

Dog Arthritis – Nonsense Foisted Upon Innocent Dog Owners

Imagine this: 4 global food companies run the mass produced food of this world and boy is there a lot of waste. What do they do with the mountains of Styrofoam packaged waste, the millions of feedlot animals condemed as too diseased for humans to eat or the waste frying oil barreled up after a weekend fry up at MacDonald’s the world over?

They start up waste food management operations, call them cool names like Purina or Iams or Pedigree and truck in all the food waste and dump it by the millions of tons – Styrofoam trays included – into huge vats for shedding and melting down at high temperature for days on end. Eventually it becomes grey glue like gloop after killing off all the pathogens, disease, bugs and mold. Then these food waste collection operations skim off the fat floating on top and hold that to one side while siphoning off what’s left.

Next Comes the Clever Chemistry Part

Chemicals in dog foodThe scientists or should I say chemists create really clever synthetic chemicals that can color, enhance taste, preserve food, make it stay soft, make it natural looking, smell kinda ok, and a laundry list of anti coagulants, rancidity regulators and many other complicated chemical concoctions. These wonders of science are added to the grey gloop before it’s either combined with the fat to be canned up or extruded, sprayed with flavored fat and baked into kibbles, treats and fancy snacks for dogs.

Then they market the hell out of it on TV, billboards, sponsoring vets and vet universities, everywhere they can think of. They use marketing psychology to play on convenience because they know we dog owners are either lazy or too busy, they play on fair play because they know we care, they pull on our heart strings with cute heartfelt doggy images because they know we love animals and there’s so much more but you get the picture. They just keep rolling out campaign after campaign for a couple generations; say 30 years and voila – YOU THE DOG OWNER THINK DOG FOOD MEANS CANNED OR KIBBLE!

Mind Boggling Profit From Food Waste – Genius!

Dog kibble

Kibbles sprayed with Flavored fat to mimic tastes dogs love.

And what does all this mean – Mind boggling profits for the dog food manufacturers for selling food waste – genius!

You are so convinced that you (think) your dog is supposed to eat from cans and packets. You (think) that your dog needs regular attention by a vet to monitor their health. In fact, if some up-start like me even suggests your dog eat fresh food such as a piece of raw meat, you mentally panic and deny such preposterous nonsense all because you long ago bought into the market driven propaganda and believe it to be truth. And if there’s one thing we humans hate, it’s being wrong – it’s known in scientific terms as cognitive dissonance.

You don’t know how sorry I am to have to tell you this – I grew up young and innocent once too – but we’ve been conned folks!

Don’t be shocked, surprised or in any way irritated by my words because I’d really like to be all light and love and write in terms of fair play, customer driven focus and dog health first. But alas, the world for our dogs is a very different place to the one we thought we lived in. Our dogs are drowning in a sea of additive ridden junk pet food, drugs of incalculably toxic effects and veterinary indorsed rhetoric laced with jargon and just plain ignorance.

Case in point: Your doctor tells you the need for fresh food in your diet for good health and this we all know to be true. Your vet tells you to feed your dog fast food from a can or packet – how’s that healthy eating?

Dog Arthritis Treatment and The Bottom Line

Bare with me here because there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Ok so this is only part of the long sordid story of commercial dog food. Remember, these guys are clever, they figured out the whole shooting match from A to Z.

Dog Food Science 101

  • They know exactly how long your dog will live and why.
  • They know how which and much drugs it will take to keep your dog going at the vets after ingesting their canned and packet food waste laced with toxic chemicals. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), analgesics and corticosteroids: the most common form of pharmaceutical treatment for arthritis in dogs are all standard issue with minimal effect, constant application and high profit margin.
  • They know how much profit your dog will bring in while alive and they know all this down to an exact science because they have absolutely free rein to test every variable without comeback.
  • And they know how much can be made by the chemistry wing of their operation through the provision of over-the-counter pet treatments bottled up and labeled as glucosamine for dogs, condroitin sulfate for dogs and even more expensive vet prescribed special diets once your dog has arthritis which incidentally is a billion dollar business with ZERO real world results for your suffering dog – once again evil genius!

And why do they know every variable?

Because they are self regulating and free to test all variables. Much like experimenting on caged lab rats, outcomes can be tested observed and duplicated while the test subjects die at different rates over the trial period.Your dog is no different.

There are no rules, no laws, no fines, no comeback. You can’t sue them for neglegence as by law your dog is seen as property. The most you could claim for outcomes like the massive 2007 dog food recall when toxic Melamine was deceptively added to pet food costing thousands of cats and dogs lives is your dogs purchase price nothing more.

The much publicised regulations by the FDA and AFFCO set up to monitor pet food are not the slightest bit interested in what’s in the food, only in the efficiency of the food based on 3 to 6 month feeding trials. Local states have the power to pry into operations to test samples but this rarely happens.

So in a nutshell, there’s little oversight and the foxes are left to guard the chickens as they see fit.

Dog Arthritis Pain Relief – Choose Wisely

how to treat dog arthritisLook at the ’cause’ of dogs arthritis, why are the membranes containing the vital fluid around the joints shrinking, why is the smooth cartilage that takes the strain in a normal joint becoming rough, brittle and weak?

This condition is the result of a loss of collagen, the reinforcing material of the body.  As your dog ages, he will lose the tough elastic properties of this vital fiber. Feeding your dog this heat processed grain based waste called pet food simply means your dog misses out on the high quality biological protein from fresh food. More on this in a moment…

In turn, years spent ingesting grain based dog food blocks the intestine from absorbing vital nutrients and results in depleted collagen, the building block of most skeletal support structures.

That’s right, your now older arthritic dog is suffering because of the food you gave it from when he or she was a puppy all those years ago. And believe me thats a SAD thing to have to say to you and it truly breaks my heart. As far as I’m concerned these guys are our furry children, they deserve the best we can do for them and canned or kibble dog food is like unknowingly giving cigarettes to children.

Please Do Not Be Fooled By ALL Dog Arthritis Medicine – It’s Snake Oil

Dog arthritis pain relief does not come in a bottle, it does not come in a supplement and it certainly does not come in any kind of medication – why, because it’s too late for that and the damage has been done by the commercial waste pet food kibbles and treats. All these snake oils will do is lighten your pocket, leave your dog in pain and you scratching your head in anguish.

Home Remedies for Dog Arthritis – Take Control to Help Your Dog

The only option available to you today – and here’s the good news – is to get your dog onto fresh food. And the best food for dog arthritis is the one most biologically appropriate for the canine species, raw un-processed meat, bone, fat, offal and a little vegetable matter – most of which you have in your fridge right now.

I’ve spent nearly half a lifetime around dogs and dog food diets and through experiential first hand knowledge I’ve seen some pretty spectacular turnarounds in dogs when switched from fast food in cans and packets to real food. Previously stiff, old pain filled dogs have become like born again pups with a sparkle in their eye and new found energy.

The Secret Sauce of Fresh Natural Dog Food?

Canine arthritis means fresh food is needed to heal and alleviateYou see the secret sauce of feeding your dog a natural diet comes down to this – your dog’s immune system. Your dogs immune system is their protective mechanism to disease caused by incoming pathogens of viral or bacterial origin. And over the years fast dog food has caused such all out war on your dogs immune system as to render it stressed, frazzled and damn near broken. The result is an open door to chemical, viral and bacterial abuse right inside your dog’s body and the strip mining of the joints through lack of natural support from the nutrients in fresh food.

A simple diet of raw food provides the natural synergy at a deep cellular level to heal, maintain and provide balanced energy, all the while firewalled by a robust immune system crucial to keep essential biological processes going to allow joints to continually rebuild day after day at any age.

Contrast this with what can only be described as a firefighting mission to quell the flames of toxic buildup in commercially fed dogs only to end in defeat as today dogs barely reach half their natural genetic potential and the increasingly epidemic rates of hip arthritis in dogs.

Every day your dog ingests more toxic commercial dog food is just that much more off their lifespan. Astronomical vet bills become the norm as does the everyday suffering of a dog whose immune system is being compromised which allows cancer to take hold and the delicate joint environment is being broken down bit by bit.

Somehow, when seeing symptoms of arthritis in dogs, rather than making sure their dog never gets hold of the deadly concoction again, many dog owners hand over the number one poison for dogs in a bowl – and usually twice per day.

Watch the short video below so I can explain a few more points on dog food for arthritis.

How to Quickly Ease and Prevent Arthritis in Dogs

I really hope I’ve done my best to explain your dogs present arthritic condition and how you can help your dog. Yes I’ve dragged you into the murky world of commercial pet food – maybe even shattered a few illusions – but your dog needs your help, they need you to step up for them as you already do for your human kids.

If you really want to do the absolute best for you dog, you now have a genuine and effective long term solution by getting fresh food into your dog. Just let nature work it’s medicine, all you gotta do is feed your dog healthy food, a task that only means a few extra minutes a day.

Fresh food helps our human kids grow up healthy and it’s no different for our furry kids. It will alleviate your dogs condition, free up the joints, lessen the pain and get them moving about much more freely than ANY drug, supplement or prescription diet.

If you add in all the other benefits fresh food brings to your dog, their life will change dramatically for the better and at last you will find peace of mind when you witness the joy this brings your ailing dog.

For further reading get my free report below and get started on healing your dog, it’s never too late.

And if you are juggling thoughts or have questions, please share them below.

About Dan

Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


  1. It has been found that at least one in five dogs will suffer from dear old arthritis, just as humans.

    Many may think that arthritis only affects the aged but that is so far from the truth. They will tell you there are many factors that determine why a dog gets arthritis. I just never knew that this kind of dog food conspiracy existed. Thanks for sharing the truth so we can prevent our young dogs from a dysmal old age stripped out by poor diet.

  2. Hi Richard, Yes a sad fact for too many dogs when it does not need to happen. Glad I could help your preventions plans, it will make a world of difference to your dogs : ).

  3. As a dog lover I felt so helpless when our twelve year old pug got arthritis in his back legs you could tell they hurt bad when the weather would change etc. so he started getting a baby aspirin everyday to help with the pain, I had no idea that the way I was feeding him might have been able to help with the pain as well. Thank you for the post.

  4. It’s a pleasure John. We all learn from life and sometimes it’s the misfortunes of life that teach us most.

  5. I’m slightly confused about how your snake oil is going to help my dog regrow cartilage between her joints. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. I’m going to give her pain relief, and there’s really no way you could convince me otherwise. You’re trying to convince me that you know more than scientists, which is a pretty tricky job. You’re one person, with only personal experiences and hearsay, and veterinary medicine is many scientists over many years doing many studies (using the scientific method) and publishing their data, and updating it as new things are learned. You are a dude, with no qualifications, using buzz words and emotional language to make me feel guilty for being sucked into BIG PET FOOD’s lies. And also – you’re selling me something. I don’t believe statements about proof of the product from the person who is making money from the product. I believe someone else’s scientific evidence about the product, with no conflict of interest. You’re just capitalising on people’s wish to be “natural”, which is a pretty slippery slope of cognitive dissonance where we accept evidence based medicine for one thing like a medical emergency, oh shit my dog’s been hit by a car I better go to the vet and she can have surgery, but then say it’s fake when it comes to treating a less critical pain issue like arthritis. When I’m unwell or injured, I go to see doctors in a hospital because the enormous institution of veterinary medicine is behind it. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than homeopathy. When my dog is sick or injured, we go to the vet, also not perfect, but it’s better than quacks like you. The reason vet bills are astronomical is because vet medicine is at least as difficult to practice as human medicine, and there is no public funded hospitals or medicare for animals. You get the real cost. The cost of continual education and changing methods and learning new techniques and buying new x-ray machines and employing staff and a full pharmacy.
    Basically I think you’re as full of it as cheap pet food. Which is shit food, I agree, but I don’t buy cheap pet food. I buy expensive pet food.

  6. Fresh food (not snake oil or expensive commercial options made by candy bar corporations or expensive verterinary drugs) does your dog the world of good and brings back relief and movement, otherwise you would not be here so upset in the first place having bought the program. May I suggest a good CBD oil as it does wonders within a week of providing natural pain relief and freeing up movement… you’ll be amazed and your dog happy. Oh and yes, I’ve been working with CBD for 16 years in research and practice – great natural pain relief and immune system support for our dogs.

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