Healthy Dog Food – 13 Dog Food Options From Best to Worst

What is Healthy Dog Food and Which Option Is Best? Healthy dog food is little understood by dog owners and vets alike. Usually the conversation revolves around healthy dog food brands while the question of what actually is healthy dog food goes un-answered. Isn’t Kibble Supposed To Be 100% Complete and Balanced? The only reason […]

12 Health Benefits of Probiotics For Dogs and 3 Best Choices

Is your dogs digestive system running smoothly? Or is your dogs tummy… sensitive? Because if your dog has any of the 11 health complaints below: They’ll be transformed by the health benefits of probiotics for dogs.. ..within days!   11 Dog Health Problems: Do any of these affect your dog? Diarrhea all too often Really […]

How to Heal Your Dogs Skin Allergies (recipe)

Does your dog get any kind of skin allergies? Dog skin allergies are linked to a diet that’s simply not doing a good enough job of giving your dog all the nutrition they’re body needs. Yes, there’s environmental allergies, but they occur because a dog’s immune system is compromised by years of underperforming  diet! Every […]

9 Amazing Ways CBD Oil Benefits Your Dog

You may not have treated your dog with CBD oil yet, but it’s gained a lot of attention from researchers around the world, with some pretty amazing results. I’ve been using and recommending CBD oil for about 17 years to help people and their dogs, and only recently has it taken off for good reason. […]

A Better Way to Solve Underlying Dog Health Problems – Jens Story

There’s always a better way to solve an existing dog health problem, we just don’t know it yet. Let me explain.. Take my friend Jen who’s mum to a handsome Golden Retriever called Bailey. Jen’s  a sensible woman, pretty quiet, likes to follow the rules and generally goes along to get along and happy to […]

How to Heal a Dogs Tummy Troubles With Probiotics

A balanced gastrointestinal system is an underlying and fundamental ‘must have’ for your dogs health to be protected from health problems. And high quality probiotics, loaded with healthy bacteria, help balance your dogs gut flora levels. They control the bad bacteria that adversely affect your dogs digestive system and overall health. Good bacteria essentially ‘boost’ […]

7 Step Dog Health Checklist at Home

You want the best for your dog, you want them to be healthy and happy and it all starts by keeping an eye on their general day to day condition. So let’s run through a 7 step dog health check list at home for general awareness of what may be affecting your dog. Use the […]

11 Dog Owners Tell it Like it is on Kibble and Vets

It’s always interesting to hear what you have to say about regular commercial pet food, pet food companies and vets. Increasingly today, pet moms and dads are waking up to the fact that to just serve up commercial kibbles to your dog and expect that to be enough is far short of the real nutritional […]

7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Senior Dogs Health Fast

Does your senior dog need a little extra attention to their health now they’re older? As your dog ages, you might find they just don’t have the same vitality they once did. This is due to your dogs immune system function declining, but there’s an easy way to halt that process… For the purposes of […]

Boost Diabetic Dog Health With Powerful Immunity Enhancer

Nothing does more to boost your dogs immune system than this extract of oats, barley, yeast, or mushrooms. It’s a must have aid to restoring, boosting and protecting your dogs immune system to diseases like diabetes and cancer. Your dogs immune system is their internal defence mechanism to anything that should not be in their […]