Dog Health Advice – 13 Foods to Never Feed Your Dog

Just about everyone at some point needs some dog health advice. Usually because they’ve been guilty of feeding something they shouldn’t. You know those times when your dog is giving you that burning stare, from a discreet position at your side, while your’e sat at the kitchen table. We all spoil our dogs. It’s impossible […]

Dog Scooting-Fix The Problem With Natural Dog Health Now

Regardless if one has been a dog owner all his or her life, seeing a dog scooting its rear end across the yard or living room carpet always tends to be an unsettling sight. Dog Scooting on Bottom-Whats the Cause? However, experienced dog owners know this is an issue that should never be ignored; especially […]

Dog Coat Health-The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do

Proper dog coat health is an essential to the health and well being of our canine companions and it is quite important to never underestimate just how vital a role it plays no matter what the breed. Whether it’s long flowing hair or short stiff bristles, the coat of a dog works to regulate body […]

Dog Health Information – The Healing Power of Natural Diet

These days, many pet owners seek out dog health information in one form or another from their veterinarian’s office. However, a good number of dog owners find themselves in their vet’s office so much they feel like they are stuck in a revolving door. Since 1997, veterinarians have been hiking prices at more than twice […]

Common Dog Health Problems-Why Dog Behavior Problems Are Misunderstood

These days, common dog health problems miss out on negative dog behavior which is the number one reason so many animal shelters find themselves overflowing with unwanted pets of all breeds, ages and sizes. The One Piece of The Jigsaw Everyone Misses Whether it is excessive barking, digging, chewing or aggression, pet owners that cannot […]

Dog Health Symptoms Begin and End With This One Essential Element

Ask pet owners what element when dealing with dog health symptoms is most important and the answers are likely to vary. There is no doubt lots of love and companionship are in order; however, there is one thing that makes all the difference in the world. Many pet owners often overlook this element not because […]

This Little Known Dog Health Insurance Makes Your Dog Healthier

The concept of dog health insurance is almost comical when considering a dog on a commercial pet food diet is almost always going to suffer some type of health problem. So who is the clear winner? The pet owner, the veterinarian or the insurance company? There is no doubt that veterinary medical procedures have become […]

Glucosamine for Dogs Health – A Waste of Time Here’s Why

These days, too many pet owners waste their money buying glucosamine for dogs hoping to reverse the effects of arthritis or other bone and joint problems. While buying health in a bottle for dogs would be quite convenient, the fact of the matter is many pet owners eventually give up buying glucosamine supplements because, in […]

Is This a Disaster Waiting to Happen – Dog Rescue Shelters

Before long the dog rescue shelters will be inundated and the pain and suffering of millions of our pets will be at record levels as the ‘credit crunch’ bites further. From Reuters 12.16.08:London animal refuge bursting with abandoned pets It’s not just bankers, businesses and ordinary members of the public suffering from the credit crunch. […]

6 Dog Health Questions Answered About Raw Diets For Dogs

It is not uncommon to have plenty of dog health questions about raw diets. Though a natural diet is hardly some new fangled fad, the concept is new enough for many that common questions about dog health often occur. So here’s some dog health questions and answers to help you discover more about your dogs […]