Dog Health Symptoms Begin and End With This One Essential Element

Dog Health SymptomsAsk pet owners what element when dealing with dog health symptoms is most important and the answers are likely to vary.

There is no doubt lots of love and companionship are in order; however, there is one thing that makes all the difference in the world. Many pet owners often overlook this element not because they don’t see it but because they’ve been taught to look past it.

Regardless of age, breed or size, the most central element when dealing with dog health symptoms is diet. The adage ‘you are what you eat’ also applies to our canine companions. If what they eat is unhealthy, they too will be unhealthy.

Dog Health Symptoms Begin and End With Diet-Here’s Why

A diet of commercial pet food rife with everything from road kill and spoiled grains to preservatives and additives is what eventually spins off into the many dog health problems that cost pet owners thousands each year. In fact, these problems are so pervasive, it can easily turn a dogs care into a laborious cycle that takes the joy out of pet ownership altogether.

Just when one health issue is tackled it often reappears or a whole new set of symptoms suddenly crop up. It is the woe of pet owners on a budget. On the other hand, even those not on a budget are unable to find themselves immune to the pinch expensive vet bills bring.

A natural diet based around the central theme of a raw meat diet means offering the combination of healing nutrients that lowers vet bills by keeping a pet and its owner out of a vet’s office for years at a time. This is because dogs that subsist on a daily regimen of raw meat, bone and offal have a boosted immune system that stops illness before it ever has a chance to start.

Dog Health Care Becomes Easy With the Right Diet

Problems with such things as allergies, ear infections, diabetes, periodontal disease, obesity and even excess shedding are all but non existent for dogs on a natural diet. This makes dog health problems symptoms a thing of the past.

As Dr. Doreen Hock, DVM, has stated of natural diets, “Based on the current literature and our own experience, we believe that pets thrive… have more energy and vitality, their coats are thicker and shinier, their teeth need cleaning less often, they have fewer allergy problems and they live longer, healthier lives…”

While it can seem so small, the element of diet is, and always has been, the beginning and end of properly caring for a canine companion. These days, too many pet owners struggle with trying to get a handle on their dogs health care. They try every tactic they hear or read about and understandably become discouraged when the results are all too brief or nonexistent.

However, by simply opting for a simple diet of raw meat and bone (minced or whole), that has become a straightforward easy step process in the book Real Food for Dogs– which also includes a large online resource of cost effective suppliers; pet owners can watch all the elements of dog ownership fall into place easily and naturally.

Now there is finally a chance to focus on the dog and dog owner relationship rather than be distracted by a barrage of pesky health issues and near constant vet bills, which means you can get on with enjoying your super healthy dog together with massively reduced veterinary costs-the best of both worlds for sure.

Watch the short video below for more on why natural raw food diets work so well.

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