Dog Coat Health-The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do

Dog coat healthProper dog coat health is an essential to the health and well being of our canine companions and it is quite important to never underestimate just how vital a role it plays no matter what the breed.

Whether it’s long flowing hair or short stiff bristles, the coat of a dog works to regulate body temperature and serve as protection from the elements. A dog’s coat and skin is also a very reliable barometer for measuring overall dog health. When problems with the coat occur, it is an indicator for pet owners that their dog’s system is seriously off balance.

Everybody loves a luxurious, clean smelling and shiny dog coat but there are those that assume proper dog coat care merely consists of keeping up with washing and grooming. In all reality, washing and grooming is only a fraction of the equation.

Dog Coat Health Begins With Diet for Healthy Skin

Proper coat care first and foremost requires a strong foundation of proper nutrition. Dogs lacking the essential nutritional building blocks not only end up with sparse, dull coats, they often have problems with excessive shedding, oily buildup or a foul doggy odor. In fact, this is typically seen in canines whose daily diet is dispensed from a can or bag.

The high heat rendering process used to create commercially prepared pet foods all but irreversibly alters and destroys nutrients a dog needs to support a healthy coat. On top of this, chemicals and other non nutritive compounds added to pet foods often build up in a dog’s skin and excrete through the pores leaving a harsh, gamey smell. Many pet owners know the routine of trying one shampoo after another in an attempt to rid their dog of a fetid body odor. These tactics usually cause more harm than help. Until a dog gets the diet that appropriately nourishes their coat from the inside out, there is little that any dog coat care shampoo can offer.

As stated by Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM, Esq., “…legislative loopholes that have existed for decades in the United States have allowed unsafe, even toxic foods to be freely marketed to pet owners all over the world. Commercial pet foods have repeatedly shown themselves to be subject to serious contamination and catastrophic imbalances of various nutrients‚Ķ”

The Key to Solving a Dog Health Problem Will Always be Down to The Quality of Your Dogs Diet

The key to restoring balance to a dog’s coat safely and naturally comes down to feeding the original and only diet canines the world over have been used to for millions of years, a diet based on almost infinite practice and perfected by nature using raw meat on the bone. The nutrients are whole, unaltered and come in the form of live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and a range of over 35 proteins that can improve the quality of a dog’s coat and skin within a matter of weeks.

Because a dogs natural choice of food is being used, the correct natural needs of the hair follicle – and it’s personal nutrient supply gland – in the coat are being fed the right ingredients which means dull, sparse hair becomes shiny and full and the lack of chemicals prompts issues with excess shedding and bad doggy smells to vanish without a trace.

A natural raw food diet restores balance automatically and takes the hassle out of dog coat care. Best of all, pet owners will be able save their money for other things rather than spending their hard earned cash on coat care products that just don’t work.

Watch the short video below for more on natural diet for great dog health.

What do Dogs Eat to Thrive Not Simply Survive?

If your looking for a new dog try Pets Classified for a dog local to you and choose a shelter dog because you’re saving a life plus remember, a natural raw food diet will have your new best friend in great shape inside & out in weeks.

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