A Better Way to Solve Underlying Dog Health Problems – Jens Story

Golden retrieverThere’s always a better way to solve an existing dog health problem, we just don’t know it yet.

Let me explain..

Take my friend Jen who’s mum to a handsome Golden Retriever called Bailey. Jen’s  a sensible woman, pretty quiet, likes to follow the rules and generally goes along to get along and happy to take the advice of her vet – fair enough.

Facing the fear of change

However, after nearly 3 years with her dog’s health problems, Jen had to face her fear of change and take action or allow her dogs health problems to decline into frustration, pain and bills.

Finally Jen came to me and asked for my advice on what could be done to remedy the situation.

Now usually I never offer my observations on peoples dogs health unless asked because I find most people tend to stick with what they think they know.

My advice is only of benefit when ‘you‘ are specifically requesting it, that way I know action is taken to get the results your dog requires.

Anyway, Jen asked my advice and I gave it.

A simple but effective way to heal your dogs day to day health issues

I explained to Jen how her dog was suffering chronic health problems from a limited diet of dry kibble only and in vital need of a healing solution that would come from a simple and quick but specific and balanced set of ‘live food supplement’ additions to the food bowl – as outlined in my latest book Feed Your Dog Better..

And how those new additions combined with the regular kibble meal would quickly transform her dog Bailey’s health for the better.

But Jen just stayed quiet, thinking about what I’d just said and nothing more came of it.

Getting into action and doing the best for your dog

The following week Jen rings me to make known she’d thought about what I said and was ready to work with me to fix her dogs growing health problems.

Jen’s usual fear of change, finally gave way as I later found out with the support of her husband Phil whose no-nonsense insights and practical nature finally led her to ask for my help.

So behind the scenes, Jen’s concerned husband had talked some sense into her, and here she was on the phone all set to put my advice into practice and save her precious Golden, a dog she loved like a furry son as part of her family.

Jen recounted stories of dog hair all through the house, blocked vacuum cleaners, room clearing gas, episodes of diarrhea no one, not even her husband would clean up from the kitchen floor on his way out the door to work..

The constant grooming to keep that ‘doggy odor’ under control, head flicking ear infections and more recently, worsening tummy troubles… digestive distress with inescapable and rising vet bills.

Working the solution, feeling the relief, loving the outcome

So I sat quietly and talked Jen through the health problems, why Bailey had them, where they came from and the solution to get her beloved dog back on the road to full health and living a better life with vigorous health and longevity.

She listened carefully while I emailed over a plan of action, thanked me for being a good friend and later as her husband recounted to me, set to work straight away implementing my plan with a renewed sense of optimism.

Couple with pet dogI remember her husband saying he was relieved now she’d gotten her mojo back.

Within a few short months Bailey was a new dog again with a clean bill of health, free of the health problems that so easily could have gone on to cause major disease.

Bailey was back where he deserved to be, problem free and enjoying life.

Jen feels free of the burdens of her dogs past health problems, she’s now in control and enjoys the power and confidence this gives her.

I’m told the kids can’t leave Bailey alone now he smells ‘soooo sweet’ and practically gas free which means he doesn’t get run out the lounge room during TV time..

And apparently, down at the dog park Baileys receiving more than the usual attention from Jen’s pet parent friends.

Who’s in your corner with healthier long term answers?

I hope Jens story helps you feel better because I know many pet parents feel alone and frustrated with their dogs health issues..

And feel so much better when someone who knows the answers, offers help that finally solves their dogs ‘underlying’ health problems..

Not the quick fixes that don’t last or the expensive vet merry go round while your dog continues to decline.

If you want a lasting outcome, a friendly voice, real actionable help to solve your dogs underlying health problems;

  • NOT quick fixes that fail just as soon
  • NOT hype
  • NOT bogus products
  • NOT useless supplements..

Then I’m here, reach out to me via the contact tab.

Use this chance to fix up your dogs day to day health complaints. And without changing your dogs current kibble diet but by adding some all important extras is the first place to start.

Go watch the video how to feed your dog better.

Talk to you soon, Dan

About Dan

Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


  1. How can I speak with u on the phone ?

  2. I’m sorry, no phone consultations. Email is best and my One to One Dog Health Email Consultation and Support Service: may be very useful for you.

  3. Amoreena says

    My dog is already on freeze dried and raw food plus royal canin for German shepherds and we add eggs fish etc so why if it’s all diet does she have hip issues at 1 and ear mites so bad her ears bleed even after going through a week of treatment they would come right back. She also has tummy troubles and diarrhea often.

  4. Interesting, maybe she had some patella issues in the hips to begin with? I recommend not vaccinating, that can be a big issue. Just keep the ears clean while fixing the other issues. GSD’s can be very sensitive and the RC maybe a problem, try swapping that out with green tripe. Here’s a discount code: $15 off Tripe Patties: 15Tripe. For the tummy troubles use a soil based probiotic: Protect. So try out my recommendations and start new foods/supplements small and slow the first week or so. Best of luck with her.

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