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back on the road to full health and wellbeing fast?

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Now Open - The One to One Total Dog Health Service

I've opened up a new specialist dog health support service.

This service is provided to help you with getting your dog out of their current health problems and into great shape again with good health and wellbeing going forward.

You simply sign up for the service and from then on you have an expert personally working on your behalf covering the following:
  • Comprehensive opening consultation - where I find out everything about your dogs health history, diet history, vet & medication history, current health etc.
  • I put together a complete diet and health plan - discuss it with you and fine tune the plan to your budget, lifestyle and satisfaction, ready to begin.
  • We work closely together on your dogs new 'road to recovery health plan' - with full ongoing email support for the next 3 months with same day or next day replies so you are looked after continuously while your dog's health gets back on track.
  • I'll cover everything to do with diet, natural remedies, supplements and other specialist dog health support - as part of my specialist knowledge as a dog health expert over the last two decades.

This is a rare chance for you to have an independent dog health expert who is; (not part of the vet merry-go-round establishment).

This premium service is strictly limited and open to just a few new customers each month.

​I can help you and your dog to health and wellness with a more gentle, natural holistic approach that's effective, kind on your dogs system while sticking to your budget as part of the initial consultation service.

We've all been there with high vet bills, expensive meds, switched diets and the dog's still not right!

​I'm sure that you’re highly committed to providing your dog a loving and treasured member of your family with a good home and lots of love.
However, you may be one of many pet owners who's dog has health problems with some of the following:
  • Skin allergies such ear infections or hot spots, mange, dull lifeless coat, excessive scratching, paw licking and heavy shedding all over your house.
  • ​Tummy or gut problems and your dog's sensitive, so diarrhea, constipation, yeast outbreaks, noxious gas and bad breath maybe an issue.
  • Maybe your dog is burdened with arthritis and in some discomfort, perhaps outright pain and you want so much for her to be healthier with more movement and much less pain.
  • Perhaps your dog has fleas, has mange problems, perhaps gets ear mites and you want a reliable way to end the problem on your dog and around your home and yard.
  • Maybe it's worms you want rid of and you don't want to use those toxic meds from the vet - and I don't blame you!
  • Perhaps your dog lacks energy, feels just not right and has low immunity to kennel cough, flu or seasonal allergies with a dry nose and runny eyes.
  • Maybe your dogs fighting cancer, diabetes, liver disease, anal gland inflammation or chronic infections to the digestive system.

The One-to-One Total Dog Health Service will guide You on How to fix your dogs health problems effectively AND have them stay healthy without harsh drugs and without the big bills!

Here's a Quick Snapshot of What's Provided With the Service:

  • Full consultation to find out all about your dog and their current health levels - I'll run over everything with you so we know exactly where and how to begin your dogs road to recovery and full health.
  • As per our consultation, you choose your dogs diet option based on budget, health needs, lifestyle etc, and I go to work on the done for you diet and health plan specific to your dogs needs - everything you need to know to get up and running as soon as your ready. What to feed, what to add, when, how much, where to get it and what to do day by day. This takes all the guess work out and makes starting simple.
  • You'll receive complete pre-researched advice on highly effective natural remedies specific to your dogs needs and where to get them at the best price, saving a fortune on vet drugs and their toxic side effects.
  • You get full ongoing private email support to keep everything on track which is also important when you need quick advice and support when something crops up unexpectedly and you need fast answers for peace of mind.
  • This is a one time only payment that covers the entire consultation, health plan and the ongoing email support for 3 months.

About Dan Scott:

Dan, author of the book 'Real Food for Dogs', is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping thousands of dog owners around the world discover the effective, natural, simple, low cost and swift solutions to having a healthy, happy and low maintenance dog for life .

"I really enjoy helping dog owners who are stuck with dog health problems that vets, costly medications, useless prescription diets, expensive tests and on and on it goes, getting nowhere fast, while a precious dog suffers through the confusion.

I come on board, sort through all the uncertainty and provide a clear blueprint to implement while at the same time being on tap for one-to-one support ongoing for 3 months.

Before long, that precious dog is responding well and now on the road to recovery and wellbeing, up lifting the owner and giving them back their peace of mind." Dan Scott

What Customers Are Saying

Susan K.

​"I wish I knew about it sooner. When I think of how long I could have prolonged my other animals lives, had I only researched better : (."

Chris B.

"I'm actually saving money now...”without a vet trip every single month!

So needless to say you've made my dogs lives and so then my life so much better. Happier dogs, happier person!

Thanks so much for all you do and don't stop doing your thing ever!!"

Daria Epstein

​"His hair started to grow back within a week and a few weeks later his coat became really glossy...

I also noticed he was now more defined and looking better than ever"

Cherie Concannon.

"Dan really knows what he is talking about, has been supportive, encouraging and always accessible every time I’ve had a question, pointing me in the right direction each time."

Rebecca A.

​"He (Buddy) is back in full swing and even better energy on our walks than before!

...you've been my voice of true reason I have not found here on my continent! I am truly grateful!...

I will continue faithfully following your advice and Buddy especially thanks you profusely!

My deepest gratitude to you! ... I have gotten so much mis-information and information directly conflicting between different vets, it’s incomprehensible."

Julie Hayes

"I love your straight forward no nonsense approach, it made the whole process easy to understand and knowing that I could get answers to questions put my mind to rest.

​Within just a few weeks the gas stopped, his doggy breath cleared up, the shedding stopped and the diarrhea's gone too.”

John Bailey

​"Your excellent information literally saved my dogs life..."


"I just had the 3 at my brothers (veterinarian) for their check up. All is very good. He was surprised at how well there teeth and gums looked.

​My 9 yr old acting more like a pup than ever.” Thanks, Loren

Pouya Rezaei

​"I appreciate your help and cannot say enough good things about your book and program.

​Thank you for everthing and all the help, Pouya."

Susan H.

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge with your fellow dog-owners in the rest of the world.

​Eagle already seems happier, peppier and more loving. …not leaving globs of hair on the carpet and his teeth look better already."

JoAn S.

"Thank you so much! I appreciate you helping me! Your help is priceless and I hope to return the kindness to you somehow!

My dog is doing great!

Please let me know if theres anything I can do for you!"

Martin T. H.

"Dear Dan, thank you so much for your help, you have made me feel so much better…"

  Gillian F.

"I wanted to say thank you, for being so generous with your availability and offering so much advice and help when we needed it most.

I strongly believe following your feeding advice was the foundation to her wellness despite her illness (diabetes).

So thank you again for being a dog lover and sharing your knowledge to help improve the health of dogs everywhere."

  Carrie F.

"Wilbur and Buster are doing great… Thanks so much for your help.

For what it's worth, you changed my life with your wisdom. Wilbur literally was rescued from a certain unnecessary early demise."

  Judith R.

"I can tell you that now I know that I'm doing right by my little loves it has made me very very happy."

  Carrie F.

"I haven’t seen any digestion issues with either my Border Collie or Min-Pin Pomeranian.

The main change is how they have both stopped scratching and they do have much better breath.

Everthing else: teeth, coat, breath, weight etc. all are way better"

Dan Scott with his dog Rocco
Get your own independant dog health coach.
​Fix your dogs health problems effectively AND with 3 months 1 to 1 support, keep your dog on the road to recovery without the confusion, toxic drugs and big vet bills!

Is your dog's health and happiness important to you?

I'll give you the game plan that sets your dog on the road to recovery. Now you'll have a dog health expert in your corner, ready to help you step-by-step.

You'll get common sense answers and support on canine nutrition, effective remedies and just what to do each day going forward so it all works towards a healthier and happier outcome for your dog.

Don't leave it up to luck, veterinary confusion, drugs and a downward spiral of illness for your dog. Your dog deserves better than that.

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