Dog Health Information – The Healing Power of Natural Diet

These days, many pet owners seek out dog health information in one form or another from their veterinarian’s office. However, a good number of dog owners find themselves in their vet’s office so much they feel like they are stuck in a revolving door. Since 1997, veterinarians have been hiking prices at more than twice […]

Dog Health Symptoms Begin and End With This One Essential Element

Ask pet owners what element when dealing with dog health symptoms is most important and the answers are likely to vary. There is no doubt lots of love and companionship are in order; however, there is one thing that makes all the difference in the world. Many pet owners often overlook this element not because […]

Vital Dog Health Care – The One Missing Ingredient

Many dog owners carry the misguided notion that dog health care starts out with drops for the ears, creams for the rashes, antibiotics for the infections and eye drops for the allergies. Of all the identified dog illnesses, there are more than enough medications, surgeries and therapies to treat the symptoms; yet real canine health […]

How to Guarantee Great Dog Health for Life

When you become aware that natural dog health gives the canine species the capacity to live well into their twenties, it can be perplexing as to why reported veterinary studies list an average life span of ten to thirteen years. What with all the modern technologies that have come about, it would seem the quality […]