How to Guarantee Great Dog Health for Life

Dog healthWhen you become aware that natural dog health gives the canine species the capacity to live well into their twenties, it can be perplexing as to why reported veterinary studies list an average life span of ten to thirteen years.

What with all the modern technologies that have come about, it would seem the quality and quantity of a dog’s life would increase compared to one hundred years ago.

There are those who have lost a canine companion that would no doubt do anything to have those extra five or more years; and those who are lucky enough to still have their best friends would likely be more than willing to know the secret to extending the time as well.

Little do they know the secret can be hidden right inside their kitchen cabinets.

What Did Dogs Eat Through History?

What some may not know is that dog health is largely shaped by whatever a breed could hunt in the immediate area it lived in as well as a few scraps. These scraps could contain different types of meats, dairy, vegetables and the like depending on what region of the world the dog resided in.

As life in early times was not easy, dogs were largely valued for the different capacities they could work in as helpers on farms and for hunting.

The idea of keeping dogs as pets did not widely come along until the Victorian era. It was not until much later than that when dog health issues became of interest and the dog food empire was born.

As dog food companies would have it, not many are aware of what spurred the beginning concepts of their product; however, with research you will find that a need to take care of the waste that came with an increase in food production after World War II laid the foundation.

Todays Common Dog Health Problems Are Worse Than Ever Before

These days, the statistics on canine health are astounding and disheartening.

  •  Cancer is the now the leading cause of death in dogs.
  • Approximately 85% of dog dental health issues with  periodontal disease set in by the age of four; the number moves to 100% by the age of twelve.
  • Twenty percent of dogs in the United States suffer from Arthritis.
  • Nearly 30% of all dogs suffer from allergy related ear infections.
  • Dog dental health in the form of Tooth and gum problems are the most common dog health problem seen in pets.
  • Twenty five percent of dogs the world over are obese (National Research Council).

Unfortunately, the statistics go on and on. There can be no coincidence to such statistics and the recent dependence on commercially processed canned and kibble dog foods.

The Dog Health Questions We Need Answers to?

Dog health problemsVet with Shitzu at the practiceThere is no doubt as to the dedication and devotion of dog owners to their pets and dog health care. This is especially true with the many millions that are spent annually in vet care bills for medicines and surgeries. However, many have been left wondering what, and if there is any, way to give their canine companion a better quality of life and prevent dog health symptoms before they start.

With the current spur towards healthy living improving the quality of life for many people, dog owners are beginning to wonder if the same natural living can help their pet. The answer is a large and resounding yes.

Research now finds that ninety percent of all diseases in dogs are linked to poor dog food nutrition. Dog food diets from cans and packets consisting of astonishingly high fat and sugar levels can do no more good for a dogs health than they can for human health.

Dog Health Insurance Comes in The Form of Natural “Real” Food

Those who have made the switch to natural feeding and holistic measures for their dogs not only see a near immediate improvement in illnesses and an end to recurring rashes and allergies but striking improvements in temperament, energy levels and most importantly, life span.

Watch the video below for more on why fresh dog food is so powerful.

The Healthiest Dog Food in the World

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