Dog Ear Infection-How To Stop It In Weeks For Life

Dog Ear Infection

Nothing is more frustrating than a dog ear infection that just won’t seem to go away. Right when it appears the issue has been tackled, it is not uncommon to see the problem show back up in one or both ears all over again.

With conventional knowledge asserting that finding the root cause of ear infections in dogs as nearly impossible, the typical course of action is to blame an unidentified allergy and prescribe antibiotics. Unfortunately, what most do not understand is that merely treating the symptoms of an ear infection will do both a dog and its owner no good.

Dog Ear Infection From Stressed Immune System

dog ear infection picture

Chronic allergic otitis externa in a dog with atopic dermatitis

At its simplest, Otitis Externa or chronic dog ear infection is a sign that a canine’s system is breaking downfrom the inside out. The immune system has become battered and frayed and it is likely there are other things off balance somewhere in the body as well.

The question is: what could so harshly upset the balance of a dog’s physiology? To answer this, it is important for pet owners to first understand that ninety percent of disease is diet related. Considering the vast majority of dogs subsist on a commercial dog food diet these days, pet owners on the hunt for a permanent solution to dog ear infections would do good to take a serious look at what their dogs are ingesting each day.

According to Dr. Tom Lonsdale BVet Med, MRCVS,

“Junk dog food is laden with colorants, preservatives, humectants and a raft of other strange chemical additives-none of with any nutritive value and all toxic to varying degrees… “

Food Additives Cause Of Dog Ear Infection Symptoms?

Dog Ear Infection Symptoms

Pustules, small raw circles or patches in dogs ear. Otitis bacterial origen.

For millions of years, the canine species was able to develop and thrive without additives, preservatives, stabilizers or any of other chemicals that make up commercial dog food. With a daily dose of these toxic components that can do nothing more than build up in sensitive inner vital organs, it is no wonder systemic allergies emerge with a vengeance in today’s canine.

Trying to rid the body of the chemicals nonstop can do nothing more than eventually wear out an immune system until it can no longer heal itself. This is what allows infections to recur. Along with dog ear infection problems, dog owners often become acquainted with hot spots, skin rashes and a laundry list of other canine health issues.

The Answer To Getting Rid Of Dog Ear Infections

The lasting solution to banishing a dog ear infection permanently requires ridding a canine’s system of toxic chemicals once and for all. How to treat dog ear infection can be done by switching your dog to a simple, all natural diet of raw meat and bone. With no additives, preservatives or other chemicals to wear down the immune system, a dog’s physiology can be restored to perfect balance. Unlike the cooked, highly processed mush and kibble that comes in cans or bags, the healing nutrients in raw meat, bone and offal are whole, intact and in the form a canine’s physiology recognizes.

Dog Ear Infection Home Remedies

Octoscopy-examination of dogs ear.

Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy

Once the switch to a raw dog food diet has been made, all that is required of a dog or its owner is to let the live enzymes, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients work as medicine to heal and repair a dog’s system back to normal within weeks. Just think, no foul ears, no vets, no drugs and no pain, just let natures food do all the work and the best part is once it’s gone it’s gone for ever!

About Dan

Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


  1. We put our Basset on a raw diet and she hasn’t had an ear infection since (in the last 6 months) – prior to that she had 4 in the first 4 months we had her!

  2. Hi Caroline.
    Thanks for stopping by to comment. Great isn’t it!!! Magic healing with food… as I’ve said many times, a dogs natural food also acts as medicine too (saving a fortune at the vets).
    And you have a happy, balanced, healthy dog.
    Your Basset is lucky to be your dog, good for you Caroline.

  3. Candicè says

    I have a 11 week old puppy and it has a really bad ear infection I don’t know what’s a good raw diet for a puppy. Any recommendations on what I should give her to eat to stop us goin to the vet very two weeks and stop the ear infection for good?

  4. Hi, sorry to hear about your puppies ear infection. Right, start feeding chicken necks, chicken pieces, chunks of tripe (the raw green stuff) find it online and thats a good start. Feed pieces larger than can be swallowed so your puppy has to chew on it and break it down. Also try out some crushed or fine grated vegetable like carrot for a small addition of vegetable matter-tryout what you think your puppy may like, they have individual tastes like us!

    Feed 3/4 meals a day until the puppy is 4 months and then go to 2 meals up to 12 months when it becomes one large meal a day. Feed around 5 to 10% of your puppies weight per day split into the 3/4 meals and go by how your puppy looks and feels for size (generally they have self control over how much they want).

    Try out a new food source each week ie lamb neck, pork belly, turkey breast etc. to eventually settle on 4/5 choices.
    Keep the food RAW and with the bone in. If it’s a toy dog you may need to smash the food a bit with a steak tenderiser but if it can cope on its own then let it!

    This is the basics and remember raw food also acts as medicine and will heal the ear infection quickly. To know a whole lot more just get my book which contains all you want to know about feeding a raw food diet.

    Let me know if you need further help, Dan.

  5. Theresa Houston says

    I have a 10 month jack russell. She does scratch a lot with no fleas I use a topical treatment contains fipronil. Coconut base shampoo peppermint,tthyme,cinnoman oil, for flea repellent,coconut based botanical shampoo, takes omega supplement, grain free diet, dehydrated meat sweet potatoes, fresh pineapple,strawberries, blueberries,bananas. Mystic doesn’t like raw meat much could I lightly cook, add to Brown rice and veggies. What kind of Bones do you recommend for her. I find you articles to be informative and I Do like the idea of natural foods. Especially with so many dog food and treat recall. Thanks. Mystic also said thanks.

  6. Hi Theresa, easy bones that are more chewy than crunchy are lamb breast and beef tail. This is an excellent book for home remedies and good nutritional advice – Home Remedies for Dogs, it will help with ending the itching Mystic suffers and get her off the toxic meds onto the natural alternative.

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