How The Secret Ingredient Missing From Kibble Heals Your Dog

Is your dog itching, scratching possibly with red-hot looking skin? There is a way to stop the problem without drugs and without changing what you’re feeding now, but first it’s important to know what’s gone wrong for your poor dog to be suffering like this and the link to kibble that’s being hidden from you. […]

Dog Ear Infection Smell-The Best Home Remedy and Diet

For dog lovers, there is something endearing about a canine companion’s dog smell. That is unless their dog’s odor leaves them feeling way less than endeared. Dog Ear Infection Smell – Why? The vast number of dog shampoos on the market goes to show that many pet owners are searching for a way to wash […]

Dog Ear Infection-How To Stop It In Weeks For Life

Nothing is more frustrating than a dog ear infection that just won’t seem to go away. Right when it appears the issue has been tackled, it is not uncommon to see the problem show back up in one or both ears all over again. With conventional knowledge asserting that finding the root cause of ear […]