17 Reasons Your Dog Needs Turmeric

Do you have some Turmeric sitting in your kitchen cupboard? And did you know that it’s a scientifically proven and powerful medicine that can make a big difference to your dogs health and longevity? Turmeric root – a member of the ginger family and well known for its culinary uses, is a powerful medicinal herb […]

3 Must Know Dog Ear Infection Remedies

When we discuss the best dog ear infection remedies, we are not necessarily talking about medicine. There are things you can do to help prevent the need for medication and/or dog ear infection home remedies. However, if your pet winds up with infection there are certain things you should know and do as well. We’ll […]

Dog Ear Infection Smell-The Best Home Remedy and Diet

For dog lovers, there is something endearing about a canine companion’s dog smell. That is unless their dog’s odor leaves them feeling way less than endeared. Dog Ear Infection Smell – Why? The vast number of dog shampoos on the market goes to show that many pet owners are searching for a way to wash […]