How to Heal Your Dogs Skin Allergies (recipe)

Does your dog get any kind of skin allergies? Dog skin allergies are linked to a diet that’s simply not doing a good enough job of giving your dog all the nutrition they’re body needs. Yes, there’s environmental allergies, but they occur because a dog’s immune system is compromised by years of underperforming  diet! Every […]

How The Secret Ingredient Missing From Kibble Heals Your Dog

Is your dog itching, scratching possibly with red-hot looking skin? There is a way to stop the problem without drugs and without changing what you’re feeding now, but first it’s important to know what’s gone wrong for your poor dog to be suffering like this and the link to kibble that’s being hidden from you. […]

How to Stop Dog Allergies Naturally and Fast For Life

How dog allergies reveal a darker side to the commercial pet food industry. A strong immune system is the key to your dog’s healthy life.  Commercial dog food is convenient, no doubt, but the pain, suffering, expense and sense of loss resulting from junk food-related illnesses is anything but convenient. What Causes Dog Allergies? Commercial […]

Dog Allergies and Asthma-The Key to Cure and Prevention

In the canine population, dog allergies and asthma is an ailment that strikes across all lines regardless of age or breed.  When the airways become obstructed and start to spasm as they fill with mucous, the lack of oxygen coming into the lungs can undoubtedly have grave consequences. What’s the Safe Natural Option? Feeling there […]

Natural Home Remedies for Dog Allergies-Heal Naturally and Fast

The trend to live healthier extends to finding natural home remedies for dogs for a good number of pet owners. The massive dog food recalls of recent years inspired many pet owners to start seeking out safe and healthy alternative products with fewer chemicals and toxins known to be harmful to dogs. However, wading through […]

Natural Remedies for Dog Allergies – Dog Acne-Ears-Itching

These days, pet owners are commonly given two options for treating dog allergies such as dog acne, dog ear infection, hot spots, rashes, mange and itching. They can apply topical ointments or creams or they can wait for the allergy to go away by itself. While these two things may seem to help solve the […]

How to Solve Dog Yeast Infection Quickly and Naturally

A dog yeast infection can be one of the trickiest health issues to deal with. They can show up in any part of a dog’s body and have the ability to cause a great deal of discomfort. Dogs prone to this condition that are given over the counter remedies typically only find temporary relief until the […]

How to Stop Dog Itching Effectively and for Life

To see a dog itching enough to the point that dog owners almost start itching themselves means it is time to step in and find a permanent and effective solution. All too often when trying to stop dog itching, pet owners will fall into a cycle of merely treating the symptoms of such a problem […]

How to Fix Dog Dry Skin Naturally and Permanently

For many pet owners, getting rid of dog dry skin often involves trying one treatment after another that merely results in a temporary fix. This can be quite frustrating, not to mention costly; but the real victim is always the canine companion that has no choice but to endure one hack cure after another. My […]

Heal and Prevent Dog Shedding in Four Weeks Naturally

Every pet owner expects dog hair but excess dog shedding is a particularly nagging problem for all involved. For the dog owner, it’s the hassle of never having a piece of clothing or bit of food that isn’t graced with at least a hair or two. However, for a dog, the problem is much more […]