Natural Remedies for Dog Allergies – Dog Acne-Ears-Itching

Natural remedies for dog allergiesThese days, pet owners are commonly given two options for treating dog allergies such as dog acne, dog ear infection, hot spots, rashes, mange and itching. They can apply topical ointments or creams or they can wait for the allergy to go away by itself.

While these two things may seem to help solve the problem, it is merely treating or ignoring symptoms of a much larger issue. Meanwhile natural remedies for dog allergies are rarely discussed.

When acne appears on the lips and chin of a young dog, it is an indicator that its hormone levels are off balance.When ear infection flares up it’s a sign that internal balance is disrupted. And it’s no different with the following dog allergy symptoms:

This means there is likely other things out of balance in its system as well; which also likely means more problems with other illnesses in the future.

As stated by Dr. Tom Lonsdale, BVet Med. on the subject of commercial dog food diets:

Junk food is laden with colorants, preservatives, humectants and a raft of other strange chemical additives-none with any nutritive value and all toxic to varying degrees… “

Commercial Dog Food Does Not Suit a Dogs Biology

As long as a dog is made to subsist on a commercial pet food diet, problems with dog allergies and many other health issues are likely to prevail. Bagged kibble and canned mush contain many unhealthy components that Mother Nature never designed the canine physiology to process.

These components are not only the toxic industrial chemicals that dog food companies add to preserve their product but euthanized feedlot animals, even as some research has documented including shelter euthanized cats and dogs can end up in rendering vats to make meat and bone meal.

The Chemical Load in Commercial Dog Food is Much Too High

Many of the drugs, antibiotics and steroids used to treat or euthanize these discarded animals survive the rendering process and end up back in the bodies of dogs that eat commercial pet foods. A daily diet from a can or bag easily destabilizes hormone levels for a young dog.

Natural Remedies for Dog Skin Allergies – The Power of Diet

Because veterinarians are trained to only treat sick dogs and not keep them well, most pet owners never even find out about the third option for allergies like dog acne or ear infection and itching skin: a simple diet using the core components of raw meat and bone either in whole form or minced together as a pre made meal.

Unlike chemical laden commercial pet foods with their no non nutritive caustic components to throw a dog’s natural hormone balance off, home remedies for dog allergies using simply fresh food means your dog gets the following:

    • Live enzymes
    • Phytochemicals
    • Antioxidants
    • Flavinoids
    • Vitamins
    • Minerals
    • A full range of over 35 proteins

The naturally occuring ingredients in raw fresh food for dogs above effectively and consistently heal a dog and balance its system from the inside out. Not only do problems with acne disappear, allergies, gastrointestinal issues, ear infections and even shedding become a thing of the past.

Despite what it may seem, the perfect home remedies for dog skin allergies is as simple as feeding a fresh food source devoid of industrial chemicals in the form of inexpensive cuts of raw meat, bone and offal is hardly a new concept. A diet of raw meat and bone is what the canine species was developed on over millions of years. It is what their physiology was designed to process and it is a diet they naturally crave and love.

Once a dog has been switched to a natural raw diet, health issues large and small fade away as do the costly vet bills that come with treating everything from dog acne to dog ear infection and other illnesses inside and out.

Watch the video below for more on dog allergy symptoms and diet.

Dog Food Allergies-Gone in 27 Days with This Diet
Watch this video on YouTube.

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About Dan

Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


  1. I only feed my dog raw food – but she still has acne. Any other insight other than diet?

  2. Hi Anna, there are floors in your diet strategy otherwise there would be no acne. My advice having zero history on your dog is to locate and feed raw green tripe to your dog. This might just do the trick, let me know how you get on.

  3. enjoyed the article but that response isnt true anna….some dogs are allergic to certain proteins themselves & need hypoallergenic food that has altered proteins in it (see science diet’s hypoallergenic dry food).

  4. Fair point Lee which is why I recommended raw green tripe as it’s balanced food for dogs. A few dogs do have allergies to beef for example, so swap out different meat choices to what works and what does’nt work but recommending science diet hypo. dry food is definitely not the way to go for the following reasons:
    1-it’s cooked food with little nutritional value.
    2-it’s still loaded with artificial additives.
    3-it’s fulll of carbohydrate ingredients that dogs derive no benefit from and in fact can develope futher allergies from (so much for hypoallergenic!)
    4-it’s expensive.
    5-it’s dry food with less than 10% moisture where dogs need over 70%, so if they don’t fill up on water will begin to dehydrate which over time causes chronic disease especially in the urinary tract.

  5. caroline franks says

    hi Dan.
    thank you for your article
    i’ve just started feeding my wire haired foxy a natural food diet (mince/ spinach/ brown rice, egg & coconut oil, alternating with chicken liver/ chicken & mixed vegetable). He has a history of food insensitivities & so was on a dried kibble for food intolerances, which he didn’t really enjoy. he loves his new diet, but has come out in spots – more like zits, rather than hot spots. firstly, under chest, then 1 above eye, then round jaw/gum, now under back legs. they become itchy after about 2 days. could it be an intolerance to eggs maybe?
    many thanks

  6. Hi Caroline, it could be just detoxing from the old diet which takes a few weeks and spots/itching are two examples of this. I’d give it one month and let me know then if these itchy spots continue and I’ll advise. Keep the fat content on the low side for now and feed the eggs raw and include the shell.

  7. hi dan,
    my dog has red bumps around his muzzle, he is 10 months old. do i switch to raw…. what? what do I Start with.


  8. Hi Lucy, bumps could be from hormone issues or diet related, which could also be affecting hormone activity. For better health generally going forward, a home cooked or raw food diet is the healthier choice. My new book is out next week that covers all three diets (a Healthier kibble diet too), I’ll email you a link to have a look at when it’s live. It’ll cover all the basics you need to get started.

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