Dog Disease Mange – How to Heal Naturally for Beautiful Skin And Hair

Dog Disease MangeOf all dog disease mange in dogs carries one of the biggest stigmas. This is largely because many dog owners do not know that there are two types of mange; one that is contagious and one that is not.

How do Dogs Get Mange?

While both types of mange are caused by mites, the first: demodectic mange is the most common. With the non contagious demodectic mange, mites make their home in the hair follicles. The second type is the highly contagious sarcoptic mange where the mites burrow just under the surface of the skin. The mites that cause the demodectic mange problem are present in all dogs naturally; yet some pets develop mange while others do not.

For the infected, it is a compromised immune system that is the underlying cause.

How To Spot Demodectic Mange In Dogs

Demodectic mange in dogs is often seen in younger dogs and can affect a small, localized area or a larger, general area. To confirm mange dog disease, a skin scraping must be taken. Pet owners that face the issue of mange are often given the option of chemical shampoos, dips and even oral medications as treatment.

Because the mites live in the hair follicle, chemical treatments often do not work allowing the issue to recur. This is dangerous as harsh chemicals can wreak havoc and break down a dog’s immune system leaving them unable to fight off even the simplest of ailments. In addition, dogs on a commercial pet food diet are likely already in danger from ingesting a dangerous amount of preservatives, additives and chemicals in their food

Mange In Dogs – How To Easily Fix It For Life

A compromised immune system makes it just that much harder to effectively eradicate the mites that cause mange in dogs. However, there is another option that skips harsh chemicals and is much more natural and gentle. The best option for helping a dog conquer mange is a diet of raw meat and bone.

A diet of raw meat and bone markedly boosts a dog’s immune system because not only is it chemical free, it contains live enzymes, phytochemicals, antioxidants, flavinoids, vitamins, minerals and a full range of over 35 proteins. These nutrients not only work as food but medicine as well, an important point to remember. Dogs can heal naturally and restore their skin to a healthy balance from the inside out.

As Dr. Charles W. Coleman, DVM, states on the benefits and advantages of natural raw meat diets, “I’m trying to get everybody on it. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my whole career.”

Watch the short video below now to discover how your dog can thrive not simply survive.

What do Dogs Eat to Thrive Not Simply Survive?

 What To Do If Your Dog Has Sarcoptic Mange

Your dog has caught the infectious sarcoptic version of dog mange which can be picked up from contact with infected dogs or even by contact with the surrounding foliage the dogs have been playing in. Dogs can also pick up sarcoptic mange from foxes and coyotes just from playing or walking in the environment these wild canines cousins have been in, generally as a result of mites left on passing branches, bushes and long grass.

Mange In Dogs-What To Avoid And What To Use For Dog Mange Treatment?

To avoid harsh chemicals which in my belief are not necessary and only do greater damage to our sensitive dogs immune systems I use a natural cure called Neem oil. This natural oil is amazing, 100% safe and natural and above all works 100%… you cant get better than that!

Neem oil is derived from the Neem tree in India and has been used for thousands of years as a natural cure all. A small 20 to 40 ml bottle can be found at local Indian based dispensaries, some organic or natural based outlets or online for around $7. Simply rub a little on neat to the affected spots one time and that’s it. It will take a few weeks for the hair to grow back and if any new spots appear just keep applying until the mange is all gone.

Mange In Dogs-The Right Diet Fixes 90% Of Health Problems Fast

Mange dog disease does not have to be a problem. You have the cure above for the infectious version-sarcoptic mange and for outbreaks of demodectic mange your dog has a compromised immune system which can be fixed in weeks with a raw food diet and without the inherant veterinary costs that come with it.

A dog that is started on a more natural diet based around the fundamental basics of raw meat and bone from the beginning will never have to worry about the issue of mange in dogs ever. In fact, many ailments that run rampant in commercially fed dogs are hardly ever seen in dogs that enjoy a natural raw diet. Luckily, dogs of any age can easily be switched to a diet of raw meat and bone and reap a laundry list of benefits within a matter of weeks. Pet owners also benefit from a diet of raw meat and bone because costly health issues that dogs with mange adds to quickly becomes a thing of the past.

Get the report below for a full in depth look at how you can get your dog to great health quickly and never suffer dog disease mange or 9 out of 10 common dog health complaints ever again.

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  1. Hi there I found a lady that sells mange parasite oil . I have a dog that had mange I think it’s gone . So you said need oil helps too . I ve been feeding raw for about a month. She has a lot flakes coming off her too . Thank you Daniel Luther

  2. Hi Daniel, Neem oil is awesome for any type of skin paracite. If the diet is balanced the flaky skin will stop. If you need any support or want me to go with you through the next few months to get your dog to amazing health, get my book and we’ll work together by email.

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