Dog Disease and How to Have the Worlds Healthiest Dog

Virtually any dog disease or natural deterioration you can think of connects to your dog’s dietary regimen, something over which you have almost complete control. From the digestive tract especially, to gums, eyes, bone density, joints, brain and behavior issues, the likelihood of seizures, heart disease, and cancer, the prevention and cure – remember, what […]

Dog Gum Disease and Doggy Breath Fixed in Four Weeks

Dog gum disease, tartar covered teeth, bleeding gums and foul breath problems are probably the number one health issue I’ve seen over the years observing dogs. Beyond my observation, research indicates periodontal disease to be the leading precursor to just about all other diseases that can possibly ruin your dog’s life. The funny thing is, […]

Dog Disease Mange – How to Heal Naturally for Beautiful Skin And Hair

Mange in dogs never has to happen if you know what to do. How to recognise mange in dogs, how to cure it quickly, naturally, safely and permanently for both Demodectic and Sarcoptic mange.

Kidney Disease in Dogs-The Only Treatment That Works

Just as with liver disease, there has been a rise in kidney disease in dogs that suspiciously coincides with the last 60 years of feeding commercial pet foods. The kidneys play a very vital role in the health and wellness of canines just as they do in humans. Without them, a dog cannot keep its […]

Liver Disease in Dogs – 9/10 Times It’s for This Reason

The rise in liver disease in dogs has wreaked havoc on the canine population and pet owners everywhere. By the time a pet owner notices the jaundice or orange urine commonly seen in dogs with diseased livers, the time and expense of treating such a condition markedly multiplies. Dog owners being the loyal pet owners […]

How to Recognize Parvo Dog Disease and What to do About it – Part 2

In Part 1 of How to recognise parvo dog disease we looked at the symptoms and some simple preventative measures you can take. Now We Turn Our Attention to Most Powerful Preventative Measure of Them All – Diet Since parvo dog disease symptoms tend to revolve around a dog’s digestive tract, a natural chemical free […]

How to Recognize Dog Parvo Disease Symptoms and What to Do About It – Part 1

Nothing could be scarier than finding dog parvo disease symptoms in your puppy. Many people have heard of the parvo virus and equate it with danger but do not know much about it. Owners will often notice the lethargy or loss of appetite in their puppy and mistakenly attribute it to something else. However, by […]

Top 18 Symptoms of Dog Diseases and How to Fix Them Fast!

The following are descriptions of eighteen symptoms of common dog diseases that can each be greatly eased and in nearly all cases completely resolved with a change from a regular fast food diet in cans and packets to something altogether more natural. Switching your dog to their natural source of food, the diet they were […]