How to Recognize Parvo Dog Disease and What to do About it – Part 2

dog parvo diseaseIn Part 1 of How to recognise parvo dog disease we looked at the symptoms and some simple preventative measures you can take.

Now We Turn Our Attention to Most Powerful Preventative Measure of Them All – Diet

Since parvo dog disease symptoms tend to revolve around a dog’s digestive tract, a natural chemical free diet that strengthens this system seems like the obvious choice. Many puppy owners mean well putting their dog on a puppy food diet; however, few know that they are in fact introducing a grain based, sugar and chemical laden product to their dog.

As the puppy’s still forming system tries to effectively process the onslaught of additives, it triggers massive allergy reactions throughout the body. The immune system then shorts out allowing parvo to do its dirty deeds.

Parvo in Puppies Will Not Be Stopped by Vaccination – In fact it Compounds the Problem

Just the same, vaccinations for parvo can be widely ineffective for the same reasons. Traditional vets will blame the parvo antibodies the puppy gained from its mother as a reason for vaccine failure, yet it is the many chemicals in the vaccine that overwhelm the dog’s immune system. This is especially true when parvo vaccines are repeated over a course of time.

The reality is, injecting dogs with a vaccine bypasses a number of defenses in a dog’s natural ability to defend itself from illness and makes them sicker. This is why puppy parvo can show up even after a puppy has been vaccinated and after it has already survived the illness once before.

So How Does Diet Prove to Be so Effective?

Mother Nature spent millions of years perfecting the canine immune system. In the wild, canines typically contract one illness at a time and do so through the mucous membranes. Upon entering the body in this way, a canine’s immune system will immediately send immunoglobulins into attack mode. The immunoglobulins then signal the canine’s immune system to gear up to fight an invading illness.

With a vaccine, the parvovirus in dogs is introduced with multiple other vaccines to the immune cell system without any warning. The result is an overwhelmed immune system and a puzzled dog owner who wonders why their canine companion is showing dog parvo symptoms when they were just vaccinated for the disease.

Why Your Puppy Needs Fresh Foods for Strong Immunity to Parvo?

parvo in puppiesWith a natural raw diet, a puppy’s system is able to develop and strengthen just as nature intended. The dog can then be introduced to parvo and let its system go through the natural processes of building up an immunity. This is a wholly effective way in making sure your dog can deal with the illness without peril.

Dealing with parvo in the way man has now manipulated the process with science has a dog’s system dealing with the chemicals and the parvo at the same time. This is simply too much for the canine system, especially at such a young age. Even if the pup survives dog parvo disease symptoms at all, it must now look forward to a life with a weakened immune system – unless the owner opts for a natural diet.

Natural Food Dogs Were Meant to Eat Holds The Key to Real Health

Living a natural life with a dog is more than just about diet; it is a lifestyle. When parvo dog disease symptoms occur, there are also plenty of alternative remedies that are effective and gentle on a puppy’s system. Many of these remedies can be used as a preventative and stimulate a dog’s immune system as well.

With all natural plant based components and no harsh chemicals, a dog does not have to fight an internal battle on two fronts. He or she can simply let nature takes it course. All natural remedies are not only effective therapies; they are much more therapeutic on a dog owner’s pocketbook. At long last, the standard characteristic of expensive vet bills does not have to be a part of dog ownership.

Watch the video below which underlines the effectiveness of a natural diet.

The Healthiest Dog Food in the World
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