9 Reasons to feed Your Dog a Raw Food Diet Dogs Love

Feeding your dog a raw food diet dogs love Feeding your dog a raw food diet dogs love that is different from the normal practice of bagged and canned food may be a challenge to accept if you believe the naysayers. The idea in principal sounds great but what about the actual practice?

With this in mind, here are nine strong reasons to feed a raw food diet for dogs. Will they help you to accept that sometimes the alternative to the accepted norm is better, healthier, safer, cleaner and all round the natural choice for your dogs long term health, vitality, longevity and better yet your pocket? Perhaps even better than that, your love and understanding for what is essentially a domesticated wild animal living with you as your family member will bring you gently closer to nature which I find makes people happier because they are more in control of their dogs raw food diet.

Just remember one thing about your dog; their needs are not your needs. What makes them fit, healthy and Raw Food Diet Dogs Lovestrong is as it’s always been and that’s a diet of natural food. All the twisted scientific logic off fitting square pegs into round holes at the American Veterinary Medical Association will never hide the fact that nature knows best having spent nearly 40 million years perfecting the dog’s nutritional needs.

9 Reasons to Feed Your Dog a Raw Food Diet Dogs Love

  1. There are NO laws to keep pet food quality policed, only AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) guidelines which means the corporate food giants are free to “self police” and produce dog food to their own standard based on maximizing profits. In contrast, human food is strictly controlled with laws so high standards are maintained.
  2. Corporate food giants control food production and food distribution and their sole objective is maximizing profits and as there are no laws, this means sourcing the cheapest ingredients possible.
  3. Corporate food giants control food waste from food production and food distribution so that it can be saved from going to landfill and re-purposed into pet food with the aid of synthetic chemicals to keep it stable in cans and packets for several years at a time. This saves the cost of disposing hazardous waste, saves on buying in fresh ingredients, can be easily processed with chemical additives to stabilize it and sold for huge profits.
  4. According to leading dog-health author Ann M. Martin, “The major source of animal protein comes from dead-stock removal operations that supply so-called “4-D” animals dead, diseased, dying or disabled to “receiving plants” for hide, fat and meat removal. The meat (after being doused with charcoal and marked “unfit for human consumption”) may then be sold for pet food.”
  5. An unusual assortment of human food waste and industrial waste can be used to create edible forms of protein in dog food. For example, protein can be extracted from chicken feathers (a major industry in itself) and melamine plastics (although highly unsuitable and melamine caused a deadly 2007 dog food recall that killed thousands of cats and dogs).
  6. Commercial dog food is therefore of low quality, regardless of label or advertising claims. Why? Because it uses low quality, highly cooked and additive filled ingredients.
  7. Because there are no actual laws on pet food manufacturing, what’s stated on the can and packet labels is at best misleading. Again because no laws force manufacturers to be up front and clear about what’s actually in that can or packet?
  8. Because the giant food corporations run the food industry, they use all their power to control the target demographic; you and your dog. They do this with convincing advertising, sponsorship of veterinary universities and close links to the veterinary medical board and the drug industry, what’s known as a “closed shop”.
  9. Over several generations – 30 to 40 years we consumers have lost any idea of what constitutes high quality food “fuel” for our dogs. We simply buy what we are told to buy, like our car fuel, 97 ron (super) in cans or 95 ron (regular) in packets. We do not get to hear of safer, cheaper, healthier or higher performance alternatives because they are either not as profitable or too expensive to produce. Meanwhile, that low quality food manufactured and processed canned and packet “fuel” you feed your dog with is slowly causing their digestive system “engine” to malfunction and lead to longer term breakdown or “chronic disease”.

Here is an extra reason why the raw food diet for dogs pros and cons is all pros. When an ex AFFCO president can say ‘fluffy’ might be in that can or packet of kibble you feed your pet with, it’s time to re-evaluate commercial dog food… these guys just don’t give a damn about us or our pets.

Watch The Video Below: CAUTION-Might Disgust You!

Former AAFCO President Admits Pet Food May Contain Pets

I’ve kept those 9 reasons to eat a raw food diet for dogs simple and straight forward, I could go on all day about the benefits but I think you get the emerging picture that commercial dog food is non optimal nutrition for your dog. The animal feed industry is much like the banking system i.e. too big to fail so were persuaded that we must pay for their excesses and mistakes. Only this time it’s not our money we are paying out, it’s our dog’s lives we are paying with.

By all means carry on with your present feeding practice and accept the “skewed science” of the profit objective or, and not for the first time I wager, go with your gut instinct, trust in nature and feed your dog it’s true natural raw food diet dogs love.

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Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


  1. We’ve been seeing a lot of misinformation about the proposed AVMA policy on raw or undercooked animal-source protein diets for pets that will be discussed and voted on at the AVMA House of Delegates (HOD) meeting in San Diego in August, so I think there is a need to clear things up. I’m going to see what I can find on the subject.

  2. There are so many good reasons to feed your dog a raw food diet, but your post has laid out some of the bigger ones. We had a dog that developed an allergy to his food and it caused him to itch all the time and you could tell he was miserable and everything we tried didn’t help so I felt so sorry for him. If you love your pet it makes you feel terrible.

  3. Thanks Georgia. I know how you feel, I feel it for so many dogs I meet when the answer is so simple.

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