Dog Food Recalls – Deadly Secrets They Don’t Tell You

The deadly secrets behind the dog food recalls, just how bad does it actually get?

When profit trumps the need for quality nutrition-Your dog loses, not just from inadequate quality food but from carefully crafted deceit that will seek the cheapest unregulated ingredients that defy the term ‘real food’, dress this waste with a cocktail of synthetic chemicals and pass it off as somehow ‘balanced and complete’ via slick carefully managed, subtle feel good TV adds…

Folks, we are being conned and our loved pets are suffering in silence.

Click on the short video below now for more on the biggest dog food recall of them all in 2007.

Recalled dog food announcements are growing each year. Ever more dangerous, cheaper ingredients are sourced by pet food companies from countries like China where standards are lower.

The worst recall back in 2007 that killed over 9,000 pets US wide was as a result of melamine, a fire retardent material which strangely enough has a a high protein content although indigestible and toxic to animals was deceptively added to pet food on Chinese production lines destined for the US market.

  • Innova dog food recall
  • Diamond dog food recall
  • Canidae dog food recall
  • Evo dog food recall
  • Merrick dog food recall
  • Natural balance dog food recall
  • Halo dog food recall
  • Pedigree dog food recall
  • Acana dog food recall
  • Orijen dog food recall
  • Hills dog food recall

Every pet food maker above has been involved in recalls.

As of 2013 the situation is deteriorating as economic conditions threaten the vast profits made from turning food waste into pet food. This is why cheaper but ever more dangerous ingredients are sourced to maintain nutrient profiles.

But with no enforced regulation of the pet food companies who themselves are part of the larger global food corporations, you can be sure your dogs dinner is not only inadequate nutrition, it’s potentially deadly.

Please consider your dogs health and nutrition as you would a human child. I believe we can no longer leave it to chance.

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