Healthy Dog Food – 13 Dog Food Options From Best to Worst

What is Healthy Dog Food and Which Option Is Best? Healthy dog food is little understood by dog owners and vets alike. Usually the conversation revolves around healthy dog food brands while the question of what actually is healthy dog food goes un-answered. Isn’t Kibble Supposed To Be 100% Complete and Balanced? The only reason […]

12 Health Benefits of Probiotics For Dogs and 3 Best Choices

Is your dogs digestive system running smoothly? Or is your dogs tummy… sensitive? Because if your dog has any of the 11 health complaints below: They’ll be transformed by the health benefits of probiotics for dogs.. ..within days!   11 Dog Health Problems: Do any of these affect your dog? Diarrhea all too often Really […]

How to Heal a Dogs Tummy Troubles With Probiotics

A balanced gastrointestinal system is an underlying and fundamental ‘must have’ for your dogs health to be protected from health problems. And high quality probiotics, loaded with healthy bacteria, help balance your dogs gut flora levels. They control the bad bacteria that adversely affect your dogs digestive system and overall health. Good bacteria essentially ‘boost’ […]

The Best Dog Food for Pitbulls by a New York Mile

What dog food is best for pitbulls? After so many years being involved in canine nutrition it almost seems inconceivable that this magnificent dog, the gladiator of the dog world while softer, sillier and more playful than many dogs, should be eating anything other than the diet they were born to eat. Look at those […]

GMO Dog Food – Fast “Dog” Food Goes Frankenstein

The convenience of feeding your dog GMO dog food from cans and packets means your dog eat’s fast food forever. All the while scientists cleverly create genetically modified organisms or GMO’s to make that fast food even faster… But at what cost? GMO or non GMO dog food – do you really care? If you […]

What is the Best Dog Food-The Truth about Meat in Dog Food?

It’s important you know the truth about what is the best dog food. Because whether you shop online, at your local supermarket or from a specialist pet food shop there’s an alarming reason to be concerned about. The protein in your dogs dinner comes from many sources, not all created equal, in fact what you […]

Making Dog Food – How Natures Enzymes Create True Dog Health

Great health for your dog starts with making dog food at home for proper digestion. And good digestion relies on the right dog enzymes in the right amounts being at the right place at the right time. This may sound complex which it is and another example of just how intelligent the canine body is. […]

Dog Food Brands and Mr Chewy-How Did We Get it So Wrong?

I take one look across the swathe of on line pet food retailers and my nutritional toes curl up in monumental disbelief at the sheer scale of useless waste being peddled as top dog food brands. One brand after another of cancer inducing morbidity the target demographic-our dogs, get to play dumb animal dutifully shlepping […]

What is The Worst Dog Food in The World?

Ok, here’s a little brain teazer; What do dogs eat? Answer; dog food! Exacttly, Ok great so far, dog food, but what kind of dog food? No wait, don’t tell me, it’s on the tip of my tongue… aaahhhhh, I know, canned and kibble dog food. 98 times out of a hundred this is the […]

Pancreatitis in Dogs-The Natural Dog Food for Pancreatitis

Your dog’s pancreas is a V-shaped organ situated behind the stomach, and serves two purposes: To produce hormones such as insulin which aids the metabolism of glucose and amino acids. To produce the enzymes required for the digestion and absorption of nutrients from food. What are the Symptoms of Pancreatitis In Dogs? Pancreatitis in dogs […]