What is The Worst Dog Food in The World?

Worst Dog FoodOk, here’s a little brain teazer; What do dogs eat?

Answer; dog food!

Exacttly, Ok great so far, dog food, but what kind of dog food?

No wait, don’t tell me, it’s on the tip of my tongue…

aaahhhhh, I know, canned and kibble dog food.

98 times out of a hundred this is the answer and that answer cost upwards of 25 billion dollars, 3 generations of serious human brainwashing and countless innocent dogs lives. Confused? Read on…

Here’s Why: Profit Trumps Nature Every Time!

How to turn food waste into the best and worst dog food?

You see, we’ve been brainwashed to the point of numbness for the last three generations by multi-national food giants who’s cunning plan was to use up all that western world food waste growing at a rapid clip after the second world war as population growth exploded. Mountains of food waste, literally!

And they spent hard on campaign funds to make sure no laws came into being to control the animal feed industry, the conduit for all that food waste.

They were successful. Then the full throtle approach to marketing the convenience dog food dream went into overdrive and today as the dust settles on all those billions spent, the public brain fog and the souls of dogs past we get a disinfranchised, ignorant dog owning world thinking it’s normal for beloved pets to eat toxic food waste from cans and packets while all the time thinking current day dog health maladies and average life expectancy of 12/13 is normal and to be expected.

The Worst Dog Food, Advertising And PR Tricks

Imagine, Facilities full of white-coated, BMW-driving scientists working to create palatable pet food from bulk corn, soy, barley waste, all the while generally trying to fool the target demographic – our dogs – into believing that what they are eating is tasty and good for them. This is not unlike a toddler craving candy – it tastes good, they want more of it, and it’s up to the adults in the room to make better choices for them. In this case, however, the adults in the room have unwittingly bought into the market-driven propaganda of those guys in the white coats.

The dog food companies have a good reason to employ some of the cleverest minds in the world of advertising, marketing, behavioral Sick puppy at vetpsychology, science and politics. They seek to keep ignorance alive and well because the market for those baked kibble bits and the canned concoctions of meat mixed with filler is worth over 18 billion dollars a year.

The strategy is to perpetuate a never-ending cycle that looks like this: feed your dog highly processed junk food, visit the vet to resolve health complaints, get your short-term, highly expensive medicinal fix, feed your dog some more junk, visit the vet, take your dog his medicine… and so it goes.

Sooner or later you’ll finally lose your dog to a series of ever-increasing maladies and, thanks to the combination of ignorance and advertising, are destined to repeat the cycle again with your next dog. At best the dog food companies consider this an unfortunate by-product of the strategy; more likely they don’t consider it at all, because without the strategy they have no business.

So if your still asking what is the worst dog food or worst dog food brand, the answer is… ALL OF THEM!

kibbleAs you’re opening that sack of dry, foul-smelling processed food you feed your dog, ask yourself if you’ve ever really considered these questions:

  • Is this stuff good for my dog?
  • Is my dog’s foul breath, yellow teeth, runny stools, itchy skin, dry nose, bad gas an issue?
  • Do they really know what they’re talking about?
  • Which brand did they recall again because it’s killing our pets?
  • How can I stop my dog’s allergies, diarrhea, ear infections, skin hotspots, arthritis, cancer, unpredictable behavior etc, etc ?

Television commercials, billboard posters, sponsorship at canine events radio commercials, newspaper articles, published pseudo-scientific dog and kibbletests, glossies on the magazine rack, on the internet, in pet shops, the mall, political legislation… you name it, the dog food companies have money to burn when it comes to persuading you that their product is somehow balanced and complete and good for your dog.

But the fact is, it’s not good for your dog. In fact it’s killing your dog. Because it’s not natural. It creates long term devastation to your dog’s vital immune system, the animal’s primary protection mechanism that can only be fortified and sustained from the proteins, active cellular enzymes and a host of other bio available nutrients that is available only from raw, naturally-accessible food.

Granted, with few exceptions we humans wouldn’t eat raw meat, nor would our digestive systems tolerate it for long. But we would eat the same meat if it were cooked, with an emphasis on the word “same.” But when it comes to the processed commercial dog food we feed our pets, we wouldn’t consider eating it. Why? Because it’s foul. And even without knowing precisely what’s in it, and in spite of what the label and the commercials says about it, we instinctively know it’s not wholesome.

So What’s Inside That Can of Dog Food?

Commercial dog food is created from a concoction of rejected grains and scrap meats. It can include bulking agents, spoiled corn, animal parts you don’t want to know about, chemicals, wood pulp, even road kill and the remains of zoo, ranch and even domestic animals. And that’s only for starters. To make it all look and smell reasonably acceptable, they fortify it with preservatives that give it a shelf life nothing short of apocalyptic.

It’s a little frightening to note that the same trend drives our human fast food industry. Both are cheap to make, are filled with synthetic substances and toxic chemicals, and certainly handy to buy and consume. And, depending on your culinary sensibilities, arguably even tasty. In a word, both are convenient.

Now consider what would happen if all you ate was fast food. A recent award-winning documentary film (“Super Size Me,” by Morgan Spurlock) followed the 30-day experience of a man who ate nothing but fast food – specifically, McDonalds – for every meal. Soon he was gaining body fat, feeling terrible, having skin and digestive problems that included throwing up in the parking lot before he even got out of the drivethrough, had trouble sleeping, was depressed and then simply sick. It took him months to recover from the ordeal after shooting wrapped.

Why Would We Feed Our Beloved Dogs The Best or Worst Dog Food Brand?

And not just for 30- days, but over the entire course of their life? Answer: ignorance. We love our dogs, so ignorance is the only possible reason we would do that. But do we love our dogs less than our need for convenience? If that’s true for you, then I respectfully suggest you should get some tropical fish instead of a dog, because your priorities are wrong, and the innocent animal next to you is suffering for it.

A diet based on what amounts to junk food is a direct assault on your pet’s immune system, and sooner or later your dog will pay the price, possibly with its life.

dogs dinnerIt is said that the truth shall set us free. But there is really only one thing to be set free of, and that’s the ignorance that binds us to bad health, for ourselves and for our dogs. Ignorance divides us, sometimes it even kills us. In this case, it’s certainly killing our dogs, and by the millions.

But ignorance can be conquered with knowledge, and the mission of healthydogforlife.com is to defeat it by clarifying the truth. We can turn around this decades-old era of poor health in our dogs, simply by feeding them raw, on-the-bone meat, the way nature intended.

Think of your dogs need for healthy food so they can thrive not simply survive.

Please forgive my candid nature in the above article, i’m very passionate about dog health. Please get my free report below and read what’s in it. It will open your eyes to how you can get your dog into great health for life and save a fortune in the process.

About Dan

Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


  1. Jasmine eats FOOD.

    When son was still living with us, if I didn’t hide Jasmine’s meat from him, he’d eat it. Not that there wasn’t enough human food in the house! But her special cuts of roast beef, chicken, or turkey breast were certainly tempting.

    One day he decided to mention to my mom-in-law that he was eating dog food …

    No, mom, please chill. Not dog food – food for the dog!

  2. Hi Jana, thanks for that funny story, one that proves what I had to say and with humour-thanks.
    Jasmin looks like a stunning Rotti with a loving contiencious family around her. All the best.

  3. Considering that dog food companies started to use food excesses after World War II, does this mean that before then, there was no packaged dog food on the market? When you consider the amount of money involved in this sham of a venture, you understand why these ruthless companies have spent so much money lobbying to keep this industry from being regulated. All we can do is spread the truth to the public.

  4. Hi Juliet, there was packaged food before the war but it wasn’t until after the war that the dog food operation went into overdrive with mass marketing and mass production of convenience food, all at the same time as the human fast food options -it was across the board mass consumerism in the late 40’s and 50’s that set the tone for our present condition.

    Yes, spread the truth and help as many dog owners as possible to save their dogs health.

  5. This has got to be one of the biggest shams – the fleecing of American pet lovers. Why hasn’t this been exposed in the mainstream media such as news shows like 60 Minutes? Is there some sort of gag order that these pet food companies are paying and lobbying for? It sure sounds like a conspiracy. I am glad this blog is shedding light on this problem.

  6. It is a travesty in human society that profit trumps safety and health of not only animals, but that goes for humans as well. I will not go into examples of how that goes on for humans (okay, I will mention one example: the big business of pharmaceutical drugs). That would be a bit beyond the purview of this article. But this is one of the harsh realities of a capitalist society.

  7. This is just an example of your typical business tycoon that thinks only of himself and no one else or what they are selling might do to people or animals. It is a shame that the fellow man can’t be trusted to make something healthy and good for you and sell it at a reasonable cost it has to be so expensive that you can’t buy it.

  8. Hi Andrew, such is the irony of it all. We may not be able or willing to force change on others but we can certainly change ourselves and in turn cahange our dogs lives for the better.

  9. Hi John, looks like you know the answer already. What’s that phrase… money talks and BS walks!

  10. For me, it took a trip away from home and a call from the kennel attendant that finally helped me solve that riddle. “Bailey hasn’t eaten a bite in two whole days, she advised. What would you like us to do? We had gone away for the holidays and had no choice but to leave our little guy with the vet. And now we were worried. Bailey’s recent favorite a chicken and rice kibble had been brought along with him to the kennel. But now he didn’t want any part of it. So I started feeding a raw meals.

  11. My puppy is a medium size breed and he has been on this food since he was 1 year old he is now 16 and doing great for a dog his age not blind, not deaf no hip problems, nothing, I just don’t want to mess with a good thing, and it depends where you look, some places say it’s a food for all stages of life other just say adult, no size specification.

  12. Richard you are right I wouldn’t want to rock the boat here either because he is doing fine and that is something that could go downhill fast if you would change something in his diet. Thank you for the work you have done here and I appreciate that you posted your opinion and your difficulty in your dogs life and what you should do. We have been there as well.

  13. Hi Richard, If somethings working for you stay with it and if things change you have the knowledge of what to do and you can always ask me for help.

  14. Hi Florene, sometimes it takes circumstances like these to show us the way forward. Give Bailey a pat for me, he’s a smart dog and knows what he really wants – good for him. Let me know if you need any help.

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