Natural Raw Dog Food for Natures Dogs-An Unquestioned Truth

Natural raw dog food is the living prey animals for whom carnivorous animals in the wild hunt and eat. It is the unquestioned natural staple of their diets, and has been since long before mankind set foot in their territory. By this very definition, what a wild animal eats can be nothing other than its […]

Dog Food Brands and Mr Chewy-How Did We Get it So Wrong?

I take one look across the swathe of on line pet food retailers and my nutritional toes curl up in monumental disbelief at the sheer scale of useless waste being peddled as top dog food brands. One brand after another of cancer inducing morbidity the target demographic-our dogs, get to play dumb animal dutifully shlepping […]

What is The Worst Dog Food in The World?

Ok, here’s a little brain teazer; What do dogs eat? Answer; dog food! Exacttly, Ok great so far, dog food, but what kind of dog food? No wait, don’t tell me, it’s on the tip of my tongue… aaahhhhh, I know, canned and kibble dog food. 98 times out of a hundred this is the […]

Feeding Dogs Raw Meat Dog Food and You’re Set for Life

Now more than ever, there is a focus on feeding dogs raw meat dog food which is bringing more and more dog owners into the light. Years after recalls of commercial pet food products and the millions of pets sickened and killed worldwide, many dog owners no longer rely on commercial junk foods to feed […]

The Best Dog Food Guarantees a Long Healthy Life

When looking at canine nutrition, will the best dog food be the one that is based on indigestible nutrients or one that offers fulfilling nutrients? Is it one that breaks down the immune system or builds it? It is well known a physical body can only adequately grow and repair itself using what nourishment it […]

How to Choose One Dog Food for Permanent Health

The adage ‘you are what you eat’ matters when speaking of dog food as much as any other type of food. A physical body can only grow and repair itself using the sustenance that is put into it. The Right Dog Food is Critical to Long Term Dog Health If that food source is incomplete […]