Dog Food Additives Cause Dog Urine to Burn Grass

If there is one thing that can wreak havoc on a yard or house, it’s dog urine. Frustrated dog owners routinely seek out products and home remedies that will do away with the garish yellow spots on their lawn and the smells in their carpet. Dog Food Additives in Pet Food One does not have […]

The Best Dog Food for Hip Dysplasia Symptoms

The developmental orthopedic disease of hip dysplasia is a condition that crosses the boundaries of age and breed in the canine world. Though many assume dog hip dysplasia is the same thing as arthritis, it is actually a malformation of the hip bone. The malformation results in such a laxity in the joint that the […]

The Best Dog Food in The World

The tests are in and after a late arrival from the commercial pet food industry, we can now finally examine the competition after 15 million years of dog food availability. And the winner is…?

The Best Dog Food Guarantees a Long Healthy Life

When looking at canine nutrition, will the best dog food be the one that is based on indigestible nutrients or one that offers fulfilling nutrients? Is it one that breaks down the immune system or builds it? It is well known a physical body can only adequately grow and repair itself using what nourishment it […]

How to Choose One Dog Food for Permanent Health

The adage ‘you are what you eat’ matters when speaking of dog food as much as any other type of food. A physical body can only grow and repair itself using the sustenance that is put into it. The Right Dog Food is Critical to Long Term Dog Health If that food source is incomplete […]

The Deadly Secret Behind the Dog Food Recall

The massive dog food recall of 2007 can be considered the best, yet the very worst thing to happen to pet owners in modern times. Though it was a heartrending event for many, the tragedy finally stirred pet owners to take an honest look at what their dog was eating. It took some time before […]