Feeding Dogs Raw Meat Dog Food and You’re Set for Life

Feeding Dogs Raw MeatNow more than ever, there is a focus on feeding dogs raw meat dog food which is bringing more and more dog owners into the light.

Years after recalls of commercial pet food products and the millions of pets sickened and killed worldwide, many dog owners no longer rely on commercial junk foods to feed their pets. Though it was a most unfortunate way to find out, the recalls helped pet owners understand why commercial dog foods just weren’t healthy for the canine species.

While many so called experts jumped on the bandwagon advocating this diet and that, one diet has stood out as the true and proper feeding regimen for canines: a raw meat diet for dogs.

For years, many pets have suffered and died needlessly because a vast majority of dog owners liked the convenience of dog feeding from a can or bag. However, the bottom line is that the canine physiology was designed to draw its nutrients from a raw diet for dogs.

When a food source is rendered over high heat in the manner all commercial dog foods are, any nutrients that may have been available become irreversibly altered or damaged. The lack of nutrients sends a dog’s health into a tailspin and problems with such things as periodontal disease, diabetes, arthritis and skin and coat problems begin to arise.

As stated by Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins DVM, Esq., in her article Safe Pet Foods and Truthful Labels: Are They Possible?, ‘…commercial pet foods have repeatedly shown themselves to be subject to serious contamination and catastrophic imbalances of various nutrients…’

Feeding Raw Meat to Dogs – As Natural as Nature Intended

When Mother Nature developed the canine species on raw meat and bone over millions of years, she made sure their diet worked not only as food but medicine and that has not changed. The healing nutrients involved in this natural diet contains everything from live enzymes to natural calcium to a range of over 35 proteins that ensure a dog’s system stays in optimum working order.

This cannot be said for commercial dog food products that are rife with everything from additives and preservatives to industrial chemicals. Ingesting these toxins on a daily basis can do nothing for any biological system beyond storing up in the body before breaking it down into disease.

Not only have pets paid the price for convenient dog feeding, their owners have paid as well. In 2012, it is estimated pet owners spent a whopping $42 billion on food, medicine and veterinary care. Yet those who feed a natural raw diet to their dog are known to save up to 85% on their vet bills because their pet’s boosted immune system does not give way to the illnesses so commonly seen in commercially fed dogs.

Feeding Your Dog Raw Meat and Bones – Natures Simple Plan

Watch the short video below for more on feeding raw dog food to your dog.

What do Dogs Eat to Thrive Not Simply Survive?

Pet food companies have duped the masses into believing that how to feed a dog is a complicated manner when it is anything but. Using simple cuts of raw meat, bone and offal, dogs can return to the level of balanced health commercial pet foods take away. The benefits of a natural dog food diet means a dog will be set for a long life of optimum health and wellbeing.

For a more indepth look at dog diets and if you seek better health for your dog get the free report below and make your own mind up.

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