How to Stop Dog Allergies Naturally and Fast For Life

Dog allergiesHow dog allergies reveal a darker side to the commercial pet food industry.

A strong immune system is the key to your dog’s healthy life.  Commercial dog food is convenient, no doubt, but the pain, suffering, expense and sense of loss resulting from junk food-related illnesses is anything but convenient.

What Causes Dog Allergies?

Commercial dog food lacks suitable enzymes in the right quantities vital to proper digestion.  The high temperatures used in the heating process at the manufacturing plant alter the already low quality waste food to something ever more hazardous to your dog’s health.

And this is through damaging or altering the chemical makeup and balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals crucial to long term dog health. The result is dog food allergies on an epic scale worldwide.

Imagine protein structures viewed through a microscope looking like delicate, long legged spiders.  The heating process breaks up this protein spider reforming it with a Frankenstein profile of altered parts and restricted potential.

Outward Symptoms of Dog Allergies

Ingesting these mutated proteins is harmful to dogs because the altered, out of balance and largely unrecognized proteins are the cause of many allergic reactions seen at least outwardly in various skin, coat, eye, ear, joint, periodontal and gas conditions, as well as behavioral problems.

Such dog allergy symptoms become an early warning system to the deeper chronic conditions that lay ahead.

Although many dogs seem outwardly fit and healthy on their present diet, rather than viewing this as any kind of endorsement for the commercial food they eat, it’s more a testament to dog’s staying power.

But over time the inevitable occurs. A compromised diet begins to manifest consequences that prematurely age your dog and eventually cause an immune system breakdown and a shortened life, not to mention prolonged suffering.

Here’s a video I made outlining the specific dog allergy symptoms your dog may have.

Click on the short video below to watch now.

How to Solve Dog Allergies

Ask Yourself The Following Questions:

Would you eat this stuff?

Would you feed it to your children day in day out, and for the rest of their lives?

No, we eat fresh, wholesome food.  We enjoy variety, and as a result we generally experience good health.

Excuse me here, but isn’t the premise that we love our dogs?

Doesn’t your dog deserve the same level of overall health, as well as the varied and passionate experience of eating their favorite foods?

The government, the pet food companies, the veterinarian governing bodies and in most cases the vets themselves are generally not willing or able to help you out with this issue.

Too much money, power, greed, control or indifference will get in the way of their objectivity, and as a result we are left with the fact that 90 percent of all diseases are related to diet.

The video below shows you what dog skin allergies can look like. This owners poor dog suffered badly and thousands of dollars were spent in an attempt to fix the problem but with no success the option was euthanasia.

Click on the video now to find out the outcome?

Sonia and her dog Rage

How to Treat Dog Allergies?

It is up to us to educate ourselves, and in so doing be able to heal our dogs simply and effectively. Because using your own home remedies for dog allergies comes down to one key that unlocks real health and that’s a natural species appropriate diet.

That’s all it takes to eliminate common dog allergies within weeks. Although little understood, fresh raw food acts as healing medicine, bringing an end to dog allergies quickly and making the job of keeping your dog in great health simple while putting your mind at ease.



About Dan

Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


  1. Thank you for posting this I will make sure to keep this handy in case I start to see the signs in my puppies that they have some kind of allergies. I had a dog that had allergies and we could never figure out what to, is there an easy way to narrow down what the allergy is? This is a great post thank you very much for your help.

  2. The most common types of allergies suffered by dogs largely mimic those suffered by people: environmentally caused allergies, due to dust, mold and pollen; ingested allergies, usually caused by certain kinds of food; and topical allergies, triggered by contact with various things. Environmental dog allergies – also referred to as inhaled allergies or atopic – are probably already familiar to most pet owners. That’s because the same things that trigger these allergies in humans – dust mites, pollen and mold spores – trigger them in our canine companions.

  3. And Debra, the simple act of feeding fresh food to your dog boosts their immune system so much so that allergies like the ones you mention become a thing of the past.

  4. Hi Randy, no need to wait and see or guess, just switch your pupps now and they will thrive.

  5. Hi Dan,

    My 2 years 11 months old golden retriever boy suffers from chronic ear infections despite being on raw for almost 2 years. When he was about 8 months old I started feeding him raw due to his constant skin problems and ear infections. I thought that would clear up his health problem but he still suffers from it. In my country they are not as advance as America or Australia to have the panel 5 thyroid test. So, when I did the human thyroid test it comes back as normal. Personally I seriously think my boy might be suffering from borderline hypothyroid hence the chronic ear infection. What do you think? Any advice please?

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Hi WaiPeng, I would need to have the medical/health history and the diet outline because ordinarily this should not happen on a balanced raw food diet. Something is missing in the diet or out of balance or there is something in the environment affecting your dog. If you can provide details I may be able to help further.

    Does your dog have skin problems, weight problems, sluggishness?
    Has your dog been neutered?

    In the mean time please get some essential oil of Lavender, mix 4 drops into a cup of warm water and use cotton wool/cotton toweling and clean the ears as far as possible. This brings relief and healing and is completely safe. Please do this and give more details about your dog.

  7. Marina choi says

    Hi Dan,

    My dog is a Westie, skin issue and ear infection every two month since last year, home cooked food, but plan to give her raw diet as she is suffering MRSP infection and yeast infection, I give her lamb and a bit of white rice, I never give her rice but I was told rice can firm up her stool as we just switch her diet to lamb after food allergy test. I stop giving her rice, just lamb and veggie, bone meal and 10% organ meat. For some reason she starts to scoot again. When rice and lamb then no scooting. They told me just 50g plus 250 g lamb, that’s ok, not a lot of carbs. Recommends feeding functional carbs is relatively small amounts, for their vitamin and mineral contact, to correct individual imbalance. Just for two weeks with new food. I always told that when comes with overgrowth yeast issue, no carbs and sugar at. Very stranger, her stool was farmer and scooting. Should I continue to add rice even comes with yeast issue right now??

    Anyway, she is taking Antibiotic and Katoconazole for 30 days, I know it is a good way to get rid of infection, but we worry that’s MRSP!

    Also u mention about Lavender with warm water to clean her outside of ears, I used to clean her with AVC and water 50/50, it worked but not anymore as she got ears infection often. I am afraid to use essential oil as I use tea tree with oil on her skin then got worse when she stated skin issue 21/2 years ago. But I really want to try, I bath her with med shampoo for more than a year, nothing good or bad, I bath her every week, her skin seems a bit dry, afraid of using E.O. Can u please kindly advice what I should do. In fact, I am interested in your diet programme, do I need to send u her health records and food test result just done 3 weeks ago by NutriScan in the US. I live in Canada Vancouver. We just have no luck to find a Vet here. She wears her cone and shirt for almost 6 months. She is a super good nature dog to us! Thank you!

  8. Hi Marina, the rice simply fuels the yeast as does any starchy foods. For cleaning I always use pure lavender oil, 3-4 drops into a bowl of warm water and use cotton rag or pads to clean out the ears or use on any infection. lavender disinfects and heals fast. From what your saying I highly recommend the 1 to 1 program with me so I can sort out the diet and get your little Westie on track to health and wellbeing. I can then explain to wole nutrition story, set you straight and clear up the facts to avoid confusion. Dan

  9. At what age can you start feeding your dog raw?

  10. Hi Mary, from 5 weeks after they have weened from mothers milk. Use raw green tripe, great puppy food.

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