How to Stop Dog Food Allergies for Life in Just 4 Weeks

If there is one canine malady that can wreak a wide range of havoc, it is dog food allergies. Two dogs living in the same household eating the same commercial canned or kibble dog food can come up with totally different allergy symptoms. This often leads pet owners to mistakenly believe that there are two separate problems to deal with.

While one dog may have itchy ears or ear infection, another may be dealing with skin eruptions that never seem to heal. Either way, each will likely face a barrage of different medicines where pet owners end up spending hundreds if not thousands in treatments. Yet all that is needed to solve the problem is the simple move of switching to a natural diet.

The Hidden Danger of Dog Food Allergies

Some dog food allergies can be aggravating enough to turn even the sweetest Lab into one cranky canine. The truth is, a dog has no way to vocalize his or her discontent and symptoms can often be at work long before they finally erupt into a skin rash or itchy paws. Left unchecked, allergies can move on and begin affecting internal organs. With a wide range of variables to choose from, vets and pet owners often assume the cause is external rather than internal. Dogs that seem to be hypersensitive to almost everything are generally those whose immune system has been completely broken down by the number of artificial additives in their everyday diet.

As pointed out by Dr. Tom Lonsdale BVet Med, MRCVS, when dogs lack the appropriate quality or quantities of enzymes in their diet, toxic commercial nutrients are absorbed into the circulation and constantly affect various body systems. The constant contact with poisons eventually builds up and then breaks down a dog’s immunity and eventually, lifespan. This is why a dog with symptoms of dog food allergies truly deserves so much more attention than they typically get.

What to Feed a Dog With Food Allergies

Since there is no real way for a dog’s organ systems to process the chemicals in their food, a dog with food allergies will almost always make an intermittent appearance in most canines. To be completely free of its nagging symptoms, a dog will need the enzymes found in a biologically appropriate natural diet to act as medicine and transport nutrients throughout the body. The correct nutrients will then help rebuild and repair a dog’s systems down to the cellular level a vitally important part of dog healing most dog owners and vets do not understand.

Many dog owners have seen natural diets bring relief from allergies in as little as four weeks with no relapses whatsoever. Without the synthetics and preservatives of commercial food, the only thing a dog’s body will have time to do on a natural dog food diet is heal itself.

Not only is the dog free of its dog food allergies, the owner begins to feel much better as well. Their canine companion is finally in tip top shape physically and in their temperament. Plus, there are no more stress filled vet visits or expensive medications to deal with. For dogs, food and medicine no longer have to be separate things. Shiny eyes, healthy ears and a coat that is healthy, free of mange and odor will only be the beginning of many benefits that come with being on a natural diet.

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