How to Stop Dog Itching Effectively and for Life

stop dog itchingTo see a dog itching enough to the point that dog owners almost start itching themselves means it is time to step in and find a permanent and effective solution.

All too often when trying to stop dog itching, pet owners will fall into a cycle of merely treating the symptoms of such a problem and then become discouraged when results are all too brief. Not only do they want to see their friend well again, those on a budget can find themselves running out of options rather quickly.

My Dog Won’t Stop Itching!

Hopefully, before spending too much money and wasting too much time, a dog owner will be wise enough to opt for the real true, one time treatment for itchy skin that is economical, natural and permanent.

When it comes to treating itchiness, it is important to know that the skin is the largest organ of the body and is considered an accurate barometer for measuring a canine’s health. Its stability wholly relies on proper nutrition.

A properly nourished body exhibits skin that is well hydrated, elastic and free of eruptions. A body that is undernourished does not. On top of being itchy, there may be rashes, infections, hot spots, hair loss or a combination thereof. More often than not, the course of action is to blame these problems on some type of unknown allergy. Yet if dog itching is to ever be treated effectively, a better course of action will be to take a look at what a canine companion has been eating lately.

How to Get My Dog to Stop Itching

What’s in a food dish could cause dog itching for millions of pets in the canine population? If the daily diet is doled out from a can or bag, then the simple truth is a dog is being expected to maintain the stability of its skin with a food source largely comprised of rendered down waste products mixed with additives, preservatives and other toxins.

As stated by leading dog-health author, Ann N. Martin, ‘Animal protein’ in commercial pet foods can include diseased meat, road kill, contaminated material from slaughterhouses, faecal matter, rendered cats and dogs and poultry feathers. The major source of animal protein comes from dead-stock removal operations that supply so-called ‘4-D’ animals: dead, diseased, dying or disabled.

Any attempt to solve dog itching while feeding a canine companion this type of diet is pointless. To help stop dog itching and get its skin back in balance, the proper nutrients must be provided through a diet of raw meat on the bone. Essentially this is no different to the steaks, ribs and Sunday roast we feed ourselves, just that for the dog it needs to be in its uncooked raw form for completeness and balance.

Watch the short video below to discover how dogs get food allergies that lead to a dog itching away at their body but can never find relief.

How to stop a dog from itching means giving your dog a diet of raw food diet with real meat in it. This is the diet Mother Nature spent 15 million years developing the canine species on. It is the diet their physiology is designed to process and it is the only diet that will solve itchy skin effectively and permanently.

Working as both food and medicine, raw meat and bone delivers the live enzymes, phytochemicals, antioxidants, flavinoids, vitamins, minerals in addition to the full range of over 35 proteins dogs will need to heal their itchy skin and any other health issues they may be experiencing.


About Dan

Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


  1. Rhonda Thibault says

    Okay, what exactly would you feed a 5 pound maltese/toy poodle mix, 10 months old? Or when she’s a year or more old? My dog is always my companion for life, and I know they depend on me for everything. What is really best for the dog?

  2. Hi Rhonda
    Your little Maltese mix needs a natural food diet just as much as any large hound. Start with raw chicken wings, some chicken breast, a little lamb brisket/breast (bone in), a little raw green tripe (excellent), pork belly etc.
    All raw with 50/50 bone/meat balance except for the tripe, this is balanced as is. Give your dog what it wants to eat once or twice daily with filtered water. Thats it essentially, and really the best for your dog period. A diet with the above in it will see your dog to ultimate health for longer than the average too and save a fortune and heartach at the vets. Let me know if you need further help.

  3. what would you suggest feeding a 90 pound black lab with EXTREAMLY dry skin?

  4. Hi Nikki
    Extreamly dry skin is due fully to lack of nutrition in your Lab’s diet and a diet rich in meat & bone, oily fish will do the trick over a month or so. This is all totally covered in my book-see top right on page to learn more.

  5. I have a huskey shepard chow mix. He itches constantly at his lower back to the point that it becomes raw. How can I help him to stop?

  6. Hi Christina, you feed him kibble or canned right? or he had a shot in that location in the last 3 months which is reacting?

    He’s suffering from additive related immune system depression and this skin itching can drive a dog mad, hence the raw patch.

    The answer is to feed him a raw food diet for dogs. He’s a husky/shpherd/chow mix so he should be on this food period. It will get rid of the itching within a month and never return, plus a whole host of benefits you both will be very pleased with. Instead of tips get my book, available on this site. It covers the wole A to Z of switching your dog to raw food diet. Then you can relax, read up and go for it with the knowledge that your dog will lead a VERY healthy life as it should be. Remember, the commercial stuff is VERY sub-standard fare stuffed with chemicals and no food & safety laws to keep the dog food manufacturers in check. Basically you must take self responsibilty for your dogs health as no one else is interested.

    If you need further help, just ask, Dan.

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