Kidney Disease in Dogs-The Only Treatment That Works

Kidney Disease in DogsJust as with liver disease, there has been a rise in kidney disease in dogs that suspiciously coincides with the last 60 years of feeding commercial pet foods.

The kidneys play a very vital role in the health and wellness of canines just as they do in humans. Without them, a dog cannot keep its blood clean by regulating chemical levels.

Therefore, keeping the kidneys in good condition is a must in order for dogs to live a long and healthy life. Yet, slick advertising and propaganda has millions of pet owners unwittingly sabotaging their canine companion’s kidney health each and every day.


What Causes Kidney Disease in Dogs

Pet owners that come up against kidney disease in dogs often find themselves in a losing battle all because they don’t understand what has made their dog sick in the first place. Many times, the finger is pointed at breed, bloodlines or plain bad luck.

However, it helps to consider that kidney disease is present in all breeds large to small and that 90% of disease in dogs is diet related. With the vast majority of pet owners feeding from cans or bags, a canine companion’s food dish becomes the most intelligent starting place to stop kidney disease in its tracks.

As stated by leading dog health author, Ann N. Martin, “The pet food industry, a billion dollar, unregulated operation, feeds on the garbage that otherwise would wind up in landfills or be transformed into fertiliser. Such a diet contributes to cancer, skin problems, allergies, hypertension, kidney and liver failure, heart disease and dental problems.”

Even when a dog food formula professes to help with renal failure, it is still an overcooked food source rife with additives and preservatives allowing it to keep on store shelves for months if not several years at a time. A dog that has been diagnosed with kidney disease and begins treatment but still subsists on a commercial dog food diet has little hope of winning its battle while still ingesting a steady stream of chemical toxins.

Diet for Dog With Kidney Disease

The best hope for treating and preventing dog kidney disease is to return to the diet Mother Nature developed the canine species on over 15 million years: a diet put together around the basics of raw meat and bone. This diet is the specialist diet for kidney disease in dogs and heals like no other diet can. why? Because raw food is un processed allowing it’s bio available nutrients to act as treatment for kidney disease in dogs and do the job they know best which is to fortify the bodies immune system, aid in cell renewal and allow the kidney’s to repair themselves and prevent firther damage.

Watch the short video below for more on the best diet for dog kidney disease.

The Healthiest Dog Food in the World

A fresh food source of raw meat and meat covered bones is filled with the live enzymes, phytochemicals, antioxidants, flavinoids, vitamins, minerals and the full range of over 35 proteins that work as both food and medicine in the canine body. This means preventing and treating kidney disease in dogs has nothing to do with trips to the vet and expensive medications. It’s as simple as feeding dog food for kidney disease canines already instinctively crave and love. Each and every nutrient is processed effectively and efficiently.

Unlike commercial dog foods, the inexpensive cuts of raw meat, bone and offal are economical to feed and can have pet owners slashing their vet bills by up to 85% from year one and unlike commercial dog foods, the inexpensive cuts of raw meat, bone and offal will markedly extend a dog’s lifespan rather than shorten it.

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About Dan

Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


  1. This article is so true. My aunt actually lost her beloved dog in kidney disease all we suspect due to her feeding of commercial food, though the dog has little kidney infection before, it was worsen while my cousin who has the litter make with the same case of kidney was survived for 10 years, all because they fed her with raw diet.

  2. Hi Hannah, sorry to hear about your aunts dog. Alas this is so true on such a large scale and because the disease dvelopes over a long period of time with no veterinary explanation for the symptoms let alone the cause, diet is not established as being at fault. The litter mate surviving so long by comparison adds weight to the evidence of diet being the cause. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Dan.

  3. John Sojka says

    My dog is only 5 and his blood levels for CREA are3.9 and the Bun level is 46 and the Calcium level is 14.9
    can this and fish oil help him? I though you were suppose to remove protien from his diet?

  4. Hi John
    Thanks for stopping by. I understand your concern and can say right up front that this is common misconception as protein is vital to dog health. No doubt your thoughts were based on professional advice following the blood tests. The blood test results are in essence a test on how good your dogs diet has been and how well your dogs kidneys have been functioning in eliminating toxins. As commercial dog food is loaded with up to 29 different additives of various toxicity including cancer induction you can bet with certainty that in your dogs case a move to clean raw food is a must. (see my free report: Why Your Dog Is Unhealthy.
    Please understand that I give advice as ‘education only’ and my advice is to start your dog on a raw food diet which does not need fish oil extras or anything else. After initial detox from 5 years of eating commercial grade food your dog will balance out with a much improved immune system and fully functioning kidneys.
    I could go into great detail but thats what my book is for if you don’t want to fish around for how to switch your dogs diet.

    So yes get started now, your dog and you will not look back. And ask if you need help.

  5. Hello,

    My two dogs were dx with supposed pre-renal condition. I have been seeing a traditional & integrative vet for awhile to cover all my bases.

    They are 13 years old & have absorption issues & immune disorders. Dr.Remillard who is supposed to be well known for nutrition suggested cooking their food, low protein. She said, if there was any bacteria in the meat they could get an infection since she feels their immune system is compromised & have had episodes before with pancreatis. Also, I don’t know who to trust to buy raw meat. It seems both sides are in it for the money to some extent it makes you feel like your walking a fine line & your afraid to make any changes. I am peeling back the onion on my dogs to good health because dogs should be living well into their 20’s or longer. I am determined to make this occur with my dogs in good health. I am not the type of person who can just go & get two more dogs & I feel that these vets have become immune & think, just go get the same breed. All I can say to them is go have another baby, they are all the same. I know my dogs need to eat more of the cooked food & their kidney function is good but they supposedly have glomularpheritis & they are convience that adding more protein aggravates the situation where others have said good quality protein even cooked improves the condition. Also, they need their teeth cleaned professionally which bothvets agree but the traditional vet said the aneststia is an issue & the other vet said, that the anestestia they use is easier for pets in this situation to tolerate & is better than have allthat plaque on their teeth.What do you think even though you have never met them

  6. Hi Denise, I feel for you I really do and I do understand your situation… i’ve seen it many times and it’s heartbreaking. At the bottom of all this lies DIET and no matter what any one in a white coat says otherwise, it’s diet that plays a central role in our dogs health-period.

    Pre renal suggests a history of feeding kibbles but nontheless absorption and immune disorders come about from a history of low nutritional feeding patterns. Cooking the food is useless in this case and will not help you-it’s too late for half measures now.

    Their immune system will be compromised greatly at this stage but not doing anything means things just get worse. The pancreatitis issue is negated by the fact that raw food has it’s own enzymes which work harmoniously with what the dogs pancreas produces. Forget the protein issue, it’s not relevant-really. The teeth issue is massive and to be frank, it’s the main culprit for the immune disorders if not all the problems as toxins have leeched into the blood stream via the gum line because of periodontal disease breaking down the gums. I always reccommend a thourough teeth clean up but you will have to go with the vets on wether this will be ok to perform with the anaethestic issue.

    What to Do? Ok plesse let me make one thing clear-I am not a proffesional and advice given is for education purposes only and so no responsibility can be taken-ok. And yes your right I dont know your dogs and have no case history to work with.

    You must realise that although dogs can live into their twenties, it takes a raw food diet from day one as a puppy for this to be a possibility. Your objective from here on in is to get your dogs healthy again so that they can live out the remainder of their lives in dignified health and happiness.

    Get organic meat on the bone which has less additives in it and freeze it first to kill some bacteria. To aid the pancreas, feed raw green tripe (get it online frozen box delivery if you cant find it locally-great stuff!) Get some raw beef pancreas too which has been known to help. Start with chicken, it’s easy to digest. Large pieces that are bigger than can be swallowed so they chew on it and break it down-great for teeth cleaning too. After the first week try out other choices like lamb, turkey, pork etc and some liver in the meals as small amounts or if they take to it one whole meal of it every two weeks. Feed them once only per day all thay want to eat and filter their drinking water, never tap water! try them on small amounts of vegetable matter in the form of crushed crrots, peas or whatever thy take a liking too, dogs have individual tastes too (if you get the raw green tripe, this has vegetable matter in it-get some, awesome dog food!)

    It may be difficult to get them started so if for the first time they are staring at bland food without interest, simply take it away from them and do not feed them for another hour or two and then present it too them. If this does not work, sear the raw food in some butter on the cooker just on the outside and then serve. If it means fasting them for twenty four hours to get them to feed then thats perfectly fine-they will be fine.

    You may have some detox issues like vomitting, diarrhea, spots etc but thats to be expected after a lifetime of junk food.

    That’s it for now, ask if you need help. My book will help you further, it’s above on the right. Go easy, have faith in your dogs and they will have faith in you, just act with certainty.

  7. Hello,

    The thing about meats is that they have a lot of phosphorus in them which all say in more of an issue than protein. Humans that have kidney issues are out on the same type of low protein,low phosphorus cooked foods. I was thinking of flash cooking the food on the outside & gradually introduce raw. I just don’t want to do something & cause an infection. I do believe & I have seen on an dogs older than mine in tough shape switch to raw & use herbs, supplments live into their 20’s. My dogs BUN is 23, Creatine is 0.8 whuch I would like to improve but the doctor said it’s within normal range. Now, if people eat cooked meat do the have malnutrition?

  8. Denise, I hear you on Phosphorus and they are wrong on dogs and wrong on humans where nutrition is concerned. It’s the Phosphorus in commercial dog food that’s a problem-yes, but you and I are talking about a dogs natural food hear and it’s RAW which is KEY.

    Flash cooking is fine if thats how your dogs want it to begin with and move to the full health benefits of raw as you go along. Again the infection thing is remote. They are within range which is a good sign.

    Remember, dogs and people are vastly different with different dietary needs. People who eat cooked meat as part of an overall healthy diet are ok but cooked meat as part of a limited fast food or restricted diet with little diversity in raw nutrients from greens definitely have malnutrition-which is actually most people… and their dogs probably!

    BTW tripe is an awesome healer-raw green tripe.

    Your dogs are crying out for the biological action that raw brings to their bodies and then they can begin the healing process. You will be fine, just get started.

  9. Thanks for your clear articles. I just wish more people would be concerned at what they are feeding their dogs (and themselves, but that is a whole other web site!). I shake my head sometimes.

  10. Hi Patti, thanks for your comments and so true.
    All I can add is… so do I!

  11. The toxicity of municipal water is a direct cause of renal failure. As a Dietician, Nutritionist and Herbalist for humans I repeat this mantra to all clientele. I always recommend pet owners use distilled, ionized, alkalized / remineralized water for themselves and pets. Alkalization and mineral supplementation will vary from species to species. Municipal water is killing you and your animals. Hydrofluorosilicic acid to radio active materials to hormones and anti-depressants – organ failure is not by happenstance.

  12. Hi and thanks for the comments. Totally agree about tap water and always fully recommend dog owners use filtered water for their pets.

  13. heather says

    Hi, my 15 year old beagle has heart disease and is in kidney failure. He has lost his appetite and been vomiting now for 8days. He was in the hospital for 3 days, put on an IV and was hydrated. Doctors tell me if he won’t eat to put him down. I am not ready to do this yet. He is still happy, still loves to roam the backyard, still has interest in life. He has been on an organic home cooked diet since he was diagnosed. Chicken, sweet potato and white rice. He will not go near that anymore. I have tried beef and pasta-which he vomitted up, chicken and potato-he won’t touch, eggs-wont touch,I even resorted to canned food – kidney care Hills Prescription which he ate once and will not eat again.I am desperate to get him healthy again. i need help please!! Any suggestions or advice please send!

  14. Hi Heather, try some high energy nutrient rich foods like cooked egg, canned sardines (packed in water) and a little chicken meat. I’d also give him a few supplements to help the digestive system. Let me know if you need more comprehensive help.

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