Is Your Dog Licking Its Paws or Hot Spots Excessively? Natural Cure for Life

To find a dog licking its paws or hot spots excessively can be quite unsettling and it is one of the most common complaints from pet owners. While suspicion usually falls on allergies or behavioral issues as main causes, there is rarely any exact answer as to what is behind paw licking and why it […]

Dog Skin Allergies-Solve Rash, Ear and Coat Problems Fast

Pet owners dealing with dog skin allergies often know the frustration that comes with trying to find a long lasting solution. Just when an issue seems to be resolved, it either pops up all over again or a whole new set of symptoms appear. Like humans, the skin is the largest organ of the body […]

How to Spot Dog Allergies Symptoms and What to Do

Over the course of owning a pet, you will likely become familiar with dog allergies symptoms. It is common for responsible dog owners to swing into action at the first sign of a problem. However, those who feed their dog fresh food find themselves swinging far less often. As has been shown through research of […]

The Best Dog Food for Skin Allergies Symptoms – Heal in Days

When it comes to the dog food for skin allergies symptoms, one that is guaranteed to heal nine out of ten health problems your dog may have, there’s only one food to get the job done fast and for life. From itchy paws to diarrhea to stiff joints and excess shedding there is only one […]

The One and Only Best Dog Food for Skin Allergies

For both humans and dogs, the skin is the largest organ and dog skin allergies can occur for the same reason as humans: a diet that is totally off balance nutritionally. Regardless of species, the skin can be considered an adept health barometer. It indicates whether a diet has too much of one nutrient or […]

Dog Allergies Treatment – The Answer Your Dog’s Praying For

When it comes to canine health and dog allergies treatment the answer being sought tends to be in the form of lotions, potions and pills. But unfortunately this leads dog owners further down a blind alley and their dog continues to suffer quiet desperation. Treatment for Dog Allergies – Conventional Allopathic Wisdom This is because […]

How to Stop Dog Food Allergies for Life in Just 4 Weeks

If there is one canine malady that can wreak a wide range of havoc, it is dog food allergies. Two dogs living in the same household eating the same commercial canned or kibble dog food can come up with totally different allergy symptoms. This often leads pet owners to mistakenly believe that there are two […]