Dog Allergies Treatment – The Answer Your Dog’s Praying For

dog allergies treatmentWhen it comes to canine health and dog allergies treatment the answer being sought tends to be in the form of lotions, potions and pills. But unfortunately this leads dog owners further down a blind alley and their dog continues to suffer quiet desperation.

Treatment for Dog Allergies – Conventional Allopathic Wisdom

This is because conventional wisdom tells us that a dog’s health can be fixed up with drugs and prescription diets. And while this may hide the symptoms for a while, all that’s really happened is the driving deeper of the root cause of the allergies into your dogs body systems – not good!

For example, when a seeming simple problem with the dogs nose is localized, a dog may have a dry cracked nose but otherwise seem fine. On the other hand, in the course of chronic dog symptoms a dry nose is usually not the only problem. Many times lethargy, poor appetite, bowel issues and other troubles are present as well.

Where Does the Dog Allergies Treatment Trouble Begin?

As some may not know, there are many chemicals used in dog food that were never even intended to be used around food at all. They are so toxic that workers must use gloves and masks to handle them. Yet somehow, these additives are cleared for consumption in animal feed. Since pet food qualifies as animal feed, it is very likely that these chemicals are affecting a number of your dog’s systems, including the delicate and sensitive skin.

Natural Treatment for Dog Allergies or The Usual Approach?

In general with dog seasonal allergies treatment or dog food allergies treatment the usual approach is with a prescription for antibiotics. A topical medication to help protect skin, keep it moist and prevent germs from entering the open wounds is often prescribed as well. However, until the dog is put on an all natural diet devoid of dangerous chemicals and additives, the problem will keep on persisting.

A dog on a commercial dog food diet is already living with a polluted system and antibiotics, even if they offer a short lived reprieve, only add to this burden. This is why a sick animal can experience one relapse after another. A natural diet not only provides a dog sustenance but all the healing components it needs to get its system back in balance.

The Secret to Great Dog Health and Solving Dog Allergies

Of all the dog allergies treatment home remedies begin and end with the right diet. Just as our kids need fresh food for best health so too our dogs need some fresh food in place of fast food in cans and packets. They simply can’t go on day after day, week after week consuming additive laden commercial dry or wet dog food, it simply leads to health problems. And the longer this goes on the worse the problems get until a compromised immune system leads to cancer and a shortened lifespan as today one in two dogs gets cancer over the age of ten.

You Now Have the Answer – What Next?

On a raw dog food diet of meat, bone and other uncooked, unprocessed food all dog allergies, seasonal dog allergies included, can be healed thanks to the live enzymes that are naturally present in the diet. Once a system has the ability to heal itself using the right resources, the dry nose, skin allergies, hot spots, anal gland blockage, dog ear infection, lethargy, bowel issues and any other problems will often fade within a matter of weeks.

Watch the video below because it’s important to really know what dogs eat to thrive not simply survive.

What do Dogs Eat to Thrive Not Simply Survive?

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