Raw Dog Food Diet-How To Stop Dog Health Problems Fast

Raw Dog Food DietThere are very few things that make sense in the world but a raw dog food diet is a concept that definitely makes sense from top to bottom.

It is common knowledge what a lousy diet will do to the human body and many are finding that the same is true for our canine companions.

The regular consumption of a nutrition source that is anything but wholesome means a dog’s health will eventually fall into decline and even into a state of disease. Whether bagged or canned, the chemical laden commercial dog foods that most pets eat will often lead to a build up of toxins and the depletion of necessary vitamins and minerals. This means a canine’s various systems have little or no way to restore themselves from daily wear and tear.

What The 4 D’s Really Mean

In addition to additives from the cooking process of rendered pet food, there are other dangers lurking as well. It has been found that dead, diseased, disabled and dying animals utilized for pet foods can leave a deadly chemical footprint.

Dr. Wendell O. Bellfield DVM has stated that, “Some of these dead pets — those euthanized by veterinarians — already contain phentobarbital before treatment with the denaturing process. According to University of Minnesota researchers, the sodium pentobarbital used to euthanize pets “survives rendering without undergoing degradation.”

This means whether maladies show up in the eyes, kidneys or skin, pets are being dosed up with even more chemicals despite an already polluted sysVet with Shitzu at the practicetem. Even with a slight improvement in the dog’s condition, the toxins will still have no place to go thereby causing another allergy flare up or what is seen as a relapse.

This often frustrates dog owners to no end who misguidedly allow their dog to be given an even higher dosage of medication.

With no special additives, preservatives or chemicals, a raw dog food diet detoxes a battered system, slowly ridding it of hurtful additives.

Raw Food Diet For Dogs – What A Dog Truly Needs

The only way to get a suffering dog well is to give it what it truly needs. The enzymes in raw dog food diets are what transports nutrients to different organ systems to begin repair. The diet is essentially not only food but a natural medicine every carnivore’s system has been built around for millions of years.

When you start your dog on a raw dog food diet the proper nutrients can start the process of restoring nerve cells, skin, hair and eyes and it is easy to see a remarkable transformation in a sick dog in a matter of weeks. Not only do their physical features become healthier looking, their temperament improves as well. It is not uncommon for a dog owner to see a vitality they didn’t even know existed in their furry friend.

A Raw Diet For Dogs Restores Balance Quickly

With the regular use of a raw dog food diet, a canine system can finally get the nutrients it has been craving. The dog’s system will know exactly how to assimilate all the necessary vitamins and minerals from not only meats and tissues but skin, bone and cartilage. Over a period of weeks, the last of the trapped chemicals will be excreted through the skin and waste.

With nothing left to aggravate and damage the dog’s systems, the immune system can be restored to its original balance. Diarrhea, ear infections, arthritis, periodontal problems, anal gland blockages, hotspots and many other signs of sickness up and disappear rarely if ever to be heard from ever again.

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