Dog Skin Allergies-Solve Rash, Ear and Coat Problems Fast

Dog Skin AllergiesPet owners dealing with dog skin allergies often know the frustration that comes with trying to find a long lasting solution. Just when an issue seems to be resolved, it either pops up all over again or a whole new set of symptoms appear.

Like humans, the skin is the largest organ of the body for dogs, making skin problems one of their most common health concerns. With the skin being covered by fur, allergies, infections or rashes can be even more difficult to treat. Not to be left out, ear problems are yet another pesky but common dog health issue.

Dog Skin Allergies – What is The Root Cause?

Most information on canine skin and ear problems asserts that finding the root of either of these health concerns can be extremely difficult. Therefore, it is most common to merely treat the symptoms with a topical solution or antibiotics. The trouble with this approach is that until the underlying cause is discovered, dog skin and ear issues are all but guaranteed to recur. This can not only be uncomfortable for a dog, it can weigh quite heavy on the budget conscious pet owner.

It is important to understand that one of the chief functions of the skin is to excrete wastes from the body. This is a perfectly natural process but when a diet has an element of toxicity to it, the skin can easily become irritated as it works to push out unwanted, harmful elements. This is exactly what is at the root of canine skin problems. Where do such levels of toxicity come from? For dogs that eat commercial dog foods, it’s in the very can or bag they eat from every day.

According to leading dog-health author Ann M. Martin, “The major source of animal protein comes from dead-stock removal operations that supply so-called “4-D” animals dead, diseased, dying or disabled to “receiving plants” for hide, fat and meat removal. The meat (after being doused with charcoal and marked “unfit for human consumption”) may then be sold for pet food.”

In addition to this, additives, preservatives, stabilizers and a host of other chemicals join the mix. Eating this type of diet day in and day out can cause more than ear and dog skin problems. Other health issues that emerge from eating commercial dog food diets include:

What’s The Best Dog Food for Skin Allergies?

The long lasting solution dog owners have been looking for to solve ear and dog skin problems comes down to a simple, all natural diet of fresh raw food. When incorporating home remedies for dog skin allergies,  not only does this type of diet devised by Mother Nature work as food, the live enzymes, proteins, antioxidants and vitamins also work as healing medicine.

With no chemical additives and preservatives to excrete from their skin, a dog’s coat and ear problems give way to a vitality a pet owner may not have even known was there. In addition, dogs and their owners can generally say goodbye to pricey vet visits, medications and obsessive scratching within weeks.

Watch the short video below and discover more about dog skin allergy symptoms and how to treat dog skin allergies.

Dog Skin Allergies and Symptoms - How to Fix Them Fast

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  1. is raw meat and bone really a good idea for a dog and is there any specific kind?

  2. Hi Ted
    For the dog it’s a really good idea, in fact the best idea, and one that falls in line with natural law-canine fuel over evolution is raw untampered meat, bone and offal. Somehow we humans think we can cook it, add preservatives, colors, palatability enhancers ect ect thereby de-naturing it, and somehow think this stuff will make dogs excell. If you want beautiful, glossy, itch free skin and ears feed your dog what it biologically craves. If your serious about helping your dog, get my book-it’s got all the step by step help you’ll ever need to get the healthiest dog for life.

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