How to Spot Dog Allergies Symptoms and What to Do

dog allergies symptomsOver the course of owning a pet, you will likely become familiar with dog allergies symptoms. It is common for responsible dog owners to swing into action at the first sign of a problem.

However, those who feed their dog fresh food find themselves swinging far less often. As has been shown through research of the pet food industry, the chemicals and rendered animals used for commercial dog food will ultimately weaken a canine’s system, cutting their lifespan by five to seven years. A raw natural diet and all its nutrients ensure a dog’s system is properly strengthened and balanced from the inside out.

Rapid shifts in weight or appetite are common dog illness symptoms. There are times when a dog will fast on its own; however, when accompanied by lethargy or irritability it is an obvious sign of a systemic problem.

A dog’s system is not only unable to sufficiently process chemicals in its food, dogs will often ignore food sources they find inadequate and go off in search of something more natural. While preservatives and additives can cause thyroid problems, the grain base of dog foods often promotes diabetes. Plus, chemicals such as Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) and Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) found in commercially prepared dog foods will affect the nervous system in the areas of sleep and aggression.

The Dog Food Allergies Symptoms to Look Out For?

To see examples of external symptoms of dog allergies, the coat and skin are a good place to start. Dull or sparse coats with skin eruptions often indicate excess toxins in a dog’s diet are being excreted through the skin. This often leads a dog to chronically lick, scratch or chew its skin or paws. Not only does this aggravate the problem, it slows the healing process as well.

This can be a fairly dangerous health issue for dogs as their coat plays a crucial role in overall health. The tissue, cartilage and bone in a raw diet contain all the nutrients a dog needs to repair dog skin allergies symptoms such as damaged skin and promote a shiny healthy coat quickly.

A rancid stench in a dog’s feces and urine are dog illness symptoms that can hardly be ignored. Many times, there can be a discharge or blood in a dog’s waste as well. This is especially true when a low quality food source has aggravated the digestive system, leading to infection. Dry kibble foods can chronically dehydrate the kidneys leading to renal ailments and infections as well. Food in a natural raw dog food diet contains the perfect amount of water to keeps a canine’s system in perfect balance.

Many have mistakenly grown accustomed to the fact that bad breath is just part of pet ownership when it is actually one of the most serious dog illness symptoms. Periodontal disease is now one of the biggest problems facing dogs today.

Bad breath indicates that the dry or canned food a dog has been eating is now compromising the enamel on its teeth. Not only do infections occur to more than three quarters of all dogs by age four, the bacteria can now gain access to the blood supply in the root canal of the teeth to circulate throughout the body infecting vital organs at will and make the dog even sicker.

A raw diet has nothing in it that will stick to a dog’s teeth. Perfected by Mother Nature over millions of years it has been bones, cartilage and gristle in the canine diet that has kept teeth naturally free and clear of disease.

Allergie Symptoms Today Lead to Long Term Chronic Diesese Tomorrow

Every day your dog ingests more poisoned commercial fodder is just that more off their lifespan. Massive vet bills become the norm as does the quiet daily suffering with your dog whose immune system is being broken down one piece at a time so that by age ten your dog has a 50/50 chance of getting cancer. This is akin to playing Russian roulette with your best friend when all that is needed is a change of diet.

With an all natural diet, your dog will finally be able to get nutrients to the right places and rebalance his or her system. Immunity and vitality will rebound quickly and you will see an end to exorbitant vet bills once and for all.

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Dog Skin Allergies and Symptoms - How to Fix Them Fast
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