How to Solve Dog Yeast Infection Quickly and Naturally

A dog yeast infection can be one of the trickiest health issues to deal with.

They can show up in any part of a dog’s body and have the ability to cause a great deal of discomfort. Dogs prone to this condition that are given over the counter remedies typically only find temporary relief until the problem creeps up all over again.

Yet this is to be expected any time a pet owner chooses to merely treat the symptoms of a yeast infection instead of the underlying cause. All pet owners need to do to get rid of this problem for life is put their dog’s PH balance back at stable levels.

September 23, 2023

​2020 UPDATE

Diet is the key solution to the underlying problem of yeast build up and it’s resulting infections throughout a dogs body and something important to consider longer term.

However for a fast solution, something you can do today for your dog that will make a big difference within days is to add a high quality multi strain probiotic to every meal. The quality is important, the strain size needs to be varied and in good volume otherwise it won’t be effective.

When you add probiotics to your dogs diet, they will help repopulate the intestine with new healthy bacteria. The intestine is home to 80% of your dogs immune system which operates as their central defender to invading viruses and bacteria.

The introduction of good bacteria boosts the immune systems strength helping to heal gastrointestinal problems and a sensitive tummy.

Veterinary antibiotics don’t distinguish between good and bad bacteria, so if your dog’s been taking an antibiotic, the good bacteria in his gut will be damaged causing further health problems. Probiotics will restore the good bacteria population and prevent yeast infections.

Dogs with the following problems will benefit greatly within a week or two of taking probiotics:

  • Itchy skin
  • Skin infections
  • Hotspots
  • Ear infections
  • Dander
  • Strong body odor
  • Doggy breath
  • Bad gas
  • Excessive paw licking

How to use it?

If your vets recommending Apoquel for allergies, use probiotics instead to avoid the side effects of this toxic pharmaceutical drug. Simply add a tiny scoop of dormant live bacteria – powder – to your dogs food and they become active once consumed.

Where to get it?

You want a probiotic with as many species of good bacteria as possible with as many CFU’s per scoop as possible. Not made in China as the standard is not verifiable and often contains animal digest and sugars. Powders are best and simply added to food.

There are many brands available but one of the best I have researched and used is ​PetHonesty Probiotics for dogs for the following reasons:

  1. It has 6 species of bacteria at 6 billion CFU’s per treat in a large 90 day container (you want to be using it every single day or it’s benefits stop).
  2. USA made at a certified GMP lab in small batches for freshness.
  3. ​Dogs love the taste.
  4. It includes a 6 enzyme blend critical to senior dogs especially and reduces gas.
  5. It has zero fillers.
  6. It contains nothing artificial.
  7. It comes as chew treats, add to food or as a treat
  8. 100% satisfaction refund with excellent customer services and after care customer follow up – genuinely caring people!

​PetHonesty Probiotics for Dogs.

Dogs 25lbs or less: 1 snack daily 

Dogs 26 -75 lbs: 2 snacks daily 

Dogs 75lb or more 3 snacks daily

Customer Pamela S states;

Truly impressed with this product. I have a VERY sickly dog who is constantly on antibiotics and steroids due to skin staph infections caused by extreme allergies. She constantly has that musky smell and has to be bathed every few days to lessen the itching. I have tried every product the vets have recommended. But due to the excessive antibiotics she now has chronic ear and yeast infections. This product has changed all of that!!! It is incredible.

Putting a PH balance back to a stable level can sound daunting but in all reality, it as simple as ridding a dog’s body of an overload of sugar. Most pet owners don’t know that 90% of disease in dogs is diet related. Most are also unaware of the over processed carbohydrates or even the waste beet pulp from sugar refineries that often ends up in their canine companion’s food.

Dog owners don’t know how a dog’s physiology was never designed to handle the high levels that in turn knock its system so far off balance. What’s worse is these high sugar levels can do more than just cause a dog yeast infection. They can cause other serious health problems as well.

As stated by R. Geoffrey Broderick, DVM, “Every time a pet trustingly eats another bowl of high sugar pet food, he is being brought that much closer to diabetes, hypoglycemia, overweight, nervousness, cataracts, allergy and death.”

The answer to getting a dog on the path to health and wellness

The answer to getting a dog on the path to health and wellness for good relies on switching to a natural diet of raw unprocessed naturally occurring dog food comprised of fresh varieties of meats on the bone with a little organ meat and vegetable content thrown in to complete an all round diet.

This is basically the same choice of cuts we are used to buying at the deli counter or butcher but instead of cooking it to suit our palate, it’s simply left raw and handed straight to your dog to enjoy the kind of food dogs are physiologically suited to with all the benefits this brings.

The rich balance of live enzymes, phytochemicals, antioxidants, flavinoids, vitamins, minerals in addition to the full range of over 35 proteins contained in your dogs part of the weekly shopping are what heal imbalances naturally and for life.

Not only will a diet of raw meat and bone get rid of a pesky dog yeast infection, it lowers the risks of a laundry list of dog allergies, diabetes, obesity, dog ear infection, Gastro Intestinal infections and all the life threatening issues that come with them. As a pet owner, you will not only have a healthier dog, you will no longer need to spend your hard earned cash on pointless dog yeast infection remedies that just don’t work.

Watch the short video below to undestand better how dog food allergies lead to dog yeast infection.

Dog yeast infection disappears quickly when you add fresh food to your dogs diet

As long as a canine companion remains on a commercial pet food diet, getting rid of a dog yeast infection will be a cycle of pain and money down the drain. In comparison, and this is a crucial point to remember, a diet of raw dog food not only works as food but also medicine.

There are no over processed carbohydrates in fresh raw dog food and the nutrients contained in meat are whole and complete. With fresh raw meat, a dog’s physiology can get to work immediately to get all the right nutrients in all the right places.

By the time a yeast infection shows in a commercially fed dog, their system is far off balance and treating dog allergies becomes sheer gues work involving expensive tests, drugs, food and worry. Dogs on a raw meat diet have healing from the inside out with every meal they eat.

About Dan

Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


  1. Hi Dan,

    My dog is suffering with yeast as far as I can tell. She itches and scratches, has red bumps just about everywhere but her back, has a yeast smell. she is and has been on the Instinct Raw chicken diet. I’m beginning to think she may be allergic to chicken. I want to switch foods since she does not appear to be too healthy on this one. I been looking for an anti yeast dog food, one with no sugar or carbs and can’t find one. I started giving her wild Alaskan pink salmon from out of the can, but salt is added. I’m worried she may be getting too much salt and about high mercury levels. I’m thinking of switching to fresh salmon. I’m thinking of making my own, but I want to avoid all poultry chicken, turkey or quail. I also heard beef is another big allergen causing food. I would like to just make my own, but don’t know where to start. Do you have any suggestions??? She is a French bull dog. I am therefore afraid to give her raw bones for fear of choking.

  2. Hi Kelly, Yes it sounds like allergy induced response to the additives in commercial dog food (very common). Chicken generally has a low allergy reaction although what your feeding is a packet food mixed with various other ingredients so difficult to make conclusions about. Try feeding chicken on the bone from a butcher plus other alternatives and see how your dog takes to them.

    Don’t worry about anti yeast foods and the like, just feed raw on the bone food as it comes from a butcher or online delivery. Only when you feed specific raw foods with nothing added will you find out which your dog gets on well with.

    How do you know of your dogs ability to handle bones?
    He may be perfect at breaking them down as are most dogs, let him try on easy bones like lamb breast/brisket, pork trotter/ear or raw green tripe which is awesome balanced dog food-buy online for box delivery frozen.

    Hope these suggestions help, keep going and the current problems will start to fade fast.

  3. Hi,
    My Dog eats raw, beef and lamb shank mostly. i also add a little bit of organic pumpkin. She won’t eat raw chicken or turkey and won’t touch liver raw or cooked. She is picky. Anyway, she has a yeast infection, not sure why since she only eats raw and curious if you have any other ideas on how to cure this naturally?
    Thank you,

  4. Hi Suzanne, interesting, there is some nutritional deficiency somewhere?
    Try out raw green tripe as this is very well balanced and a great healer. Find it locally or frozen box delivery over the net. Also how does the yeast infection show itself? For now use essential oil of Lavender, 10 drops in small bowl of warm water and swabbed on with flannel-that will treat the surface symptoms.

    Hope that helps, Dan.

  5. Hi,
    I have a 9 year old Beagle and a 2 year old who both have dry, itchy skin. The Beagle, who we think has a yeast infection will not let us do anything lik using apple cider vinegar in her ears or anywhere else! She is so stubborn! Please help us!!!

  6. Hi Kaily, two things:

    1-IF you can get her to stay still, then use essential oil of Lavender in the ears or anywhere else there are problems-works wonders at healing. Use 10 drops in one cup of water and swab with flannel on the infected areas.

    2- The real cure all here is to clear up the ears and any dry itchy skin with diet. You see, raw food also acts as medicine healing ALL the complaints you speak of. In fact they would be gone within 2 months!.

    Think seriously about switching your dogs to a raw food diet to heal theses current problems and more and then you won’t have to worry about them any more or your dogs suffer the fallout from your present feeding practices, your call?

    My book, up top on the right will show you the way, good luck.

  7. Dan, thanks for the info thus far…this is what I’m dealing with.

    I have a 11 yr old mix breed and we have been battling the dreaded yeast infection for over 7 months. After reading online, we’ve been feeding her ground beef or ground turkey and adding apple cider vinegar and yogurt. We have been baking or just browning the meat before feeding her. I really need help. The smell is unbearable and i have 3 small kids and hate the thought of them even playing in the floor or touching her. if i dont get this under control i will have to do something drastic that i dont want to

  8. Dwain, you have no balance to the diet and your dog has low immunity plus I don’t know if the kids add to the stress levels ie does he have quiet time?(just a thought).

    The ground stuff can only be effective if it is a part of an overall strategy. In a nutshell, your dog needs raw food, food that is 50/50 balance between meat and bone content ie feed a chicken quarter on the bone and not ground turkey meat (imbalanced). If the browning or baking is because your dog won’t eat fully raw then only flash pan fry it in butter to seal the outside and leave it raw on the inside. If it’s cooked through then what you have with the yeast infection is one result. Why? because raw meat and bone contain living enzymes among many other bio available ingredients that help run cellular activity all over your dogs body and fortify your dogs immune system to the problems you currently have.

    I can go on here, but the devil is in the detail as they say, so just get my book and it will explain everything you need to know in plain english and you will be able to get this problem under control and not have to do something drastic with your dog, that would be a real shame as it’s not his fault or yours.

    Hope I’ve helped you to get some traction on this and a clear path going forward, ask if you need further help, Dan.

  9. Corinne says

    Hi Dan,

    My American Bulldog has hypo thyroidism and was getting Staph infections constantly. I have put him on a raw diet consisting of 90% ground beef and 10% beef kidney (I started this about 5 weeks ago), he now has a yeast infection. Should I be adding anything else? I just started adding Forta Flora to help his digestion, but just started that 2 days ago. Any help would be appreciated.

  10. Hi Corinne, lovely dogs, always have to stop and stare when I see one.

    Ok, your diet is un-balanced. The beef mince should only be once per week, 10% beek kidney is fine. Get him on whole chicken frame, whole lamb rib, whole fish, 9in whole pork trotter/leg. And find raw green tripe on the net or locally (if your in the countryside). Throw in some small amount of crushed semi cooked veg he likes and forget the Flora. Give only filtered water, feed once per day and fast him one day per week minimum!

    Gotta get those bones in with that meat! The tripe is different but GREAT food. This will sort things out and hopefully get the balance back in the hormones.

  11. There’s a online dog raw by darwins . Do you know if that is consider balanced.thank you trying raw for my Boston with light yeast issue. Don’t want it to get worse

  12. Hi Glenda, yes that should work fine with your Boston.

  13. Amy Peterson says

    Hi Dan – I’ve switched both my Frenchies to Steve’s Raw BARF diet and they’ve been on it for over three months now. I also give them Nyzemes probiotics and antioxidant vitamins. Even their treats are raw freeze dried nuggets. While their skin has drastically improved, my boy still gets itchy spots on his tummy and my girl still has yeast spots on her skin – 90% improvement, but I can’t seem to get it to go completely away. I bath them with anti allergy and anti yeast shampoos – respectively. Can you recommend anything else? Thanks, Amy

  14. Hi Amy, 90% in three months is good, it’s now down to small but invasive problems which may or may not be due to diet. Your dogs will always face environmental and human stresses, by such things as household & yard cleaning products, the human/dog relationship and the stress of communication’s meaning and outcome, fasting or not etc.

    It reads like your diet is good if 90% improvement.
    Fast the dogs one day per week on filtered/bottle water only for 24hrs to clear out the liver – will help a lot!
    Be mindful of household and garden products and their ingredients.
    Why are you bathing them? Only bathe if getting filthy dirty outside. A balanced raw diet brings it’s own anti-allergy protection. Cut back on shampoos.
    Yeast is from sugars/carbs. No feeding of anything that isn’t raw.
    Their body’s are still full of chemicals, drugs, vaccines, pollution ect, it all stays in the body tissues for years – you must fast them to clear the liver and begin detoxing the body and you’ll see the current problems dissapear over the next 12 months.
    Vaccination: None is best and those by law only!

    Keep going, your doing brilliantly!

  15. Amy Peterson says

    Thank you!

  16. Hi Dan i have 2 shitzus and all of a sudden they have gotten yeast. i just switched to the raw meat diet a week ago and they seem to be getting worse red skin all over, non stop scatching. i am so worried im not doing the right thing by them. please help a worried fur mommy.

  17. Hi Karrie, I can help you with all that with my personal coaching service to get your dog back into peak health with no more scratching – allergies! -, I have a service for this at that may be what your looking for. Hope that helps, Dan.

  18. Eleasha Eustace says

    Hi i have a 2yr old English staffy and she always shakes her head which her ears are the problem i took her to the vets and he said she has pulps in 1 of her ears. Is there a way i can get rid of them, nd she scraches herself alot too, and i used to buy that raw dog meat from the butchers that are like the cut ups of chicken is that ok to give her with some veggies? She always has crap in her ears from a yeast infection. .. the poor thing plz help.

  19. Hi Eleasha, lovely dog, I have one too!. Polyps in the ear are usually benign but the treatment of choice for ear canal tumors (if they are tumores) is surgical excision. Laser surgery is very effective when it is available. For benign tumors this can be curative when they are completely removed.

    The scratching and the yeasty ear infection is skin allergies to the current pet food. Yes, I’d give her a raw food diet to clear the allergies, clean the ears and generally improve her health which would also pertentially stop any further polyp growth in the ear. Use chicken parts, beef, lamb pork, turkey and raw green tripe etc from the butcher with some part cooked and well mashed veggies, it will make a big difference to the allergies in weeks! Dan

  20. Hi Dan I have two 14 year old shitzus male and female my female mostly has yeast infection smells terrible need help desperately what can you recommend when you say raw diet you mean raw meat afraid of bones thought they may choke

  21. Diane, there’s ways to feed a raw diet without giving whole bones so no need to worry on that point. It’s a pretty simple diet they need and won’t cost so much for such small dogs but will make a huge difference to their health, taking away the smell and allergies with no more yeast infections they currently have to deal with. If you want my personal help on a one to one basis where I can put a diet plan together and help you to implement it over the coming weeks, have a look at this page and see my one to one service which might be just what you want >
    Hope that helps.

  22. Hi Dan, I have two mixed breed rescues 3 & 4 years old. Male is about 70 lbs and female about 40 lbs. The female started about 2.5 years ago with what I now believe is severe yeast/allergies. I have spent hundreds on ear medications, cortisone injections/pills etc., changed foods multiple times (no grain) but then read potatoes and other starches are just as bad. At any rate, now the male pup is starting with ears and itching! They both stink! I’ve been reading a lot about raw diets so went to the store and purchased chicken wings, ground beef, chicken gizzards and beef on bones for broth. But I realized I don’t really know what I’m doing-I have questions such as: how much to give them, is the skin on the wings ok? Should I cut the wings at the joints to make it easier for them to handle? Should the meats be frozen when served? I also purchased carrots and celery. Is it safe to cook and mash them? Lastly, what else am I missing? They desperately need help. My female has almost black skin from where she incessantly licks, her ear and paw bleed from chewing and both she’d like I’ve beber seen. DESPERATE FOR HELP

  23. Hi Stefani, I’ll cut straight to the chase Stefani, I know exactly how to fix everything wrong with your dogs. They need diet change, some supplements and some home remedies and about 2-3 months. I can’t possibly go into everything here but ask that you visit my page for the help you need here ->Real Food for Dogs On that page at the bottom you’ll see the one to one coaching program where I’ll help you via email daily with diet, supplements, home remedies… everything. That way we can sort out both dogs fast and get them into prime health over the next few weeks. I think that’s the best way to help you right now without all the confusion of trying to work everything out for yourself. Hope that helps, talk soon, Dan.

  24. Aishwarya says

    Hi Dan, I have a golden retriever. He has sever yeast infection. Its reccuring in his abdominal area, ears, neck and on the back. I initially saw a black patch near both his elbows and showed it to the doctors when he was about a year or so. They never told me that it was yeast infection. He is about 4 years now. I think it’s been there for a long time and I noticed it about 6 months ago when he started shredding more than usual. His ears were fine till then and I couldn’t see back spots for nor did he smell foul till then. I use to feed him rice and yogurt along with vegetables. Occasionally eggs and bread. Now I have completely stopped bread from 1.5 months and thinking of stopping rice as well.. would stick to veggies and eggs. He is taking oral tablets (keto pet) for a month now along with a liver supporting syrup. I have been using topical applicants like neomycin too. It has worked well.. but infection disappears from one place and appears somewhere else on his body. I’m really worried about his health. I need your valuable advice. Kindly help me out ASAP.

  25. Hi Aishwarya, if you cut back hard or stop the carbohydrates ie bread, rice etc and include more meats, fish, egg and a little offal such as liver at 10% of daily food total the yeast will die back and the shedding will dissipate. For the best in natural home remedies, get my book Home Remedies for Dogs. It contains great natural remedies that are effective and zero side effects unlike the usual chemical options unknowingly used on our dogs.

  26. Hi Dan! My dog has been struggling with allergies for years. We’ve been to several vets and none of them ever gave us a clear answer ok what’s wrong.she’s been on antibiotics, steroids, shots, pills and all sorts of shampoos. Some helped, some didn’t, and it always came back!! After doing a lot of research we believe it’s a yeast issue. She’s raw, red, smelly and sheds horribly. My mother in law introduced us to the raw food diet. She’s been on it for about a month. Her skin is slowing improving, and we plan to start her on some prebiotics. Our issue now is that we don’t feed her carbs (due to them only feeding the yeast) so she’s lost a significant amount of weight. I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find a clear answer on what to add to her raw diet to help her gain the weight back. I’m afraid she is losing too much weight, and would hate to have her lose her progress by having to put her back on kibble only to gain weight. Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

  27. Hi Erica, The raw diet once balanced should clear yeast up entirely. Add more to the meal ie make it bigger. Make sure there’s enough fat in the meal for extra calories. You can add in some hemp oil/flax oil. Raw green tripe is great dog food, it’s complete, just serve as is and give extra with some added oils. Add probiotics to the food daily, very important.

    Add some canned sardines packed in fresh water. Great mix of oils and vitamins/minerals.

    Also detox the liver as it’s filthy, very important: Milk Thistle.

    That’s what I would do. All the best. Ask if you need specifics.

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