What’s in Your Dogs Dinner

That’s Harming Them Every Day?

And most likely harming your dog in a thousand different ways, shortening their life and causing quiet suffering that they cannot communicate to you until it’s too late.

The BIG business of pet food is consolidating its power in the hands of fewer companies to grab as much as possible of the $18 billion in pet food sales worldwide.

These global industrial food giants produce waste on an epic scale.

But for them it’s a good thing.

Because this vast waste from the food production industry isn’t incinerated or buried in landfill.

Instead it’s conveniently transformed via industrial processing into pet food and with clever advertising, sold for mind boggling profit.

But there’s only one problem?

Your dog was never meant to eat modern industrial food waste.

Sad dog faces another kibble meal for dinner and wants raw dog food

Your dog instinctively craves their natural diet for real health and well-being.

Helping You Heal and Transform Your Dogs Health

Dan Scott with his best friend Rocco

Hi, I’m Dan Scott and I’ve spent the last 15 years helping dog owners like you to heal their dog’s health problems with a “real food diet” and have a healthy dog for life.

And I’ve helped thousands of dog owners literally transform their dog’s health.

I’m here to help you heal your dog and lead them to a life of vibrant health and wellbeing. And do it as simply and economically as possible while still retaining a 100% balanced nutritious diet.

But first I need to warn you, because there is one problem, there are some dark clouds on the horizon, because I’m seeing a lot of sick dogs with human illness that only a generation or so ago did not exist.

It’s not getting any better in fact it’s getting worse.

And that’s a real problem because if you trace it back, you’ll find the source is canned and kibble pet food.

Now those problems are easy to avoid and I’ll get to that in a minute and the thing is it’s not all bad news, it’s mostly good news. It’s mostly great news because I’m seeing these great recoveries, I keep on hearing back about these great recoveries from people that I help, my customers.

I see the results and in fact the gap between the raw fed dogs health and the canned and kibble fed dogs health has never been bigger.

And that’s what this page is all about.

Helping you heal and transform your dogs health.

I want to show you how to stop dog health problems now so you can avoid them and it’s not hard to avoid these illnesses as you’ll see in just a minute.

I want to show you what works so you can have optimum health for your dog, so you can have a healthy dog for life, a dog that brings you joy and happiness, not concern and worry over health problems.

Dog allergies

So the reality is you are going to have a healthy dog and make pesky ailments or as you’ll see in a moment, even the worst of diseases healed.

But first, let’s look at what’s wrong with your dog’s current diet and why you should be concerned about it because no one is protecting us and our dogs from the greed of – unregulated – global industrial food giants.

But What About The Law – Who’s Protecting Us?

Who decides what ingredients go in your dogs dinner?

  • The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) sets out the labeling requirements and “nutrient profiles” for pet food manufacturers.
  • The National Research Council of the Academy of Sciences (NRC) establishes nutritional standards for AAFCO.

Now AAFCO and the NRC “set out” and “establish” nutrient profiles but the elephant in the living room is that none of this is enforced by law.

They simply set profiles and guidelines but in reality, it’s up to the individual pet food companies to self regulate.

So no one is minding the store and big business is free to do what it does best, spend the least to make the most profit.

homemade dog food diet

No one protects us and our dogs. We must be proactive if we want the best for our dogs.

Which is fine if they made widgets.

But it’s not fine when it involves our dog’s food and how that adversely affects our dog’s health because no law is in place to protect our dogs.

There is No Law Protecting Our Dogs From Pet Food Manufacturers Using 'Made in China' Food Waste...

Even 'Made in The US' simply means the contents were shipped in from China first before processing, because it's far cheaper then US food waste!

Our dogs resulting bad health is a by-product of the commercial strategy and while your dog may have specific natural dietary needs, profit trumps nature every time.

You’ll Never Really Know What’s in That Can or Packet

The truth is that our domestic pets play a very important role in the recycling of waste from the human food industry.

  • Grains that fail inspection - due to aflatoxins and mycotoxins due to high moisture molds
  • Uninspected pieces and parts of waste from the seafood industry
  • Spent restaurant grease - i.e. waste MacDonalds frying oil
  • Styrofoam wrapped chickens and additional packaged food from big box supermarket chain stores
  • Euthanized zoo and ranch animals
  • Deceased, disabled, dying or dead feedlot livestock
  • Road kill
  • Wood pulp, floor sweepings and grit from the feedlot industry
  • Feathers from the chicken industry - processed to create protein (inedible)!

Sick or dead animals and food waste is picked up and disposed of through rendering, a process that converts every kind of human food industry waste into raw materials for the pet food industry.

Rendering heats to extreme temperatures all the waste food including its wrappers, collars, horns, hoofs and feathers in an attempt to destroy all the pathogens, disease and drugs in the mix.

Any natural nutrients in the meats like proteins, enzymes, minerals and vitamins are destroyed by the intense processing.

The raw materials are then bought by giant pet food manufacturers – makers of the big name brands your parents and friends have probably used for the last 40 years.

These manufacturers mix the rendered fat and meat with a large amount of carbohydrate fillers. They add bulk synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements to replace the natural ones destroyed by extreme heat and then extrude the mix at high temperatures, which creates all sorts of toxic effects.

What do Dogs Eat

Your dog was never meant to eat modern industrial food waste.

Finally this artificial fast food is called “pet food” and is sold to customers for a mind-boggling profit.

What About the Information on Pet Food Labels?

Ever wonder why your dog gulps down his kibble?

The pet food giants have done their homework on dogs.

Disguise is the appropriate word here as pet food scientists have been hard at work developing flavored fat sprays to coat kibbles with and mimic tastes dogs love.

And this is just the beginning.

Last time I researched this, I found 29 commonly used chemicals in addition to sprayed on flavor enhancers used in pet food.

Dog kibble

Kibbles sprayed with Flavored fat to mimic tastes dogs love.

Commercial dog food does come with labels and nutritional breakdowns, but only because the government requires it, which means you get as little information as possible, framed as attractively as possible.

It will show ingredients in the order of percentage by volume, but it won’t tell you anything about the quality of those ingredients, or even the composition of those ingredients (all protein is not created equal), some of which may be less than easily digestible.

In the “guaranteed analysis” section, it will show percentages of crude protein and moisture, but it won’t tell you how much of that protein is, infact, digestible, and what percentage is crude protein (which consists of nitrogen molecules derived from non-protein sources, but confusingly labeled as “crude protein” on the label, leading you to believe it’s the good stuff).

“Beef” may very well be the first ingredient shown, but if the next several items include substances like corn, wheat flour, wheat germ, soy meal and other grain products (when was the last time you saw a wolf munching a stalk of wheat in a zoo or in a documentary?), which means that the sum of those non-meat products may, in fact, exceed the amount of meat itself.

Why is this here? It’s filler. Which rhymes with killer, because the enzymes that drive the digestive system of your dog were not designed to process grains.

A bowl of dog kibble on the table to eat

No matter how much "pet food" is dressed up as "balanced and complete" it's not, never was and never will be.

The guaranteed analysis on a label is only part of the picture. Substances such as phosphorus may be present, and may show up in the roster of ingredients, usually in the bottom as a trace amount.

However, what the label won’t say is that high levels of added phosphorus have been clinically linked to renal disease in dogs, and renal disease is, one of the biggest killers of domestic canines.

It gets worse from there.

There’s Blue #2 which has been known to increase a dog’s susceptibility to viruses.

Yellow #5 is a common dog food ingredient, but has not been fully tested.

The trouble with color additives is the fact that the color of the food matters not in the least to your dog; it’s there for you, the consumer, to fool you into thinking there is an element of wholesomeness and freshness to the product.

As with humans, the biochemistry of dogs is sensitive to sugar. Again, you don’t see too many wild canines munching on donuts and candy bars between kills.

Chemicals in dog food

Colors are created to make pet food appear fresh as in ‘fake fresh’.

Some moist dog food products contain as much as 15% sugar, most likely to mask the unpleasant and unnatural taste. Salt is another common additive, and for the same reason.

Here’s a short list of other additives your dog may be eating in their next meal:

  • Bulking agents
  • Grinding, drying and curing agents
  • Petroleum derivatives and texturizers
  • Preservatives like propylene glycol used to keep treats squidgy and soft
  • Ethyoxiquin to make canned dog food last for years on the shelf
  • Artificial flavor enhancers to improve taste
  • Synthetic antioxidants to stop fat from going rancid

And that’s only for starters.

To make it all look and smell reasonably acceptable, they fortify it with preservatives that give it a shelf life nothing short of apocalyptic.

Kibble is made from food waste heated to extremes to kill bacterial & viral toxins, fortified with synthetic vitamins and minerals and fat sprayed to fool your dog it's tasty...

The result is DEAD food with zero, living enzymes in it, critical to your dogs health. The synthetic vitamins and minerals are useless and passed through your dogs liver and eventually passed out in urine or sweat.

That's why your dog gets smelly skin odor, lawn killing urine and eventually liver disease and urinary tract infections from highly processed, salty, sugary, syntheticly, chemically loaded kibbles.

Next come the results of unregulated processed pet food, Pet Food Recalls!

Then There’s all the Pet Food Recalls

I remember back in 2007, hundreds of varieties of big brand commercial dog foods were recalled from the shelves in response to a sudden outbreak of food-related deaths.

In this instance the problem stemmed from raw materials imported from China that contained melamine, a chemical used in industrial resins for its fire-retardant properties.

In the 1950s it was tested in feed for cattle, but was pulled because it was proved to be toxic. In 2007, melamine was deceptively added to artificially boost the protein content of the food.

Dog under operation in vet clinic

2007 was the worst recall so far with 9,000 Dead Pets, 39,000 Sick and Dying Pets in a Few Short Weeks.

And just like that, thousands of homes lost their beloved pet because no one cared to look before it was too late.

The FDA officially received distressing reports from 18, 000 pet owners with 20% of the affected animals dying from acute renal failure. Later, officials admitted that half the consumer calls alleged a pet death.

9,000 Dead Pets, 39,000 Sick and Dying Pets in a Few Short Weeks

It was devastating for many more that had not reported the incident but had to sit through the agonizing death of their beloved cat or dog.

It was truly a heart breaking time for so many pet owners as I responded to tears and heartache from distraught owners as they witnessed acute pain, suffering and death to their loved family member.

When I think back to that time, I still feel an intense sadness and anger, emotions I channel into my mission to expose the truth about the dangers of commercial pet food.

This case is not remotely an isolated incident.

Today in 2016 as I’m sure you’re aware, commercial pet foods are constantly being pulled from the shelves for a variety of reasons. all of them stemming from the fact that the content of the food is highly unregulated, and only the deadly aftermath alerts us to problems.

And perhaps even more concerning is the fact that the contents of recalled canned and packet pet food has become a greater potential health hazard to humans.

It’s now not just your dog that is at threat by contaminated canned and packet pet food, many people have become sick by touching or accidently consuming salmonella in dry pet food and treats.

Dog lying down resting

Now, why would we feed our beloved dogs the same way?

And over the entire course of their life?

A diet based on what amounts to junk food is a direct assault on your pet’s immune system, and sooner or later your dog will pay the price, possibly with its life.

What Your Dog Needs For Long Term Health?

Your dogs ancestral past and the diet her ancestors ate give us many answers to what’s the optimal diet for greatest health, wellbeing and longevity.

This helps you to understand your dogs needs better, be better able to help them live healthier, while cutting your costs and worry levels.

Back along the evolutionary timeline, modern dog’s ancestors showed up between 15 and 40 million years ago (depending on whose timeline you use), while we humans entered the frame around 2 million years ago. This means dogs have been roaming our world a lot longer than us.

Dogs have had a very long time to evolve their biological makeup. And what they eat and how it affects their digestive system have had a long time to be perfected by natural selection.

This means changes in their dietary habits have altered very slowly over millions of years.

Can dogs eat raw meat like the wolf

Your dog’s direct decendant – the Grey Wolf

Our present day dog breeds all evolved from their close relative, the wolf with the help of mans creative breeding practices to produce many types of domestic dog, from small fluffy lap dogs to the giant breeds we see today.

So the original wolves and later dogs are carnivorous animals that hunt and eat meat. It is the unquestioned natural staple of their diets, and has been since long before mankind set foot in their territory.

By this very definition, what a wild animal eats can be nothing other than its natural diet.

Developing through the evolutionary timeline, a carnivore’s body has been designed to derive its required nutrients from the raw food it kills, and sometimes what it finds as the remnants of natural death or the leftover scraps or other predators.

So our modern domestic dogs are natural carnivores just like their wild ancestors. This, too, is an unquestioned truth.

Therefore – again, by definition – if they eat anything other than what for them is a natural diet, then they are existing in a non-natural state.

So we can get a picture of our dog’s ancestral diet and the fact that a raw food diet is their optimal diet throughout the ages.

raw natural dog food

Your dogs wild cousins live by consuming fresh, living, whole animals.

But What About in Today’s World?

What about the modern, fast paced, convenience led world we live in where food isn’t picked from trees or run to ground?

It’s simply picked right off the supermarket shelf or delivered straight to our door.

Canned and kibble pet food is the staple of modern dogs. And what’s important to know is that this new food concept has been with us for only about 90 years.

Also, the base for these modern pet foods is vegetarian carbohydrates like corn, wheat, potato, soybean, rice, oatmeal and barley.

And dogs have no dietary requirement or need for carbohydrates. Their liver derives energy directly from the protein in raw meat and bones.

But modern pet food giants use carbohydrates as the ingredients of processed pet food because they are a less expensive source of energy than fat or protein.

My dog Rocco eats his raw diets for dogs

Dogs have no dietary requirement or need for carbohydrates. Their liver derives energy directly from the protein in raw meat and bones.

Simply put, dogs struggle to digest a diet that is completely wrong for them!

We have simply been deceived into believing fast food is ok and we as a culture of dog owners are simply unaware of the dark side of serving our dog’s processed pet food. The consequences of doing so are not always visible, because your dog can’t tell you how she feels.

So we develop habits, we yield to convenience and precedence, and as a result perpetuate a downward spiral that contributes to the early death of our dogs and a less than optimal life experience for them in the meantime.

“100% Complete and Balanced” – The Myth

Now you have a window of understanding of what goes on in the murky world of food waste and how it’s turned into pet food and sold for mind boggling profit.

Did you actually ever believe that statement “100% Complete and Balanced” proudly displayed on every can, packet or pet food commercial?

The marketing message sold us was a lie and with it our dog’s health sold down the river without consequence. After all the vets were there to soak up the problem, keep the gravy train rolling and sell you even more expensive 'prescription' specialist pet food varieties in an endless loop.

symptoms of dog allergies

Dogs consuming canned and kibble age faster with 55% of dogs developing cancer in the senior years.

Yes there's some good vets out there who take the time to study canine nutrition, here's one of them...

This is what 20 year veteran Dr. Wendell O. Bellfield DVM had to say about the pet food industry:

We have truly had the wool pulled over our eyes for so long that we now accept the pet food marketing machine’s message of encouragement to buy “furry friends”, junk pet food and vet services, as an endless packaged loop of half baked nonsense and misery foisted upon us unknowing citizens and our innocent companions.
Dr. Wendell O. Bellfield

Our valued family members are suffering silently on canned and kibble pet food packed full of toxic preservatives and other carcinogenic additives.

Now, why would we feed our beloved dogs the same way?

And over the entire course of their life?

A diet based on what amounts to junk food is a direct assault on your pet’s immune system, and sooner or later your dog will pay the price, possibly with it’s life.

And this is the thing, if pet food is junk food or fast food and it’s full of things I know will eventually hurt my dog then my challenge is simple: find something that does my dog good, find something that feeds my dog properly with nourishment so they remain in good health and are protected from infections because now they have a strong immune system.

We can avoid this for our own dogs simply by feeding them a more natural diet, one that doesn’t come from a can or a bag, but rather, from fresh food.

This reminds me of a famous quote that said 'the truth shall set us free'. But there is really only one thing to be set free of, and that’s the ignorance that binds us to bad health, for ourselves and for our dogs.

Beagle sitting in field

Fresh food creates a strong immune system, restores health and protects from disease

Ignorance divides us, sometimes it even kills us. In this case, it’s certainly killing our dogs, and by the millions. But ignorance can be conquered with knowledge, and my mission is to defeat it by clarifying the truth.

We can turn around this decades-old era of poor health in our dogs, simply by feeding them a real food diet.

Summary of Processed Pet Food Dangers

  • Pet food is Big business because the world's food waste is cheap and easy to recycle into pet food with clever chemistry to make it stable enough to last until your dog eats it
  • There is no enforceable law protecting us and our dogs from malpractice, in fact it’s part of the commercial strategy that dovetails into the veterinary and drug business to keep the profits rolling in at every stage of your dog’s life and subsequent death
  • America’s food waste from factory farms, big box brand supermarkets, fast food chains, euthanized zoo, ranch and in some US states domestic pets and the chicken feather industry, gets rendered down to what’s called tallow (looks like thick yellow grease). This is then sent to China to the canners and kibble processors to be mixed with corn, wheat, soy, peanut shells, sawdust, beet pulp, wood pulp etc to create canned and kibble pet foods
  • It’s impossible to know what’s really in pet food from the label because the wording is misleading and hides the fact that the contents, are either un-digestible, synthetic, toxic or laced with up to 29 commonly used chemicals (I won’t tell you now, but notice what’s opposite the pet food in the supermarket isle… now you’ll know why?)
  • Pet food recalls are common just like in the devastating 2007 pet food recall when 9,000 dogs and cats died with another 39,000 left sick and dying, all because a Chinese pet food manufacturer used melamine (an industrial resin) as a protein substitute to artificially boost protein levels
  • We looked at how your dog has evolved from wild dogs over millions of years and the fact that they eat fresh food in the wild. Our dogs have the same biology and digestive system as wild dogs and this has not changed in millions of years, and so by definition, if your dog eats anything other than a natural raw food diet, then your dog is existing in a non natural state
  • Today our dogs are struggling to digest a diet that is completely wrong for them and we have been suckered into believing that canned and kibble pet food is a convenient way of life when in fact it is the opposite, as dogs suffer a perpetual downward spiral that leads to an early death and a less that optimal life experience in the meantime
  • EVERYBODY knows that human health care professionals advise a diet of fresh vegetables, meats and carbohydrates and to eat less fast food, sugary foods and processed foods for improved health. We feed our kids accordingly. So why do we accept a vet telling us that highly processed fast food in packets is not only ‘100% complete and balanced’ but a better choice for your dog than fresh food?

The Solution to Solving Your Dogs Health Problems

Just think if you had the solution to your dog’s health problems, their diet problems, how would that change your dog’s life, how would that change your life?

Imagine... month after month, year after year your dog is everyday healthy, has a strong immune system protecting them from harm and they glow with physical and mental wellbeing.

That’s what this is all about, you know if you think about it you can have a much easier time of it when you have your dog in great health, keeping them that way becomes real easy and all the problems, worry and costs just fade away and you now have peace of mind and it’s a lovely feeling.

Raw Food Diets For Dogs

Feeding your dog a “Real Food Diet” locks in great health lifelong.

And it’s a lovely feeling you can share with your dog because now they feel better, you can see it in their eyes, in their behavior, the way they now look and in their energy.

Ok, let’s talk about your dog’s long term health, your dog’s long term health that you need set in place now because you don’t want to leave it to get worse on canned and kibble pet food.

Every healthy dog fed a real food diet, a raw food diet as early as possible goes on to live an extended life of vibrant health and far less veterinary costs.

The great news is that you can easily take control of your dog’s diet just like you do with your childrens diet and never have to face the future of chronic health problems that will surely come with feeding commercial processed pet food from cans and packets.

That’s why you can’t just depend on hope and hope that your dog will be ok. You need to get your dog eating good food now to have a chance at great health.

You can’t afford to let your dog end its life the same way most other dogs on canned and kibble pet food do.

Your dog gets chronic ill health – always just a matter of time – your dog has a shortened lifespan, you have high vet costs and the anxiety this brings you that you could well do without but live with because they are your best friend and you’ll do anything to help them live a happy life.

That’s what this page is all about it’s about showing you how to have a low maintenance always healthy dog.

Think about it really, it’s beyond where your dog is today, it’s about where you and your dog are going to be in 3, 6, 9... years from now?

little girl and her Golden retriever

Feeding a "Real Food" diet sets an example for our kids to repeat in adulthood.

My job is to have a bigger vision for you and your dog’s future… and I do. This is something I take very seriously. I have seen too many people’s dogs make these incredible transformations in their health, in their life and how that made such a positive impact on their owners lives too.

…they were never so excited for supper in their lives! Smiles from ear to ear! My male is looking amazingly good, coat shines for miles, and muscle definition makes all the other dogs jealous! His digestion problems 100% GONE! My female bully… same amazing looks… Zero ear infections since the switch! I’m actually saving money now even buying raw without a vet trip every single month!

So needless to say you've made my dogs lives and so then also my life so much better. Happier dogs, happier person! Thanks so much for all you do and don't stop doing your thing ever!!

Chris B.
Owner of Two PitBulls that had ear infections and skin allergies

First it was me, I transitioned from helping out friends, family and local dog owners to reaching thousands of dog owners all over the world today.

Sometimes I stepped outside that transformation and said to myself ‘Oh my Goodness this is unbelievable, this is just amazing’… but then when I started teaching this, when I started teaching my formula for balanced diet change, I saw it happening in other people’s lives, I saw their dogs transition and it was unbelievable and you have to decide if and when it’s time for you to switch your dog to a real food diet.

You Just Need to Start Taking the First Small Step

And I lay out the steps, make it easy to start, make it easy to get going and once you get going the rest just falls into place for you.

This is something I’m verry passionate about.

I love seeing those transitions, I love seeing people create a big impact on their dog’s lives through diet change – it’s the biggest single impact you can make in your dog’s life for the better.

At the end of the day that is my job. The vehicle I use is teaching people how to successfully transition their dog over to a raw food diet.

But at the end of the day my greatest reward is witnessing the greater joy a dog gets out of life when they’re eating right, they’re immune system is strong and the dog has physical and mental wellbeing.

Dogs are truly magical animals that bring so much joy into our lives without a second thought to the problems they have to overcome living in our world.

Couple with their pet dog

Rapid health improvements bring you peace of mind.

Dogs deserve that little extra help from us, to put aside our personal issues, step up and get a little uncomfortable if we have to and give them what they clearly need: health, strength, wellbeing, immunity and longevity.

Do that and you get back in countless ways the best friend you ever had.

What Can You Do to Improve Your Dog’s Diet?

Real Food for Dogs book by Dan Scott

So you might be wondering how does this actually work, how do you put the power of a raw food diet to work with your dog?

Introducing Real Food For Dogs

The eBook and Video Program

You now have three options to suit how you learn best...

  • Option 1. Get the Real Food for Dogs book.
  • Option 2. Join the Real Food for Dogs Video Program.
  • Option 3. Join the Real Food for Dogs Video Program with full 1to1 support - Watch live step by step videos and get a full consultation and diet plan plus ongoing hands on email support 24/7 for as long as you need it - perfect if your dog has complicated health issues or you feel more at ease knowing you have expert support always available as you need it.

Option 1.

Real Food For Dogs e-Book

So this is how it works, I’ve been updating my book Real Food For Dogs since 2008.

And the current 2019 edition is now available as an electronic book which means you can simply download it straight away to read on your desktop, laptop, ipad or mobile device in the next few minutes.

No waiting on snail mail, just instant information ready to go.

So first of all you get my 165 page e-book. And the book aims to do one thing: Take you in easy steps from where you are now to where you want to be – a dog owner whose companion dog is successfully switched over to real food and now for the rest of his or her life is low maintenance and long lived in exceptional health.

Everything you need to set your dog on the path to full proof health is set out in a straight forward easy to follow action plan in a step by step process at a pace that suits you and your dog.

The book is laid out over 10 chapters

  • In Chapters 1 through 3 I outline background information you need to know, so you can understand your present position.
  • Chapters 4 through 7 are the core of the book and outline exactly step by step what’s needed, what to do, when and how. Nothing is left out.
  • Chapters 8 through 10 cover questions you may have and other information you need to help smooth the way including feeding guides, sample menus, tables to work out amounts, weights, sizes and so on, everything you need is in there.

Everything you need is in the book including:

  • How to save a fortune in vet bills, reduced by *85% - (*12 month Australian study)
  • Tips on how to cut your food bill to as little as FREE!
  • Complete ingredients list, what to use, how much to feed, how often and when
  • What to feed a puppy and how to adjust the meals as they grow - your raw fed large breed puppy will never get hip dysplasia because now thay are growing uniformly around the socket
  • How to make your own homemade healthy treats - your dog will go nuts for these!
  • How to reduce your dogs obese weight to normal levels easily, effectively and within weeks not months - your dog will have balanced weight, greater muscle definition and far reduced tendency to arthritis in their senior years
  • How to build up scrawny dogs that won’t eat that commercial processed food you serve them, so can’t put on weight - you’ll have them looking the picture of health, fitness and vitality within 12 weeks
  • How to heal and strengthen your dogs immune system - effectively bullet proofing your dog to disease for life
  • How your dogs waste is reduced to 1/3 the size, be almost odorless, harder and drier - which means no mess, easy to remove from the sidewalk and with no gut wrenching smell ever again
  • The one source of water that’s vital to dog health, if you’re not using it your causing more, long term harm to your dog
  • Keeping things simple – there are raw diet books out there that are complicated, use way too many unnecessary supplements, take too long to prepare and things get messy and with no real way of knowing if they are balanced. Real Food for Dogs is kept simple and straightforward while retaining a balanced diet that is working right now for thousands of dogs
  • And much more…

Option 2.

Real Food For Dogs Video Program

Now for the first time ever you can take advantage of the power of video and get the entire Real Food For Dogs package as a special Video Membership Program.

This membership only program has been designed, shot and edited entirely from the ground up over the course of one year so you can learn everything on video from me directly as you’ll see below…

I show you exactly what to do step by step

Where to begin, what to do, how to do it, what you need and where to get it… Everything!

AND… if you get stuck at any point, a support desk is on hand to answer all your questions.

Watch the video below now where I show you inside the Real Food For Dogs Video Program...

Option 3.

Real Food For Dogs Video Program With Full 1to1 Support

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With this option, you get my full done for you personal dog health plan specific to your dog, including a full diet plan, recipes, supplements geared towards your dogs personal needs, a checklist, specific suppliers list links locally to you, my personal recommendations on natural remedies for your dog, ongoing email support for as long as you want it or until your dog is smooth sailing on their new diet.

You also still receive the full video program members package and the book and two special bonuses Free. 

Here's What's in the Plus package...

  • Full consultation to find out all about your dog and their current health levels - I'll run over everything with you so we know exactly where and how to begin your dogs transition
  • Done for you diet and health plan specific to your dogs needs - everything you need to know to get up and running as soon as your ready. What to feed, where, when, how much, where to get it and what to do day by day. This takes all the guess work out and makes starting much easier
  • I'll send you specific food suppliers in your area and make recommendations on where the best deals are and getting the right food your dog needs, saving you all the hassle!
  • I'm also a natural home remedy specialist and you get my knowledge and recommendations free - which means you get advice on highly effective natural remedies specific to your dogs needs and where to get them, saving a fortune on vet drugs and their toxic side effects!
  • Full ongoing email support - important when you need quick advice and support when something crops up unexpectedly and you need fast answers for peace of mind
  • You also get the ebook, Quick Start Guide and Resource Guide Free

What “Real Food for Dogs” Will Do for Your Dog

Here's What Real Food For Dogs Will Do For Your Dog...

  • Slow down the aging process - A puppy started on the diet should lead a productive energy filled 17 to 19 years of good life, up from 10 to 13 years for the dog fed a processed diet
  • Stop doggy breath, foul gas and strong body odor, just sweet smelling breath, clean smelling coat and very low gas odor
  • Stop obsessive scratching as the skin - your dogs largest organ - is nourished and healed which means the end of hot spots, inflammations, ear infections, dermatitis and mange
  • No more drugs! Just think, no more resorting to expensive toxic drug treatments and over the counter chemically dubious medicated shampoos and other concoctions – throw them in the trash, you won’t need them any more
  • Imagine your house with almost zero doggy smell. No fusty odors, just fresh smelling dog beds, rugs and carpet which means far less washing! Massively decreased shedding, so dinner guests won’t get hairs on their clothes from your dog and your vacuume cleaner will love you!
  • Allergies, allergies, allergies… the curse of millions of dogs subsisting on processed pet food and therefore a worry in your life. Once you get started with the book or video program the problems will quickly and dramatically reverse then vanish within a few weeks
  • Build up the untapped potential in your dog’s body, firming up flabby soft kibble created muscles and craft an athletic specimen of a dog to be proud of as the comments come thick and fast from the other secretly envious dog owners down at the dog park
  • Heal and strengthen your dogs immune system, effectively bullet proofing your dog to disease for life - you can't imagine how important this is for a senior dog's wellbeing - a priceless gift!
  • Your dogs coat will quickly become shiny, soft, clean and smell just like when they were a puppy - you won’t be able to resist hugs and general close handling of your dog becuae now they just smell so good! Still to this day we delight in close physical handling with our dog ‘Rocco’ especially with sweet breath too.
  • Your dog’s chronic health conditions can be reversed. This includes arthritis, IBS, UTI's, mange, diabetes, various cancers of the liver, kidney, colon, bowel. Skin and heart diseases, severe allergic reactions, diarrhea, behavior problems, including increased aggressiveness, immune system breakdown - the list is endless, meaning you can stop the pain, drugs, worry, sleepless nights, financial burden and get your healthy dog back for life
  • Put the energy, endurance and alertness back into your lack luster dog - processed pet food fouls up your dogs now delicate immune system (your dogs defence mechanism), now as things quickly heal, your dog will become more energetic, fitter, stronger and much sharper of mind... as if a vale of fog has been lifted, even in senior dogs
  • Many phobic behaviors such as aggression, moodiness, anxiety and fearful behavior disappear to be replaced by calmness and confidence.
  • Kidney ailments, painful plugs, crystals, stones and urinary tract infections from dehydrating kibble begin to heal as your dogs immune system starts to become balanced gets stronger 
  • Your sense of relief and knowing you've done the best for your dog enriches your bond
  • And much more…

How “Real Food for Dogs” Has Helped Other Dog Owners

Now, I want to show you two dog owners and their best friends who both had stubborn seemingly untreatable health conditions.

Daria and her dog Elmo...

Testimonial for Real Food for Dogs by Dan Scott

Through word of mouth about my work with dogs Daria contacted me to meet her dogs. Daria had 3 dogs, 2 in their senior years but the most immediate problem she faced concerned her 18 month old dog Elmo.

Elmo suffered from a deteriorating skin condition causing hair loss, pimples, dry flaky skin, ear infection and sores. Daria had already thrown £734 / $1,104 into blood tests, steroid injections, antibiotics and other anti allergy drugs with very limited short term results.

So I gave Elmo a good look over and wrote up a diet plan to begin the following day.

30 days later I went back to visit Elmo to see how he was getting on and this was the result of those 4 weeks between visits.

Before and after photo of dog using Dan Scott's Real Food for Dogs book

These two before & after photos were taken 30 days apart

As you can see by following the new diet plan Elmo’s skin condition has already healed greatly, probably 90% healed already in just 30 days!

And this is what Daria had to say about her dogs healing over the 30 days.

I have three dogs, Elmo just 18 months old, Lilly and Chloe who are both eleven years old now.

I always fed a combination of wet and dry food that I found unpleasant and smelly.

The young dog Elmo was plagued by acne, his skin was in a dreadful condition even losing his hair in places. The vet put him on antibiotics and other anti-allergy drugs, the acne would go away for a while but never really heal and then come back again.

He had spots on and off for months, it made him a little aggressive and hyper. I began to realize that Elmo was never going to come off the antibiotics, he would stay on them forever and that really worried me.

After the switch to Dans “Real Food” diet it became so obvious within just a week that Elmo was getting much better, his behaviour changed, he is more calm, happy and obedient.

He plays with the Dachshund in the morning while I am doing my work-that never happened before. His hair started to grow back within a week and a few weeks later his coat became really glossy. I also noticed he was now more defined and looking better than ever.

Meal time is a joy, all eating peacefully together, there is no smell now from the food, everything is eaten, their breath never smells and the poos are amazing-I pick them up! Apart from cleaning Elmo down after runs in the park when it’s muddy, there’s so little need for bathing the dogs now, they just stay smelling fresh!

Daria Epstein
PR Consultant

Nothing beats the feeling I get when dog owners come back to me with stories of how their dogs health improved dramatically, it’s a sweet feeling that makes all the hours I put into this very rewarding.

Next, I want to move onto Sonia and her dog Rage.

Again through word of mouth, Sonia came to me with an even greater dog health problem that had taken her all the way to the point of considering putting her sweet dog down and all because no answer could be found for the health problems her dog suffered.

Click to watch the short video below.

Healing the Worst of Diseases – Cancer

“Real food” is important for your dog’s ability to fortify itself to future disease or cure itself of a current disease.

“Real food” allows your dog the chance to use it's amazing health properties as active healing medicine.

I couldn’t resist sharing two replies I received which underline the power of raw food to heal the toughest of diseasesCancer!

I am so Happy to find your video. it gave me and my husky hope… He’s been in pain the past few nights and can’t sleep because of the? pain :'( pls help. thank you…

And a day later:

Thank you very much for helping me out. My dog’s sores are big now especially the one in the anal area. I refused chemo cause i know It’s poison. I researched for other? ways to cure his cancer and Thank God I found your video. again, Thank you.

Less than 1 month later I received this reply:

Mr.Dan, thank you for your videos. Eversince i fed raw meat to my husky with cancer, His condition improved a lot! Before, his limbs are weak and can hardly walk. Now, he can run already! We can actually

All the vets who checked on my husky said? that nothing can be done about our dog’s condition anymore. One vet even recommended euthanasia! 
HRH Grey
Via You Tube

And this from Linda Pearson...

My dog has, 2 days ago been diagnosed with advanced liver cancer, I have been to a different vet for a 2nd opinion, as the first didn’t do an x-ray. The 2nd said the first was correct and x-rayed, they don’t want to operate as they said this will just confirm their diagnosis and she will have to be put to sleep on the operating table – I am desperate – any advice will be so greatfully appreciated – Please

So I replied to Linda, gave her all the advice I could for her dog’s circumstances and diet needs and to ask any questions she needed answers to and wished her well. And this past week 59 days later, Linda replied back with the following message.

DAN – PLEASE READ – Ref message 18/7/13 -? TILLY IS CURED – TERMINALLY ILL – CURED!!!! – let me know if you want any info – Linda & TILLY :))))))))))))) x

Linda Pearson
Via You Tube

More of my customers comments...

Dan, wow what great customer service !!! And you are truly SOOO good at what ya do ;) great attitude great rapport w clients and great on video!!! But thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication to helping animals!!!:).

This means a ton!!! I have told a few of my fellow pet owner buddies of your program and they are checking ya out too!!

Thanks again, Robin

Robin M.
Labrador mix with diabetic and pancreatic failure

My dog is doing great! She loves it! She’s breathing fine!!! I’m amazed! I have not given her any drugs today!!! Thank you so much! I appreciate you helping me! Your help is priceless and I hope to return the kindness to you somehow! Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you!

JoAn S.
Lab/Shar Pei Mix with arthritis, hind leg weakness, laryngeal paralysis, UTS's and bad teeth

I am sooooo looking forward to no more skin allergies… I am excited there is an alternative – a much more desirable one for sure! …it makes so much sense… Thank you for sharing your knowledge with your fellow dog-owners in the rest of the world.Eagle already seems happier, peppier and more loving. …not leaving globs of hair on the carpet and his teeth look better already. AND he is SUPER excited for his food!

Susan H.
Dog with Skin Allergies

After purchasing your ebook I then shamelessly fired emails off to you with every query that I had, I wanted to say thank you, for being so generous with your availability and offering so much advice and help when we needed it most.

I strongly believe following your feeding advice was the foundation to her wellness despite her illness (diabetes). So thank you again for being a dog lover and sharing your knowledge to help improve the health of dogs everywhere.

Gillian F.
Dog with diabetes

Two weeks later with Wilbur (and my Beagle) on a raw diet - and it is like a miracle. His appetite has returned, he is so happy again, and his eyes are lively and his coat looks beautiful... ...and loving his walks again.

...You know, I cannot predict Wilbur's lifespan, and I realize our dogs all die one day. But I am so grateful for you and your teachings. I am my dogs' guardian. I will fight to the finish with them and for them. It makes me sick that I just followed that vet's advice and gave antibiotics to Wilbur without doing any research. Well, thanks to you, I was blind but now I see.

Labrador with bad liver and ALT numbers off the chart!

Nothing makes my day more that hearing back from dog owners who have healed their best friends through the power of a well thought out natural diet plan – it works on the pesky problems and it works on the big incurable diseases too.

Nothing prevents, heals and sustains like real food, it truly is the magical elixir for ultimate dog health. And as one of my customers pointed out their recovery rate is amazing”.

“Real Food for Dogs” Comes With Two Great Bonuses

I’m a big fan of over delivering.

So I thought long and hard about how can I make it even better for you.

And I came up with not 1 but 2 carefully considered bonuses to really help you get the most out of Real Food For Dogs.

These two bonuses complement the book and video program perfectly and not only make transitioning your dog’s diet more effective, but they do it in a more convenient way.

Qucik Start Guide for Dan Scott's book Real Food for Dogs
Resource Guide for Dan Scott's book Real Food for Dogs

The first bonus is your Quick Start Guide

The quick start guide is the birds eye view of the diet. It lays out the entire process into a quick ready reference 'paint by numbers' guide. It contains a 7 day diet check list section you can print out, stick to the fridge, fill in the blanks with your dog’s diet details and get going.

All you then need to do to stay on track and remember your dogs daily diet plan and check the quick start guide and you instantly know what to do. It’s simple and easy to do. A great time saver, keeping you on track over the initial weeks as you settle on your dog’s new healthy eating plan.

The second bonus is your comprehensive Resource Guide.

This resource guide covers all your raw food needs and includes the US, UK and Canada so you can instantly know where to buy the food your dogs needs. No wondering where to find what you need and what to buy, the resource guide will get you started.

Lots of great value with theses bonuses and a perfect fit for the main book and video program. They help you to easily know what to do quickly, stay on track and get what you need without extra effort so you stay feeling confident, relaxed and secure in the knowledge that what you are doing is improving your dogs long term health dramatically.

Invest in Your Dog and You Will be Greatly Rewarded


*Now, all investments have risks except this one.

There’s 2 ways this investment can go for you.

Here’s the first one. You get the Real Food for Dogs book option 1 or video program option 2, you apply the simple step by step strategy to your dog and the results are nothing short of amazing. You love the changes, we become friends and your best friend shines in so many new and wonderful ways.

The second way goes like this, you don’t do anything with the material or you get distracted or you decide it’s not for you. In this case you just take advantage of my 30 day guarantee policy and you just send me a note and I get you a refund as soon as possible. No harm, no fault, no hard feelings.

So either you get a healthy, happy dog with current health problems fixed or you get your money back.

Now I don’t know about you but I’d like to find more investments with those kinds of options. So basically I’m putting my money where my mouth is, you have a full 30 days to see if Real Food for Dogs is right for you.

If you determine that it’s not for you, just let us know and you get your money back right away. No hassle no hard feelings so just go ahead and choose the option below that best suits you and join all the successful dog owners before you who have stepped up to heal their dogs.

*Please note that there is no refund on the 1 to 1 support program option 3 as right from the beginning, I'm working on your behalf and put in more time and effort for you and your dog than your investment covers. I do it because I love dogs and many dog owners need hands on help and support or they won't get started and I enjoy healing your dog with you.

I want to take a moment and tell you how much I truly appreciate what you are doing for us. I know it must be very time consuming for you... So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Doreen M.
Rottweiler with liver disease onset

First up, Thank you, not only for your above the call of duty service but for your genuine ( comes across as genuine anyway - lol !! ) concern and interest in my situation, I very much appreciate the effort that you have gone to long after the pay-pal transferee would have cleared, it’s refreshing.

Chris F.
GSD Mix with diabetes and UTI's

Now you have a decision to make I can’t make it for you, the only thing I can tell you is this, that Real Food for Dogs absolutely works, its worked for me it’s worked for thousands of my Real Food for Dogs owners.

Of course you have to learn the simple steps and you have to apply them to your dog. But it just plain works, it works.

Your current diet is not helping your dog right now, hasn’t in the past and wont in the future, in fact it’ll only get worse.

Now is your time, it’s time to step up and join thousands of other Real Food for Dogs owners and there’s never been a better time, but you have to act now, Get Real Food for Dogs and bring the awesome power of a properly laid out balanced raw food diet into you and your dog’s life.

1. Book Only

Real Food for Dogs book by Dan Scott

What's Included

  • Real Food For Dogs 165 page e-Book
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Resource Guide



100% safe & secure payment

2. Video Program

What's Included

  • Video Program Membership
  • Real Food For Dogs eBook - FREE
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Resource Guide
  • Help Desk

$67 47


100% safe & secure payment

3. Video Program

  Plus 1to1 Support

What's Included

  • Full Consultation, Diet Plan and Ongoing Personal Email Support
  • Video membership program
  • Real Food For Dogs eBook - FREE
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Resource Guide

$197 147


100% safe & secure payment

I wish you and your dog all the long life giving benefits that nature has blessed us with.


Dan Scott

P.S. Your dog deserves this chance at real lifelong health. I am here for you both and will do my best as you have seen from the testomonials above.

P.P.S. The decision to begin may seem difficult right now, but you have my 100% guarantee and like anything new, it gets so much easier once you pick up and just get going, and before long you know it was the best decision you ever made... and your dog, well lets just say they are very lucky to have you as their best friend.

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