How The Secret Ingredient Missing From Kibble Heals Your Dog

My dog means everything to meIs your dog itching, scratching possibly with red-hot looking skin?

There is a way to stop the problem without drugs and without changing what you’re feeding now, but first it’s important to know what’s gone wrong for your poor dog to be suffering like this and the link to kibble that’s being hidden from you.

The vast majority of dog owners visit the vet’s office, explain the symptoms and every single time, out come the steroids, antibiotics and the hard-sell about switching kibble brands to some expensive veterinary prescribed specialist grain free allergy pet food, which makes no real difference, just costs you more!

Is Grain Free Kibble The Answer?

Many dog owners seem to be trying out the grain free formulas lately to see if that makes any difference to their dogs suffering!

Does grain free kibble work?

The short answer is sadly, no. Why?

It’s true that grains and other starches have a detrimental impact on your dogs gut health by causing inflammation with yeast overgrowth and skin allergies the result you can actually see as your dog scratches away at seemingly endless new patches of skin that irritate them.

The Dog Skin Allergy Link between Kibble, Starch and Yeast You Don’t Get Told!

Meanwhile yeast is a fungus and it’s ever present on your dog’s body as part of the natural flora both inside and out. And when your dogs immune system (it’s internal health protection mechanism) gets over worked from too much starch in kibbles, it cannot stop the overgrowth of yeast in the hair follicles of your dogs skin which leads to an outbreak of itching.

So while you want to keep your dog off all those antibiotics and steroids because they cause harmful side effects, you know your dogs food has a lot to do with the problem, that’s why going grain free seems a good option.

Dogs leg with hot spotBut, and here’s the kicker! (and what pet food manufacturers and vets will never tell you)…

A starch is a starch, whether it’s from kibbles containing grains like corn, wheat and rice or from grain free kibbles containing potatoes, peas or tapioca.

And that’s the problem, grain free or not, kibbles still contain high amounts of starch and it’s this starch that feeds the skin allergies and fuels the yeasty outbreaks which includes health problems like the following:

  • Gunky (yeasty) ear infections
  • Watery gunky eyes
  • Dry nose
  • Cracked foot pads
  • Dull smelly coat
  • Excessive shedding
  • Excessive paw licking
  • Hot Spots
  • Skin Mange outbreaks

So Why Not Make Kibble Starch Free?

Stinky dog kibbleKibbles cannot be made without starch. Not only is it cheap to supply but it’s crucial to bind the food together into one piece. Without starch, the kibble would just crumble and become powder by the time you bought the bag from the store.

And it doesn’t matter whether it’s full of different grains, grain free or an expensive allergy prescription diet; they are all full of starch.

So what can you do to stop your poor dogs itching? What are your options?

  1. Switch diet to a fresh whole raw food diet.
  2. Switch diet to a home cooked diet.
  3. Add some ‘perfect food value food supplements’ to what you already feed now.

So you’re probably thinking that option 1 and 2 are not what you want to do right now, maybe because of expense or time or convenience, but what’s option 3 all about?

There’s a way to help stop allergies without changing diet?

How can you still feed your usual canned or kibble brand but with a few simple additions tossed into the food bowl to really change your dogs health for the better and stop the allergies, the yeast outbreaks and the endless itching?

From a decade of research and practice with canine nutrition and natural remedies, I’ve put together a shortlist of 7, what I call ‘perfect value food supplements’ to get the biggest health gains from the smallest time and cost.

Imagine this?

Border CollieSo now imagine you have 7 simple food supplements in your kitchen that take maybe a minute or so to prepare and serve, and by adding these food supplements to each meal will boost your dog’s health 10 fold!

And within weeks the itching has stopped and you quickly see improvements in energy, attitude and coat quality plus all those pesky skin allergies that cause you and your dog anxiety, up and disappear.

Adding these 7 supplemental foods to your dog’s meal as directed can mean the following benefits:

  • Reduced allergies – you’ll notice many skin allergies simply disappear!
  • Reduced skin problems like ear infections, mange and hotspots.
  • Reduced arthritis – You’ll notice greater freedom of movement, especially in the hips and back legs.
  • Reduced chance of diabetes now your dog has greater protection.
  • Reduced Urinary Tract Infections with greater protection.
  • Reduced gas and reduced smell.
  • Better eye health with fewer infections.
  • Better coat health with decreased shedding and more luxuriant coat.
  • Better internal organ health overall.
  • Better digestive system health.
  • Better gut health.
  • Improved mental health with improved mood and clarity.
  • Stronger immune system – better able to protect from diseases.
  • More energy and aliveness now your dog is feeling happier inside.
  • Chance of developing cancer reduced from 1 in 2 to 1 in 10
  • Much reduced reliance on medications like steroids, corticosteroids, antibiotics and NSAID’s
  • Boosting live enzyme intake – a powerful health aid, especially for older dogs as kibble fed dogs get NONE, which contributes to long term health decline, diabetes and pancreatitis.

These 7 perfect value food supplements between them create an amazing home remedy solution to most of the chronic health problems your dog could face or maybe facing right now.

Added to your dog’s daily kibble or canned meals, they can provide a health boost that means your dogs health quickly improves as yeast is now kept in check.

But I’m still Feeding the Kibble Which Is Full of Starch – How Does That Work?

These, what I call perfect value food supplements help to boost your dog’s whole food nutrition intake and are loaded with the following:

  • Live enzymes
  • Natural vitamins and minerals
  • Healthy proteins
  • Healthy oils
  • Fiber
  • Antioxidants
  • Probiotics

And Scores of other powerful nutritional additions, that your dogs immune system responds in kind to put an end to the allergies your dog currently suffers from.

Now your dog’s immune system is getting boosted nutritional support which goes to work healing the problems from too much starch in the kibble. The extras you toss in your dogs food bowl with the kibble act as healing medicine, far surpassing anything from the vets.

And it does it without veterinary expense, without antibiotics, without steroids, without expensive prescription allergy diets and without changing your current kibble brand.

Are You Willing to Do This Little Bit Extra for Your Dog?

A man giving his dog some waterIf you can spare an extra 1 or maybe 2 minutes a day and about 50 cents a day in up-front costs, you’ll be rewarded with the following:

Halving your veterinary costs going forward which actually means you now save money, so you actually get that 50 cents back and more!

Avoiding the intoxication of your dog by antibiotics and steroids which are actually useless long term because you still feed the starchy kibbles and so the problem will return every single time.

Do this and Reduce Your Dogs Cancer Risk From 1 in 2 to 1 in 10!

Your dog gets much healthier inside and out and now feels better than you’ve seen them in years!

Not only will you notice the benefits of adding some or all of these supplemental foods to your dog’s meals, they will continue to help protect and prevent chronic health problems going forward. What this means is a happier more healthy dog, a longer lived dog and less problems for you, especially with veterinary costs and confusion figuring out how to help your allergy stricken dog.

For pennies and a couple extra minutes each day, you’ll save thousands and have a happier, healthier dog.

Replace 33% of That Kibble Meal with the 7 New Additions and Your Dog Lives Longer

Research statistics reveal that a dog fed 33% less treats and junk food a day can live up to 5 years longer!

I’ve spent over a decade testing and figuring out how to help dog owners like you to boost your dog’s health and stop the allergies, but do it all without changing what you feed, without vet drugs and high costs. I know you don’t need any of that in your life right now but you do want your dog to be healthier and happier, and so finally its here, Feed Your Dog Better.

And This Is Just One Part of The eBook… There’s a Whole Lot More Inside!

The Feed Your Dog Better ebook contains a wealth of other home remedies to benefit from besides this 7 perfect value food supplement program AKA The Healthier Kibble Diet.

Have a look now, watch the video as I explain what that one missing ingredient in kibble is and how when you add it back in, your dog begins healing from the first meal.

Get your dog back into great shape, the simpler, cheaper, quicker and more effective way and you’ll never look back!

About Dan

Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


  1. What is the best raw meat to buy? Packaged chicken or ground meat? Pre-made in the pet store refrigerator? Then can you add vegetables can those be cooked?

  2. A combination is good 2-3 choices ground and packaged and pre-made is fine. Yes, you can add part cooked veg and well crushed/mashed for better absorption as dogs cannot digest whole veg well.

  3. Hello Dan
    I have a Jack Russell that just turned 15yrs. young. Brady is having issues with putting on weight even though he is drinking water and enjoying Acana kibble which I’VE READ WAS RECOMMENED by you on YouTube. His vet put him on Hill’s prescription diet (canned food to see if it would help. At present he weighs 12lbs. and had blood work done and the vet can’t seem to find anything as everything seems normal. The only thing the vet said is he may have pancreatitis issues. His stools look good and no issues there but at times if he has too much to eat then he will vomit.
    AT THIS POINT I really don’t know what to do for him to gain weight, I just ordered Enzyme Miracle (another product you recommend, and I have started him on that 2 days ago. Is there anything I can do for him to start gaining weight?
    I would appreciate any suggestions you may have.
    Thank you,

    Patricia K

  4. Hi Patrick, sure I answered this on YT with some ideas? Here’s my YT response: Your doing great, have to say that. I’d cut the kibble/canned portion of the meal in half and replace with fresh foods such as the eggs, sardines, part cooked and blended veggies and some meat proteins like chicken, beef or lamb.
    The calories in pet food are whats called hollow calories, meaning they do not carry wholefood nutrition, it’s more carbs based calories which are not so filling, dont last long and don’t leave the dog satisfied enough, so he continually wants more. When do as I stated above, he’ll feel better and fuller and more satisfied. To increase weight, add 10% extra each day for the month and if he has not incresed weight, add another 10% the next month and so on..
    Check his stools that doesnt have worms too. I have a natural solution for that too. Don’t use vet drugs or vaccines! Keep him clean of this.
    If you want to swap from Acan to Ketona when the bag is finished, that’s an even better kibble as it’s only 5% carbs. Meaning, more of the food goes to putting on weight. The enzyme miracle will help the digestion process be more efficient. Fresh food additions is your next step Patrick.
    Ketona Kibble:

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