Which Holistic Dog Food is Healthier and Your Dog Lives Longer?

Holistic dog foodIn truth, holistic dog food is anything but new. It is simply resorting back to what made the canine everything that people have become endeared to.

When considering that Mother Nature was able to nourish and help the species thrive over fifteen million years, it is curious as to how anyone justifies a simple seventy years of bagged and canned food as a healthy dog food.

Most people do not know that canine nutrition is largely under taught during training to become a veterinarian; and what nutrition seminars are offered are commonly funded by the dog food companies. As more pets fall ill, pet food recalls rise and veterinary costs skyrocket, ignoring that something is not right in the world of dog ownership is now nearly impossible.

Dr. Wendell O. Belfield, D.V.M. states, “The most frequently asked question in my practice is, “Which commercial pet food do you recommend?” My standard answer is “None.”.

What is taught in veterinary schools is that the biology of domesticated dogs is closely related to that of wolves and that little has changed from its earliest ancestors. However, many somehow believe that any dog should be able to suddenly ingest a manufactured food source and digest it perfectly without knocking its system off balance; even if that food source is largely comprised of ingredients that have no place in a dog’s diet to begin with.

The question then asks what force could be so persuasive that anyone would decide such concepts are logical. In the end, you find the advertising tactics of the largely unregulated seventeen billion dollar dog food industry. An industry that is hardly more than a mass of rendering plants for convenient population waste management but deems natural holistic dog foods unsafe and dangerous.

What is a Holistic Dog Food?

Raw Food Diets For DogsThe adage ‘You are what you eat’ not only holds true for humans, it holds true for their canine companions as well. Many humans have turned away from Western medicine for holistic medicines, simply because they are ready to be treated as a whole person and not a sum of parts.

The use of holistic dog food offers every bit of the same benefits. Rather than treating one symptom at a time, the all over health of a dog becomes paramount through nutrition. The current methods of treating such things as canine arthritis with medication while still ingesting commercial dog food is akin to trying to repair a bridge as cars continue to drive over it. It is what results in the frustration many feel when medicines and constant trips to the vet do no good.

What is the Best Best Holistic Dog Food?

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The Best Dog Food in The World
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Canines fed a natural dog food diet live five to eight years longer than dogs on a diet of commercial products. While the holistically fed dog has the enzymes to transport nutrients to the right place, the heat process that kills enzymes in commercial foods ensure the other does not. As the latter suffers from everything from hot spots to neurological inflammations because his or her immune system is compromised, the first has an immune system that is able to put a stop to problems before they ever manifest.

The system of a dog fed with commercial food products is one that struggles constantly to make use of the sparse nutrients in its chemical laden food. The system of a holistically fed dog – a dog eating a whole fresh raw food dog diet – does not as the enzymes and natural unaltered proteins nourish and heal all on their own, increasing not only life span but the quality of life to the highest degree.

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