Dog Health Information – The Healing Power of Natural Diet

dog health informationThese days, many pet owners seek out dog health information in one form or another from their veterinarian’s office. However, a good number of dog owners find themselves in their vet’s office so much they feel like they are stuck in a revolving door.

Since 1997, veterinarians have been hiking prices at more than twice the rate of inflation and 2010 estimates show that pet owners spent nearly 14 billion dollars in vet care alone. This is because the vast majority of pet owners have yet to learn the one thing that secures a low maintenance, long lived life of optimum health for their dog.

Why Our Dogs Get Sick, Suffer Allergies and Die Too Young

From severe allergic reactions to diabetes to heart disease and various cancers, the acute and chronic illnesses running amok in the canine population are so common many view it just a normal aspect of pet ownership. Yet, there are a few key points to consider on the subject:

  • 90% of illness in dogs is diet related
  • Feeding commercial dog food diets is a relatively new practice of only 70 years
  • Many now common illnesses in dogs were unheard of a century ago
  • The canine physiology is designed to process nutrients from raw foods and all commercial dog food products are human food waste rendered down over high heat and packed with artificial additives and processed into cans and bags

Commercial Dog Food is Filled With Low Grade Ingredients, Fillers and Chemical Additives

Dog food companies assure that their products offer balanced nutrients; however, ingesting a food source comprised of diseased and rejected meat from slaughterhouses, animal derivatives, road kill, rendered diseased feedlot livestock, spoiled grains and a mixture of chemical preservatives and additives is an obvious danger.

Because most pet owners take the word of dog food companies in good faith and never bother to look at ingredient labels, this is exactly what is dispensed into millions of food dishes each day. Then pet owners wonder why they are in a non stop cycle of seeking out dog health information for everything from dog allergies to canine cancer.

Prevent Dog Health Problems With A Higher Standard of Diet – Your Dog Needs it!

Healing a pet and preventing dog health issues requires tossing out canned and bagged dog foods in favor of a diet of fresh foods based around raw meat and bone as a whole food or minced up. With live enzymes, phytochemicals, antioxidants, flavinoids, vitamins, minerals and a full range of over 35 proteins that work as both food and medicine, a diet of raw meat and bone can get a dog healing from the inside out from the very first meal.

As stated by Dr. Doreen Hock, DVM, on natural diets;

Based on the current literature and our own experience, we believe that pets thrive… have more energy and vitality, their coats are thicker and shinier, their teeth need cleaning less often, they have fewer allergy problems and they live longer, healthier lives…”

To get a dog healing the way Mother Nature intended, a diet based around the basics of raw meat and bone is a must. Unaltered nutrients from raw meat and bone boost the immune system and heal a laundry list of ailments that commonly cripple dogs and markedly shorten their lifespan. Within months, if not weeks, a dog can be returned to a robust health and vitality worlds away from where they started.

Watch the video below and let me explain how your dog can thrive not simply survive.

What do Dogs Eat to Thrive Not Simply Survive?

Get the free report below, read it through and discover how you can use the dog health information to get your dog to ultimate health for a healthier longer lived life.

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