Raw Food Dog Diet – What to Feed Your Dog?

raw food dog dietGenerally we have a pretty good handle on what to feed our kids, we pretty much know the basics of what constitutes a relatively nutritious meal that our kids will benefit from as they grow.

We think about what goes into our kid’s dinner, from an assortment of carbohydrates, vegetables and generally some form of meat. So a meal of chicken, potatoes, carrots and peas would be something we can readily identify with as generally a good meal for our kids to eat. And especially if the meal it’s prepared from fresh produce.

We also pretty much know that feeding out kids junk food is best kept to a minimum for health reasons which is why we don’t give our kids pizza or Mac Donald’s for dinner every day of the week, it’s not good for them that often is it?

What Do We Know About Our Dogs Nutritional Needs?

One thing that strikes me about people and their dogs. They love them with so much passion that the dog is essentially part of the family, loved every bit as much as other members of the family, I mean they are almost our children in furry coats aren’t they?

A mans best friendThat first meeting with our dog when we return from a days’ work is a happy one for both of us, it reminds us of why we have a dog, so that we can be swept up in the moment of canine excitement and be happy. Our dog provides happiness, love and joy which makes our life more pleasant to live and that little bit less stressful.

So why is it then that we have not a clue about what our dog really ate last night?

Do You Really Know What You Gave Your Dog to Eat Last Night?

I mean what was actually in that can of mush or packet of dried kibbles. My guess is we haven’t a clue and if we really had to stick our neck out and say “I know, because I read the label” we would actually only really be able to A bowl of kibble on the table to eatrecall the marketing speak on the label and perhaps, really, we only remember the TV adverts continually messaging us with “complete & balanced” or “made with fresh meat” or “100% complete” or “trusted by vets” or “healthy vitality” or “custom care” or “healthy life nutrition”, you get the picture. We only really remember the marketing message they want us to see, hear and take on board.

The crucial point here is that we have not a clue what we are really feeding our pets. Why?

Because, while we can have dominion over our kids food, when it comes to our dogs we cannot have, are not allowed to have and are held back from having any knowledge whatsoever about our pets nutrition. Why?

Human Food Has Laws, Dog food Has Only Guidelines (easy to ignore) Why?

Because while human food is tightly regulated by law, animal food is only loosely regulated by guidelines with no set law that puts someone in jail if crossed. Pet food manufacturers are free to concentrate their efforts on producing the most cost effective pet food they can create. And in the world of factory produced by-products, human waste food and reject feed lot animals; there is a world of compromise, skullduggery and outright perversion of the truth. We cannot know this sleight of hand that swaps law for useless guidelines, Why?

Because, well for one, it’s immensely profitable to build a system that collects all the food garbage of the world, lace it with artificial additives for flavor, preservatives for a long shelf life among the 27 chemical options that go into pet food and stuff it into cans and packets to feed cats, dogs, fish, rabbits, chickens, ferrets and any other pet the general public love to keep.

Because that system is hidden from public view, in fact it’s presented through media advertising with a cute cuddly face juxtaposed with half truths and misinformation statements like the ones above. And because the profit is vast the media message is constant peak viewing from one generation to the next until we have no clue what a dog should really eat bar mush in cans or dry kibble bits in packets.

The video below spells out the dangers of feeding commercial dog food, click to watch it now.

The Only Thing “Premium” About Pet Food is The Price

As pet food investigator Ann Martin clearly explains:

“If it had not been for the illness of my two dogs in 1990 I would likely still be feeding commercial pet foods, thinking I was doing what is best for my beloved pets. I would be also still be paying vet bills almost on a monthly basis”

So you see the real truth is we don’t have a clue about our pet’s nutritional needs like we do with our kids because of a two tier system that keeps us in the dark about the world of pet food. As human food is so tightly controlled with laws, we can have reasonable access to knowledge about what constitutes human nutrition but animal food is a different matter altogether. We have no clue about pet nutrition really because we are not supposed to as it’s not really got any laws attached to it and so can be rigged with malpractice that leads to very low quality food at high prices.

As they say “garbage in, garbage out”, the upshot is that it’s been awesome for the last 30/40/50 years to make a fortune out of food garbage instead of making fertilizer or dumping it as land fill.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have been feeding our beloved family pets what essentially should be going in the trash, only through loopholes and self regulation we are convinced that this trash is actually premium pet food that is good & nutritious for our dogs to eat.

The World As It Is And The World That Could Be

child hugging boxerI’ve been involved in feeding dogs since I was 3 when I had my first dog. We grew up on a farm and it was understood that dogs ate their dinner in its raw state as their generations had done for 15 million years and way before humans came along to substitute dog nutrition with baked kibble bits. Sure, they got the table scraps from a family of six, with the unpalatable stuff given to the pigs that were not in the least bit picky but for the most part our dogs ate the extras from the lamb, pork and chicken meats-on-the-bone that we ate as a family. We just cooked our food and the dogs ate theirs raw as was natural to them and how they derived the best nutrition from meat & bones.

The dogs always lived long and happy lives and rarely saw the vet, they didn’t need too.

Today I’m a world away from the farm but the fact remains, dogs need the nutrition they were evolved to always eat, anything less is a compromise. And anything laced with artificial additives, flavors, colors, preservatives, carcinogens, in-edible fiber, drug residue, plastics, pulp, diseased feed lots animals, spent food factory oil waste, rancid supermarket waste, euthanized pets and floor sweepings is just downright disgusting – not going in my dog!

Do You Want Your Dog to Live to 12.5 or 18 Years Old?

Is it any wonder our dogs age so quickly and die young. Sorry I forgot, did you know that dogs have the genetic ability to live into their late twenties? Yes I was surprised too when I first found out. The average age of a dog’s life is 12.5 in the first world (our world!) when really, with decent nutrition, our dogs can live to 25+!… that’s double!!!

Can you imagine A: knowing what your dog really ate last night and B: actually feeding your dog a raw chicken quarter just like you would happily cook up for your kids only in this case no cooking necessary, just pull out the fridge and serve. And for your dog to live on another 4/5/6/7/ 8 years longer than you thought possible, just because you now know what was good for your dog to eat, just like you know what’s good for your kids.

No rocket science involved, just some clear unadulterated thinking is necessary.

Here’s how?

Canned dog food is a compromise: Cost = dog lives less and costs way more in veterinary fees when sick from compromised food = drawn out sad painful ending for dog and heart ache for you.dog operation at the vet

Kibble dog food is a compromise: Cost = dog lives less and costs way more in veterinary fees when sick from compromised food = drawn out sad painful ending for dog and heart ache for you.

Raw diet dog food: Cost = dog lives longer and overall costs way less in veterinary fees as far healthier for far longer = shorter less painful ending for dog and longer joy filled experience for us.Raw Food Diets For Dogs

Raw Dog Food Diet

If you really want to know what’s in dog food and how you’ve been deceived, then get my free report just over on the right side. If you have concerns about the usual arguments against feeding pets raw diet dog food then please ask me questions on the contact page or below in the comments. If you want to save your dog from compromised dog food but don’t know where to begin, then get my book by clicking here. It will tell you everything you need to know if you’re wondering about how to make raw dog food diet recipes, including all the food types, how much.

The video below reveals the best dog food in the world, click to watch now.

In the End, Truth Is Self Evident

No matter the arguments in any debate, there is only one truth that stands scrutiny. And that truth is “food that is as close to its natural state as possible from an animal that was healthy is far healthier and nutritious than over cooked degenerated additive laden & preserved food waste in a can or packet”

Dog Raw Food Diet = Real Life Long Health and Wellbeing

Dogs like their food in its natural state, they like it raw for all the advantages it gives their system for nourishment as it has been for dog’s way before we were conned into thinking they ate canned & packet food. They may not even know they like it when they’ve been fooled for so long on packet food, but then how could they know when all along they have been compromised because you didn’t know either.

Drop your objections, just for a moment and imagine I might be right?

What would you want to know next, what questions do you have?

What gets in the way of you becoming as knowledgeable about your dogs dinner as you are about your child’s dinner?

Ask below, ask whatever comes into your head, and find out now… it could make all the difference to your dog thriving and not simply surviving!

About Dan

Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


  1. Hi there, I have two malamutes one 13 month old male and the other a female of 7 months. I am interested in finding the best possible way to feed my dogs. How do I find out what the raw food diet entails?

  2. Hi Marion,
    Alaskan Malmamutes, the sled racers! What beautiful dogs they are and you have two of these fine creatures!

    These dogs were born to eat their natural raw food diet.

    PLEASE don’t feed theses dogs commercial dog food in cans & packets!

    So glad you asked now while they are still young, because their natural diet will not only save them from long term chronic illness and vet fees but will have them excelling. Honestly, the coat on these dogs needs a quality nutrition to look and smell awesome plus not fall out all over your carpets. And as for their muscles, raw will make them powerful, hard and fit! (get ready to run the heck out of them!)

    There’s way too much to tell you all the in’s and out’s of feeding a raw food diet here, so just get my book, it’s the A to Z of switching to a raw food diet and will give you everything that you need. Just go to healthydogforlife.com and get it. Start ASAP, it will be easy with your two.

    Good luck and stay in touch, be lovely to hear about your two excelling on this, their natural diet.

  3. Hi I have a springer he is ten weeks what would u feed him on

  4. Frisco Tapilatu says

    Dear Dan ,

    I’m Interrested to buy your books , but what about shipping Abroad , can you confirm the shipping ? how much is it .. I lived in Tangerang Indonesia

    Please mail me


  5. Hi Frisco,
    The book is in e-book format i.e. it’s electronic and downloads straight to your computer to read as soon as you like on your desktop/laptop.
    After purchase you are directed to a download page with full explanation of what to do next and it’s all pretty easy.
    Hope that helps.

  6. Hi Tony,

    Congratulations and puppies are the perfect time to get started on a raw food diet as they take to it with natural instinct, so a great time to get started.

    Start with full meat on the bone choices like a chicken thigh, drumstick, lamd breast, lamb neck, whole herring or/and find some raw green tripe-awesome food for dogs.

    If you want the whole AtoZ then get my book, it has it all. Should be up on the right side (book cover with me and my dog Rocco).

    Best of luck and get started ASAP.

  7. What about the chicken bones? Isn’t that dangerous for the dog?

  8. No, raw chicken bones are just fine as they break down easily, digest easily and do not shard like hardened cooked bones. It’s the cooking of bones that make them potentially dangerous and this is the back story to the news you here about dogs choking (someone conveniently forgot to mention they were cooked bones-BIG difference).

  9. Edith Huerta says

    Dan, I have an 8 month old male GSD, got him when he was 3 months and for the last 5 months it’s been constant diarrhea or vomiting. We went thru a period of time that he was vomiting almost every morning (white or yellow liquid). The vet couldn’t find anything wrong with him. I ordered a full panel blood work, stomach x-ray, we did the bland diet, and everything came back normal. So I decided to do some research of my own and realized how bad commercial dog food really is. The first 2 weeks of January we had no vomiting, but the third week it started again and just last week he vomited (again in the morning) lots of brown stuff with still some of the whole kibble in it, not to mention that it was already 14 hours since he last ate the night before. This was it for me and I switched him to raw diet. He’s been on it for a week and doing good. I started him on ground chicken and some veggies but today I gave him chicken neck and 2 wings and after 2 hours he threw up. Could it be the bones? He didn’t swallow any big pieces, should I be adding supplements to his diet? Not sure what to do, any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks

  10. Hi Edith, Well, your doing the right thing. The throw up sounds like bile secretion which means his digestion is active as he is thinking about food and he needs to get rid of the bile in an otherwise emty stomach, so up it comes.

    He does not like commercial dog food and is very sensitive to it and/or the chemicals it contains plus it seems he’s unable to digest it properly. Basically it’s playing havoc with his system-not good!

    He’s a sensitive dog that’s for sure but I’m pretty sure once he’s over the initial stages of switching to raw food he will settle down. Instead of the ground food go for the big stuff like lamb rack ribs, half chicken frame, whole beef rib and so on. This way he eats slowly by tackeling large pieces which he has to break down over some time to get his fill. Feed just the one meal per day, no supplements, crush any veggies, clean filtered or bottle water NOT tap and let him choose which foods he likes to eat…we all have our favs. He’s probably whoofing down that mince and small stuff and not building enough bile in time, hence the throwup and probably eating it a second time. The big stuff will slow him down and keep things more in check and over time he will adapt.

    I can go on for hours here so if your keen to know the whole A to Z of feeding a raw food diet then get my book available on the site.

    All the best and ask if you need more help, Dan.

  11. I am in desperate need of help. I have started feeding my dog a raw diet, but I feel it may be too late. I believe she may have diabetes. She has excessive thirst and has lost so much weight. Her vision has been going, but it seems to have gone overnight. Her eyesight is almost completely gone. Is there anything I can do for her?

  12. Hi Rachel, the good news is diabetes is not the end. If her Pancreas still functions then it can be healed. First get her checked and start treatment if needed. She sounds like a senior dog with probably deeper health problems.

    If it was my dog, I would start a raw food diet straight away to begin the healing process (raw food acts as medicien). Get her checked out for body/organ functions (diabetes?) and get her teeth cleaned up. There are many questions you probably want answered around the raw diet so just get my book to cover all of that.

    I’ve seen miracles with dogs so maybe you can help her eyesight stableize, hard to tell as I have zero history here to go on. Just ask if you need further help.

  13. Hi Dan
    I have a 15 year old dachshund and have been feeding her freeze dried raw food (expensive) because her teeth are shot and she really cant eat tougher meat. She has the bile throw-up many mornings but doesn’t eat happily unless I give her the freeze dried patties. Can she really eat a raw chicken leg? I cannot imagine her tearing anything off the bone. She is in early stages of Cushings they tell me, but we’re not doing the blood work and medication because she’s just happy as she is and in no pain (though hearing and eyes are pretty shot). She’s our miracle SPCA dog because she had 3 disintegrated disks as a puppy and accupuncture saved her (after the first vet recommended euthanasia 13 years ago!)
    So — raw diet? Is your book reviewed anyplace, or is this like the commercial — it’s true because it’s ont he internet?
    Thanks in advance.

  14. Hi Andy, I have seen a small dog, can’t remember the breed..Heinz 57 probably lol, anyway, it had no teeth in the upper jaw at all and happily gummed it’s way through chicken wings and necks. It had been in dire health previous to starting a raw food diet and is or was 13 years old.

    Give her the cartilage based meats on the bone like chicken necks or the top of the back with rubbery bone in it, you’ll be surprised how well she gets through, also try chicken wings and a little pork belly. And definetly cut through raw femor bones for a round thats about 2in long and she can lick out the marrow. Are the teeth clean ie you got her checked and cleaned up to see if there are absseses or rotting teeth that need removal?

    She certainly sounds like a miracle dog, well done for loving her to a long happy life.

    So-raw diet? There is the testimonial page on the blog with plenty of feedback and yes the book is the real deal. Mind you, I tend to give away all my secrets if you read through all my replies to questions here and on YouTube. The ideas above should serve you well already, use them and get her onto some raw meats on the bone.

    Just to finish, one great tip: Get some raw green tripe…. awesome dog food with great nutritional balance and she has no bones to deal with!

    PS Try and stay away from meds as best as possible and use my tips above for nutrition based medicinal support for her immmune system…much better.

  15. Hi Dan,
    I’m ready to get a Shih Tzu puppy, you think it’s ok to start with a raw food from the first day?

  16. Hi Angela, yes absolutely start them on raw food the first day you get them home. For puppies I recommend raw green tripe, chicken wings, chicken necks, small pieces of lamb breast and some mashed part cooked or raw green veggies and a little liver once a week. See what your dog prefers but generally you’ll have a healthy dog for life. Oh and filtered water only never tap.

  17. Hi Dan,

    Interesting website. I have two dogs a poodle and a mix black lab. I’m not to concerned with giving the lab a raw diet (she does shed a lot/and has stinky breath). However, my poodle (8lbs/7yr old) is my rescue baby. He had been severely abused by previous owners. He had a skin condition and has very dry flaky skin, itching and biting himself and had to have all teeth removed except for one. I feed them no grain, no wheat, no corn, no soy or preservative food. Is it took late to start my poodle on a raw diet and does a raw diet cause infections in the month. I’m concerned because he had oral surgery and only has one tooth.

    They get a once annual checkup and because my lab is (6 yrs. old), I only get rabies, heartworm test (not into over vaccinating). They are on a monthly heartworm preventative and a natural flea/thick prevention. Thanks

    His skin is pink with black spots like polka dots.

  18. This is the thing, a raw food diet is benign i.e. it’s a safe, easy on the system and healthful diet.You can start a dog at any age and reap the benefits. Your lab will have nice breath and shed less hair on a raw diet plus many other benefits. Your cute little Poodle will also improve. His skin will clear up fast, so too the itching and biting.

    Raw will not cause infections in the mouth and in fact will help boost the immune system to prevent infections. Right now his immune system – the bodies defender – is compromised as can be seen with the biting and itching.

    Feed him minced raw green tripe (great food), and things like minced chicken, lamb etc. Plus let him gum a raw chicken wing for great mental stmulation.

    Re the vaccinations, what I would do is stop any that are not mandated by law, including heartworm. Thay are not needed after the puppy shots and not healthy long term. The raw food boosted immune system will keep them healthy and protected – trust in nature.

  19. Maria Remedios says

    Hi Dan,

    I have a 1 1/2 yrs old Westie, Annie. She was diagnosed with EPI 2 months ago. I have been rocking my brains reading all websites about her diet. My vet was not much of help. He is only interested on making appts and charging rediculous vet bills way beyond my means. So far, it is a trial and error with her diet for 2 months, some good poop days and some bad. With her epi, she also have SIBO. I think I am slowly seeing some improvements with her taking some antibiotics/probiotic, alternately. I give her pureed raw 70%pork pancreas, 10%heart,5%kidney,5%beef liver,5%tripe. This tripe was frozen from our public market. I dont know if it was bleached, I dont speak Cantonese( I live in Hongkong) for me to ask them. I mix these blended raw meat w/ 2/3 grain- free wild salmon dry kibbles(grounded too) + 2 tblsp of raw blended meat with warm filtered water, They said to incubate the pancrea mixture with the dry food for 30 mins(I do it for 4 hrs). With some supplements too, like coconut oil, Vit E, Vit B12 shots(wkly for 6wks, then 2xwk for 6wks), salmon oil, grounded eggshells……..not all at once,alternately. I totally agree with you about all the healthy natural benefits of raw food. But how do I do it my epi dog? I give her 4 small meals/day. She lost 6lbs from 16lbs 4months ago. We got her when she was 2 months old, she was fine until the diarrhea episodes started 4months ago. After doing everything they said(epi websites) she still hasnt gain any weight. Good news is, she hasnt lost any since. I would really appreciate for any recomendations about Annie’s diet. When I have extra money I will buy your book. I dont have any credit cards, I can send the money via Western Union.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Sincerelly yours,
    Maria Remedios
    Retired Teacher

  20. Hi Dan

    I have a 15 year old pitbull, who I want to live at least another 2 years. He is an exceptionally strong dog, very fit to look at, and still swims at the beach as well as he did as a puppy.

    He has prostate cancer, before being diagnosed he was drinking a lot of water, and after giving hum a huge bag of lamb bones with fat, he started to get pain the following afternoon and the next day was crippled over in pain.

    We are in week 5 now since the pain started, and if I did not change his diet he would be dead by now. It has been trial and error. I researched like mad, and realised how his diet although fresh meat and heaps and heaps of cow bones to nor the end off, was over compromising in some nutrients, and completely under in others.

    People like to come out with, when it’s his time it’s his time, well I’m his owner, and it is my responsibility to ensure his time is the happiest it can be, I do not have to let this dis-ease take over his life which is nothing other than a terrible painful death, so obviously I’d have to put him down. This is not going to happen! I want him to be healthy, and when he needs to go, he can go without the agony.

    So, through trial and error these past 2 weeks, I have seen what he can tolerate and what he can’t. I have learnt about acidic and alkaline foods. He can not tolerate meat; chicken, beef, or lamb, nor can he tolerate salmon. Although he just loves them I have to be the Hitler here and say no. He is fine with eggs. I am cooking his pumpkin and sweet potato, and blending them with eggs, fish oil, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, carrots, compressed olive oil. This is working brilliantly, he gets up runs around, probably more so than before he got sick. I stuffed up and gave him salmon knowing it is not as acidic and that put us behind two days as the cancer ‘fungus’ loved it, and crippled him over.. His good today, and sleeping off from the last couple of days intrusion from the cancer trying to take over.

    What I would like to know, is if Tofu is good for a dog with cancer?

    Also, I’d like you to note that it is very important from my studies that he get fed several small meals over the course of the day, as dogs fed more often are less acidic than dogs fed only once a day. Plus, I must keep while he is fighting this disease it is important for me to keep him alkaline with 80% of his diet alkaline and 20% acidic.

    At the moment simple carbohydrates are banded. I am just too scared to try them from what I have read, and since this cancer is so intrusive its best not to stuff around with them, besides, I don’t eat white rice or potato because they are simply carbohydrates so I see how this is not going to be good for him right now.

    Obviously I need to get more protein into my dogs diet other than eggs, and I will not do dried foods like lentils as I feel they wont be as alkaline as he needs while sick. I was suggested tofu. I am getting mixed messages for soy products not being good for cancer patients, and I also note that the Gerson therapy does not allow soy products. Could you please let me know what your knowledge is on tofu?

  21. Chad Rochwite says

    Where is the link to post this ebook? I can’t find it.

  22. Chad Rochwite says

    in regards to my last comment/question- It looks like there’s a link on the upper right, but it doesn’t work. If I click on the book, it just reopens this page in a new window.

  23. Hi Chad, real sorry about this, seem to be getting a few frustrated comments this week and all my fault as I took down the old page in readyness for the new 2014 edition of the book only to have delays between the two.

    Touch wood, it’s out next week (18/10/13, so check back then and once again sorry for the delay, I know how important it is for our dogs to be on the right diet.

  24. Hey Chad, replied to your last comment. Sorry about the dead link, up next week on the new 2014 edition so check back around the 18th Oct 2013.

    Once again sorry… I’m working hard to bring the best imformation I can to help our dogs thrive not simply survive.

  25. Hi Beck, really sorry I mised this one, how is your Pitt getting on?
    My one piece of advice would be to try out raw green tripe as it’s superbly balanced, easy to digest and may just help him to get the nutrients he needs. Let me know how things are going and if I can help further.

  26. Hi Maria, have emailed you personally so I can help out with your dog. All the best, Dan.

  27. Since dog lovers tend to think of their dogs as members of their family, you would think that those pet owners would all feed their beloved pets real food – or at the very least, the leftovers from their food. Some dog owners I know do a little bit of both. And I realize why even those owners still buy packaged dog food. It’s because they don’t have the time or patience to prepare several meals a day for their dogs.

  28. Hi karin, when dog owners try out a fully raw diet they come to relize that it’s not so much fuss at all, relatively convenient – the way I teach it – and the results are amazing to say the least. Time and patience are relative – I don’t have time to sit around veterinarian waiting rooms or patience following precription drug protocols. Luckily feeding fresh raw food to my dog I don’t have to. Thanks for sharing.

  29. I love the idea of feeding my pets just as well as I feed my family but I know there are certain things that we eat that they still shouldn’t so what is the best ingredients to feed your dog? I have heard ground turkey, rice and potatoes are a good food for them but that is pretty much it. Do you have any other good ideas of what to feed them?

  30. I was not aware that there was a massive pet food recall back in 2007. I am not clear, however, on the nature or source of the recall. Was this a recall on the part of some regulatory consumer agency or was it more of a boycott on the part of pet owner consumers? That part was not made clear. It’s even more confusing because as far as I know, there is no organization that regulates the pet food industry.

  31. Dan that makes a lot of sense you have to decide where you want to spend your time if you have a pet you care about, the kitchen or the vets office. I haven’t thought about that before and my dogs kind of get bummed out every few days when I set their food down in front of them, it is like they are saying ” this again.

  32. That’s so true Charles, I can’t imagine how bummed out so many dogs must be but driven by hunger they have no choice.

  33. Laura, pet food is self regulated, there is no regulatory agency. There is AFFCO and the FDA who issue guidelines and follow up with inspections but each state in the US sets it’s own agenda on how much pet food is tested.

    I won’t go into the sorded details but needless to say that to keep big bussiness ticking along, a huge rug is employed to sweep everything under until big recalls like 2007 pop up – killing 20,000 dogs and cats. But even then the lid is kept on tight until it blows over, then it’s business as usual.

    The dog owner as consumer has only the choice of regulating what their dog eats and swapping out fast food for freash food to safeguard from harm and create real health in their pet.

  34. Francis, thanks for commenting. keep the ground turkey raw and no rice and potatoes as they will spike insulin levels and long term lead to possible diabetes. Feed the meats you eat but keep them raw or better still get my book and then youve got the whole picture of what to do.

  35. Some animals may look like carnivores or act like carnivores. But, are they really true carnivores? You be the judge. Wolves attack plant-eating animals, but one of the first parts they consume is the stomach contents and the viscera of those animals. Coyotes eat a variety of foodstuffs including small mammals, amphibians, birds, fruits and herbivore feces. I know I’m just being technical. Regardless, you should feed your dogs a raw diet.

  36. Hi Therese, yes absolutely you are right, my dog loves a bit of horse poo and a choice bit of garden soil sometimes but he is still a generalised carnivore who’s main diet is meat, bone and offal with minimal vegetaion in the diet.

    Wolves do like some plant based contents of the preys stomach but just a little as the majority is shaken out on the ground. They eat all the soft tissue first as it’s faster to bolt down, then the muscle meat and last the bones. It’s in that order because they are always looking over their shoulder for who’s coming to take their dinner away and so time wasting is not an option.

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