Vital Dog Health Care – The One Missing Ingredient

dog health careMany dog owners carry the misguided notion that dog health care starts out with drops for the ears, creams for the rashes, antibiotics for the infections and eye drops for the allergies.

Of all the identified dog illnesses, there are more than enough medications, surgeries and therapies to treat the symptoms; yet real canine health care rarely means having to deal with such ailments. It is not about miracle cures, special vitamins, exercise programs or high tech equipment. It is all about diet.

The Right Diet is Key to Having a Consistently Healthy Dog

As ninety percent of diseases are linked to diet, it only makes sense that offering a dog a well rounded food source is of highest importance. Unfortunately, many have been misled away from truly understanding what a well rounded food source for a canine is.

Simple biological facts prove that today’s domesticated dog still needs the wild dog diet it evolved over millions of years to eat to stay healthy. Common sense tells us this diet is not the over processed mass of material comprised of rendered animals and chemicals that passes as dog food these days. It is instead a natural raw diet that promotes excellent dog health care from the inside out.

When examining the digestive track of a wild dog and today’s domesticated dog, there is no difference physically or in the way it chemically processes its food and nutrients. Any zoo will be able to affirm that the digestive system of a carnivore was and is still not intended to take nutrients from anything other than raw food.

Raw meat and bones provide just the proteins dogs need and the enzymes they utilize to transport nutrients into the right places. Cooked and processed pet food is essentially digested food that provides a dog’s system with little nutrient value. Incidentally, all commercial dog foods go through a long cooking process in an attempt to kill off all the harmful bacteria in the waste. Therefore, the following statistics come as no surprise:

  • One in four dogs the world over are obese (National Research Council).
  • Cancer is the number one cause of death in dogs as half of all dog’s by age ten will circum to it.
  • Periodontal problems are now the most common dog health care problem seen in pets.
  • 27% of all dogs suffer from allergies that cause scratching and ear infections.
  • Over 70% of anal gland problems are due to canned and other soft foods.
  • In the U.S. one in five dogs suffer from arthritis.

The best dog health insurance comes in the form of raw fresh food, hardly radical or drastic. On the contrary, were it not for a raw meat diet, there never would have been the now domesticated canine companion’s dog lovers love to adore. It is only in the last sixty years that the concept of dog food has come about. Those who do their research on dog health problems will come to find that it was only a need to manage waste for a growing population, and not dog nutrition, that launched the dog food industry.

Since then, vet bills have risen, canine lifespans have almost halved and overall dog health care has been relegated to fighting one illnes after another. With an all natural diet, dogs will not only have a food source their digestive system recognizes, they will finally be able to get nutrients to the right places and rebalance their system. Immunity and vitality will rebound quickly and an owner can see an end to exorbitant vet bills once and for all.

Watch the video below and discover more about that missing ingredient in your dogs life.

What do Dogs Eat to Thrive Not Simply Survive?

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