Common Dog Health Problems-Why Dog Behavior Problems Are Misunderstood

Common Dog Health ProblemsThese days, common dog health problems miss out on negative dog behavior which is the number one reason so many animal shelters find themselves overflowing with unwanted pets of all breeds, ages and sizes.

The One Piece of The Jigsaw Everyone Misses

Whether it is excessive barking, digging, chewing or aggression, pet owners that cannot train a behavior out of their dog often feel left with no other option. Yet, by simply changing one element of their canine companion’s life, a whole world of difference can be made within weeks.

It not only saves a ton of heartache on both sides of the equation, training issues become smoother altogether and it ensures a long, happy, healthy, stable existence for the life of a dog.

When it comes down to it, all the training classes in the world cannot change the fact that diet plays a central role in dog behavior.

The Power of the Diet to Heal or Hurt Your Dog

Ingesting a daily commercial dog food diet full of additives, preservatives, stabilizers, palate enhancers, colorings, flavorings and other non nutritive components is a surefire way to knock a canine’s system off balance with dog behavior problems the result. In fact, BHT or butylhydroxytoluene, a chemical commonly found in commercial pet foods, is well known for causing aggression in dogs.

Food is Either Good for a Dog or Bad for Them – it Cannot be Both

Switching to a more gentle natural diet based around raw meats on the bone with some organs plus a little green matter is a must if a pet owner is at all determined to see a change in their dog’s behavior.

As stated by Dr. Tom Lonsdale, BVet Med, MRCVS;

Junk dog food is laden with colorants, preservatives, humectants and a raft of other strange chemical additives-none of with any nutritive value and all toxic to varying degrees…”.

Your Dogs Mind is Fatigued, Confused and Hyper From Commercial Dog Food Ingredients

In addition, some pets are placed on medications such as Prozac or Valium for their negative dog behavior. While it may seem to relieve a problem, it actually places the canine physiology in double jeopardy. A system already suppressed by diet related toxins is only further suppressed by chemical based medications.

Free Your Dogs Mind From Mental Torture

This will eventually wear down a canine companion’s immune system making it susceptible to illness and a shorter lifespan. The expense of putting a dog on medication for life is a surefire way to knock a dog owner’s pocketbook off balance as well. With an easily prepared natural diet, you have a cost effective way to get the dog’s system back into true balance. You never have to worry about dosing your dog with dangerous manmade chemical toxins on a daily basis ever again.

Real Food Equals Real Mental Health and a Balanced Dog Who Can Think Straight

From common boxer dog health problems to yorkie health problems, the manifestation of a negative dog behavior should not have to be the end of the road for the dog or yourself. By switching to the diet of raw meat and bone that Mother Nature originally developed the canine species on, you can say goodbye to behavioral problems as your dog’s equilibrium stabilizes.

The chemicals that used to course through your dog system that made it feel hyper, anxious or antagonistic will be replaced with live enzymes, unaltered vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants and a range of over 35 proteins. With mind and body finally brought into natural balance, you can see a consistent balanced behavior emerge in your canine companion you never even knew existed.

Watch the video below to understand how fresh food in your dogs bowl gets your dog balanced including a whole range of other health benefits.

What do Dogs Eat to Thrive Not Simply Survive?

Get the free report below and help your dog get what they deserve – healthy nutrition for a longer healthier life with mental wellbeing. And you get peace of mind knowing your dog is thriving not simply surviving constantly stressed out.

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