Glucosamine for Dogs Health – A Waste of Time Here’s Why

These days, too many pet owners waste their money buying glucosamine for dogs hoping to reverse the effects of arthritis or other bone and joint problems. While buying health in a bottle for dogs would be quite convenient, the fact of the matter is many pet owners eventually give up buying glucosamine supplements because, in […]

Is This a Disaster Waiting to Happen – Dog Rescue Shelters

Before long the dog rescue shelters will be inundated and the pain and suffering of millions of our pets will be at record levels as the ‘credit crunch’ bites further. From Reuters 12.16.08:London animal refuge bursting with abandoned pets It’s not just bankers, businesses and ordinary members of the public suffering from the credit crunch. […]

6 Dog Health Questions Answered About Raw Diets For Dogs

It is not uncommon to have plenty of dog health questions about raw diets. Though a natural diet is hardly some new fangled fad, the concept is new enough for many that common questions about dog health often occur. So here’s some dog health questions and answers to help you discover more about your dogs […]

Vital Dog Health Care – The One Missing Ingredient

Many dog owners carry the misguided notion that dog health care starts out with drops for the ears, creams for the rashes, antibiotics for the infections and eye drops for the allergies. Of all the identified dog illnesses, there are more than enough medications, surgeries and therapies to treat the symptoms; yet real canine health […]

How to Avoid Dog Health Issues for Good

For those who have faced the expense of dog health issues, opting to get another dog can truly make you stop and think. This is especially true for those who have not only dealt with recurrent health issues but the difficulty of losing their companion despite high priced treatments. Research has found that veterinarians have […]

How to Avoid Dog Health Issues by Breed

When searching for the perfect canine companion, listings of dog health issues by breed are fairly common. When considering a Boxer, there is often a warning to prepare for heart problems and epilepsy. If one is considering a Shih Tzu, knee problems and kidney problems head the top of the list. Those opting for large […]

How to Avoid Boxer Dog Health Problems The Simple Way

Boxers are a most popular breed, yet Boxer dog health problems can seem quite daunting to some. When considering a Boxer, there is often a warning to prepare for heart problems and epilepsy. As a large breed dog, you will commonly be warned of arthritis and hip dysplasia in Boxers and occasional skin maladies. However, […]

How to Have Great Senior Dog Health and Stop Health Problems

When it comes to senior dog health diarrhea and allergies are a common problem. Most dogs will only suffer intermittent bouts of diarrhea throughout their life; however some will seem to have a great deal more trouble than others. For the most part, diarrhea is a body’s way of disposing of an unsuitable food source […]

Dog Health Food – Still Not Eating Here’s Why

When it comes to dog health food in cans and bags either from the store or by prescription, not eating is a very common complaint heard in a veterinarian’s office. Many dog owners become worried that something is seriously wrong with their pet but cannot begin to figure out what. Those under the illusion that […]

How to Avoid Dog Health Problems Period

Most responsible dog owners know they are bound to deal with dog health problems in one form or another; however, when those health woes become recurrent and persistent, it is easy to become frustrated and discouraged. Rarely do dog owners hold their favorite friend responsible for the trouble. If anything, they only want to see […]