How to Avoid Boxer Dog Health Problems The Simple Way

boxer dog healthBoxers are a most popular breed, yet Boxer dog health problems can seem quite daunting to some.

When considering a Boxer, there is often a warning to prepare for heart problems and epilepsy. As a large breed dog, you will commonly be warned of arthritis and hip dysplasia in Boxers and occasional skin maladies.

However, knowing ninety percent of all dog health problems are diet related thanks to chemical laden food in cans and packets, you have to question how many of these maladies are actually breed related.

Research has shown that despite the list of Boxer dog health problems:

  • Twenty percent of dogs suffer from arthritis just in the United States alone.
  • Nearly thirty percent of dogs experience allergies that cause chronic scratching and ear infections.
  • Periodontal problems are now the most prevalent medical condition seen in pets.
  • A quarter of dogs the world over suffer from obesity (National Research Council).
  • Cancer can be found in half of all dogs over ten years of age.

Boxer Dog Health Issues are Directly Related to the Diet You Feed Them

Simply put, quality diet counts and commercial dog foods are comprised of rendered spoiled waste, chemical toxins and dead, disabled, diseased and dying animals known as the 4-D’s. Many of the drugs or antibiotics these animals may have been pumped with before expiring survive the rendering process, lingering with the other ingredients. It is no secret that the overuse of chemicals and antibiotics leads to the collapse of immune systems.

This, not the breed itself is why there are so many Boxer dog health problems. It will take adequate nutrients to rebuild and heal unbalanced systems. As an added bonus natural diets prevent dental problems, skin rashes, arthritis, heart murmurs, cataracts and many other recurrent health related problems across the board.

Skip the Drugs, Surgeries and Vet Costs – Boxer Dogs Need Real Fresh Food for Optimum Health

Many have been deceived into believing traditional medicines, surgeries and various therapies are the only way to heal a dog. Repeating this viewpoint as fact keeps owners from searching for better options. This leaves them trapped in endless cycles of vet visits, costly treatments and sky high vet bills.

With a natural diet, Boxer dog health problems become rare to non existent. A raw diet offers the perfect assortment of enzymes and building blocks that all dogs need to heal their system properly. The sooner you get your Boxer on the right track, the faster life balances out to that happy median other dog owners dream of.

Dog Food is Either Good or Bad it Cannot be Both!

Over time, commercial dog food and its chemicals will overwhelm the immune system. As Boxer dog health problems arise, the dog will be taken to the vet where he or she is given even more chemicals via medication. Disturbingly, this is the very thing that is breaking down the immune system to begin with. While a temporary healing can result, relapses are often imminent. Most commonly, a stronger medicine or antibiotic will be given starting the entire breakdown cycle all over again. It is a dangerous and, many times, fatal cycle that does not have to be.

Fresh Food Acts as Healing Medicine for Boxer Dogs

This will not be the case with a diet of uncooked meat on the bone filled with nutritious enzymes. After switching to a natural diet, dog owners can witness spontaneous healing of Boxer dog health problems no matter what the ailment. After seeing the health and vitality of their Boxer return within a matter of weeks, dog owners often unceremoniously dump their left over junk dog food into the garbage, right where it belongs.

Watch the video below which pretty much spells out what your Boxer needs to thrive not simply survive.

What do Dogs Eat to Thrive Not Simply Survive?

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