Dog Health Food – Still Not Eating Here’s Why

Dog Health FoodWhen it comes to dog health food in cans and bags either from the store or by prescription, not eating is a very common complaint heard in a veterinarian’s office.

Many dog owners become worried that something is seriously wrong with their pet but cannot begin to figure out what. Those under the illusion that they are offering the best dog food money can buy immediately assume something much worse, such as some horrid internal anomaly.

To spur their fears, many will go online and read about the range of terrible reasons why a dog won’t eat, from periodontal disease to rarely heard of infections. Dog owners are often recommended to switch brands, entice the dog with a bit of canned and kibble foods mixed together and other useless ideas in order to get their dog to eat again.

Why Does Your Dog Hate The Food You Give Them?

Dog food for urinary tract health, holistic health dog food, dog food for joint health, even organic dog food are all useless to your dog if they come cooked, canned and bagged.

While it is true in issues of dog health not eating is sometimes merely a period of fasting, it is not necessarily because of something terrible with the dog. More than likely, it is something terrible with their food. The reason that dogs are used as helpers to the disabled and in search and rescue operations is because of their incredible noses and their amazing intuitive abilities.

Therefore, it could be no surprise if they were able to smell the remnants of the process that took dead rotted flesh and cooked it in a bath of chemicals and preservatives to create commercially processed canned and kibble dog food. The entire imbalance of properties altogether will have their instincts telling them to stave off of whatever harrowing concoction is in their food bowl.

Unfortunately, because of the ambiguity surrounding what true dog health actually is, not eating can distress an owner greatly. Being the people pleasers many breeds of dog are, most will soon give in to their owner’s demands to eat out of loyalty and largely because they are hungry.

However, the dog’s body will continue to push it to find other nutritive resources. This is when problems with eating out of the garbage or off the sidewalk can begin and a possible reason behind eating grass in a desperate attempt to replenish vital missing nutrients and enzymes.

A refusal to eat commercial dog food is a dog’s way of saying it does not like the way it feels when it eats what it is given and that its system is tilting out of balance.

The Fresh Food Option Your Dog Would Jump at Given The Opportunity

The best and only option is to turn to a natural diet that will help the dog get back to its natural processes as quickly as possible. This, or face thousands in vet bills down the road.

With fresh natural food and great dog health not eating because of discontent will not be an issue. Dogs will instinctively recognize their food source as appropriate and owners will be able to see a dog in the miraculous process of getting well. Within a short period of time, there will be clearer eyes, shinier coat and whitened teeth. Bad breath will disappear as will malodorous gas and bouts with irritable bowel problems. Any recurrent infections and allergies will clear up quickly and many will notice a restoration of energy and alertness they have never before seen in their own dog.

When looking up information on dog health food to replace your current choice, remember your dogs not eating is often considered the fault of the dog as many feel a dog will never stop eating unless or until something is wrong. With natural diets, a canine balances its system with fasting on a regular basis. They are not instructed nor trained to do so. Fasting is common as the dog looks to pass its meals and cleanse its system. All natural processes have their place and a dog owner is no longer held captive by unnecessary fears.

As stated by canine nutrition expert Mogens Eliasen, Mother Nature has spent fifteen million years developing the canine species on a natural diet, which is ten times longer than was spent developing man. Natural diets deserve some respect.

Watch the video below to help understand what your dog needs to thrive not simply survive.

What do Dogs Eat to Thrive Not Simply Survive?

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