What You Ought to Know About Organic Dog Food

corgyThe market for organic dog food products is raging thanks to the recent trend to live healthier, more productive lives. What first started out with humans looking to do away with chemicals and preservatives in their food has now extended all the way to their beloved canine companions. This is no surprise as dog owners are well known for wanting nothing but the best for their pets. Unfortunately, many dog owners have been duped into believing that a product labeled organic automatically makes it a healthy choice. The reality is a product labeled organic may have absolutely nothing a dog needs in the way of nutrients.

Regardless of whether it is completely free of chemicals, finding a dog food that is truly organic will never have anything to do with a product that comes out of a can or bag. While some brands of organic dog food will tout their product as made from free range chicken or the like, any food that comes out of a can or bag will have been cooked. The problem with this is the canine physiology was designed and developed over millions of years to maintain its health on a diet of raw meat and bone. Any time a food source is cooked, the necessary enzyme and proteins a dog needs to stay healthy are irreversibly altered or destroyed.

As stated by Clive McKay, Professor of Nutrition at Cornell University, “The cooking of meat is a waste of time from the point of view of nutrition.”
On top of this, many organic dog food products contain rice or grains. While these things may be fine for humans, dogs are carnivores and simply do not do well on this type of diet. Grains contain none of the essential protein complexes the canine physiology needs to maintain its various systems. Though commercial dog food companies spend millions to convince the population otherwise, one must consider the fact that even feral dogs always return to chasing live game for their food source. They do not stalk corn fields or grain elevators in order to find sustenance. If a natural diet is what a dog owner is striving for, a dog food with a base of oats, corn, rice or barley is the farthest thing from it.

The best choice for chemical and preservative free organic dog food comes in the form of a diet of raw meat and bone. Not only does this type of diet free a dog’s system from additives that can batter its immune system, it contains the vitamins, minerals, protein complexes and enzymes a dog needs in their most pristine and unaltered states. Any nutrient a dog might need to maintain its coat, teeth, nervous system and all else is readily available and easily assimilated. Not only does this type of diet boost a dog’s immune system, it prevents illness and has allowed many pet owners to see a drop in their vet bills by nearly 85%.

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